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CLP     3001    DENIZ TEK AND THE GODOYS : FAST FREIGHT                 LP      09.2019
CCD     3001    DENIZ TEK AND THE GODOYS : FAST FREIGHT                 CD      09.2019

Fast Freight is the new album from Deniz Tek with Art and Steve Godoy. Art and Steve
are internationally known skateboard stars, tattooists and punk rockers. They have
been in Deniz' solo band for more than 20 years. The first album they appeared on
with Deniz was Glass Eye World, billed as Deniz Tek and the Golden Breed . Deniz,
originally from Ann Arbor, Michigan, is known as a founding member of the Australian
based band Radio Birdman. He has maintained a prolific career in both live performance
and recording. His work spans multiple decades. He has toured extensively in Australia,
North America, Europe, and Asia. He is an inductee in the Australian Music Hall of
Fame and was voted number 7 of the top 100 Australian guitarists of all time by
Australian Guitar Magazine. Fast Freight is basic, no-frills electric guitar rock
and roll with a punk edge, recorded and mixed entirely on vintage analog equipment.
Following the recent all-instrumental Lost For Words, and the rock album Mean Old
Twister, replete with keyboard and horn arrangements, Fast Freight is a return to
basic roots.