CAMELEON                                9Rue Rouget de Lisle
********                                Pantin
                                        93500 FRANCE

Start   : 2012
Owner   : Claude Picard
Distr.  : FR -
          NE - Clear Spot/Shiny Beast/Sonic Rendezvous/
Style   : reissue / psychedelic / heavy metal / punk / r+r / funk / soul /
          fusion / free jazz /

CAME    1       REPULSE                 HABERSHON WAYS                  7"        .2012

        A1      Sweeties
        A2      Saturday Gig
        B1      Lights Out
        B2      Chance on a Minelayer
CAME    002     SOGGY                   WAITING FOR THE WAR             7"        .2013

        A       Waiting for the War
        B       47 Chromosomes
CAME    003     SIDHARTA                SCOOP                           7"        .2013

        A1      Scoop
        A2      Vrille
        B       Périf'73

This extremely rare 45rpm was released in 1973 for the soundtrack of the movie
"Scoop". It consists of three instrumental tracks, taking up about 6 minutes per
side. Influences are Pink Floyd, Deep Purple (period Mark 1), not to mention psyche
and Krautrock, 'Prif '73' being the best example with lots of acid heavy guitar
and delirious organ. The song name is certainly linked with the inauguration of the
Paris ring road opened in 1973. The film tells the story of a journalist (see the
movie name) investigating a mad scientist who has found a way to read in the brain...
Lasting about 50 minutes, it was projected only 2 times in a film club area called
DIAF 16. For music, the film was shown in a cellar of the Champ de Mars where the
band improvised before the images. No further information was sent to me by the film's
director, who does not remember at all who plays on these securities and does not
want to be related to this project. The group name, Sidharta with one D, followed
in brackets 'Solenoid' on the cover, in fact the name of the first film, 'Scoop' is
the following. Recorded in mono, the original vinyl is very damaged and have not
found another copy for a loan, restoration work was needed before the repressing of
500 copies.
CAME    004     LES KRASH               LOVE                            7"        .2013

        A       Love
        B       Homme-fou

Les Krash was a band from Grenoble in France, and their sole and rare 45rpm was
released in 1972 by Bello Records. It featured two tracks of heavy organ driven
hard-prog! On the photo on the seafront side of Juan-Les-Pins, are the four members.
On Cameleon Records in an edition of 350 copies.
CAME    005     THE BLOW MIND : WE WON'T GO BACK TO THE PAST            7"        .2013

        A       We Won't Go Back to the Past
        B       They're Coming
CAME    006     ANKH                    LES MAITRES DU TEMPS            7"        .2013

        A       Les maitres du temps
        B       Iles

ANKH is a French group of Normandy (Les Andelys in Eure), created in autumn 1974 by
Fabrice Baty (guitar), Renaud Thorez (bass) and Michel Chevalier (drums). ANKH is
mainly produced in the department of Eure (Les Andelys, Louviers, Vernon, Evreux),
in schools, outdoor festivals and municipal festivals where they organized their own
gigs and it is the ticket latter the 45s released in late 76 was distributed.
The band broke up in the fall of 1977. Fabrice Baty had already released an LP in
1974, "Guitars" extremely rare today, consisting of experimental pieces / Prog.
The bassist Renaud Thorez then played with DAMON EDGE & CHROME from 1984 to 1986
on 3 LP's. Two styles on this disc 45t, progressive heavy with "Masters of Time"
and instrumental surf prog for "Islands". Official reissue of this very rare single,
250 copies.
CAME    007     LES FRAISES DES BOIS    YOU BETTER RUN EP               7"        .2014

        A1      You Better Run
        A2      Tell Me
        B1      Cadillac
        B2      I'm On An Island
CAME    008     HOLO-CAUSTE             HARD LIFE                       7"        .2014

        A       Hard Life                                       4:15
        B       Newcomer                                        4:18

The band was formed in 1976 in Annemasse in France under the name of POST SQUAM,
members were 13 to 15 years. They changed their name in 1978 to HOLOCAUSTE and
recorded this unique single early 1979. This mixture of psych and heavy rock with
excellent guitar solos makes one pillar of its kind in France. The band always plays
under another name today! Reissue of 300 copies of this rare very hard to find 7"
on Cameleon Records.
CAME    009     AUROCH                  AUROCH                          12"     05.2014

        A1      Marginal
        A2      Les hordes sauvages
        B1      Songe
        B2      Solitude
CAME    010     LES SENDERS             WHAT'D I SAY                    7"        .2014

        A1      What'd I Say
        A2      Bee Bop A Lula
        B1      Confidences
        B2      Joan

he SENDERS was a French group from Normandy who released two 4-track garage EP's in
1964 and 1966 that are highly sought after today. EP 1 offers two covers, "What'd
I Say" and "Be Bop A Lula", joined by two original compositions.
CAME    011     LES SENDERS             LES CHEVEUX LONGS               7"        .2014

        A1      Les Cheveux Longs
        A2      Well Listen
        B1      Six Guns
        B2      Good Stark

The SENDERS was a French group from Normandy who released two 4-track garage EP's in
1964 and 1966 that are highly sought after today. This second EP has four original
compositions. Purple vinyl version.
CAME    012     38TONNES                LAISSE-MOI VIVRE                7"        .2014

        A       Laisse-moi vivre                                3:50
        B       Destin                                          4:30

38 TONNES is a French-Moroccan group formed in 1976. The two tracks presented here
are original compositions. The style is hard-rock featuring a very talented guitarist
and a frenzied rhythm that make this single a vital piece in the history of French
hard rock.
CAME    013     HOTCHKISS               FIRST CARTRIDGES                7"      10.2014

        A       Look out                                        5:00
        B       Possession                                      6:10

HOTCHKISS is a French group that released a single in 1985. Only a few 45rpm discs
were rescued from a fire, therefore originals are extremely rare. The two tracks on
the 7-inch are influenced by Motörhead and Iron Maiden. This reissue includes a new
photo on the front, the original was white. Limited to 300 copies.
CAME    014     VENIN                   VENIN                           12"     11.2014

        A1      Passe-temps                                     4:45
        A2      Femmes de la nuit                               4:50
        B1      Une vie pour un concert                         4:50
        B2      Pensées pour eux                                4:35
CAME    015     MOPO MOGO : MOI JE M'EN FOUS ICH BIN ALLEIN             7"      01.2015

                A       Pouvoir                                 2:07
                B       Fuck-Off                                4:00
CAME    016     LES CAVES               MENPHIS TENESSEE                7"        .2015

        A1      Menphis Tenessee
        A2      Rood 66
        B1      I'm A King Bee
        B2      You Really Got Me
CAME    017     LES JERRYS              NADINE                          7"        .2015

        A1      Nadine
        A2      You Can't Do That
        B1      Money
        B2      Johnny Be Good
CAME    018     TED DESTROYER           TED DESTROYER                   LP        .2015

        A1      Mignone
        A2      Atomic Baby
        A3      Le Male
        A4      Rocco (bientot Les 35 H)
        A5      L'éternel Baisé
        B1      Raide A En T.B
        B2      Le Rescapé
        B3      Profession Boucher
        B4      Garzen Défonce Ou Le Jardin Des Bouchers
        B5      Obsédé
CAME    019     XS                      XS                              12"     07.2015

        A1      Clap Your Hands
        A2      Cités noires
        A3      Midnight Rendez-Vous
        A4      X Schizo
        A5      Suicide
        B1      Rock the Nation
        B2      Killer
        B3      Désillusion
        B4      Excess

XS was a hardrock band from Lorient (Brittany, France) that was active during the
'80s. This compilation LP brings together tracks from the band's 1986 single and
1987 EP, and adds early demo recordings. During the band's career the style shifted
from Motörhead-influenced to NWOBHM. This LP is presented in a heavy sleeve with
a biography and photos.
CAME    020     CHUCK BERRY             ROCK AND ROLL MUSIC             7"        .2015

        A1      Rock And Roll Music
        A2      Roll Over Beethoven
        B1      Blue Feeling
        B2      Drifting Heart

Official reissue of this first and very rare EP, originally released in France
in 1958. Presented in a laminated thick cardboard sleeve, limited to 500 copies.
CAME    021     EDDIE COCHRAN           C'MON EVERYBODY                 7"        .2015

        A1      C'mon Everybody
        A2      Sittin' in the Balcony
        B1      Summertime Blues
        B2      20 Flight Rock
CAME    022     TOTENKOPF               ANN ARBOR                       LP      09.2015

        A1      Alone                                           8:40
                Killers In Full Dress                           (6:34)
        A2a     Destruction Mission
        A2b     Attack !
        A2c     Counter-Attack !
        A3      In His Lifetime                                 6:00
        B1      Purpose And Utopia                              4:58
        B2      Crippled With Rheumatism                        4:49
        B3      Flutter Fribulation Ou Les Spadassins De
                La Guerre                                       11:58

This French/Swedish trio has released this album in 1978, which consists of songs
written between 1970 and 1976. Sounds like a sort of experimental Stooges-style trash
rock band. This powerful little referenced album became a collector's item. Reissue
of 500 copies. Includes innersleeve with lyrics and photos.
CAME    023     THE DEGRADS             DEGRADS                         LP      09.2015

        A1      I Saw Bobbie Sobbing in the Lobby
        A2      Transposable DNA
        A3      Have a Nice Day
        A4      What's My Problem ?
        A5      Don't Listen to Rock and Roll Music
        B1      Car Conspiracy
        B2      Frontal Lobotomy
        B3      I Don't Care if She Smells
        B4      Fun With a Porpoise
        B5      Do I Sound Like This ?

This American group released a single in 1983 which is included on this LP. Also
includes 8 previously unreleased tracks from the same year, which are not only
influenced by The Buzzcocks but also Television, Lou Reed, The Doors, The Shoes and
art punk. Limited to 500 copies.
CAME    024     THE FALCONS             PLEASE UNDERSTAND ME            7"      09.2015

        A1      Please Understand Me
        A2      Two Hearts Have Took The Lead
        B1      El Camel
        B2      Genevieve
CAME    025     OXYDE/CRYSTAL EYES      SPLIT                           7"        .2015

        A1      Oxyde                   Révolution
        A2      Oxyde                   B....R
        A3      Oxyde                   Paris La Nuit
        B1      Crystal Eyes            Crystalized
        B2      Crystal Eyes            3'O'Clock
CAME    026     VENIN                   VENIN                           CD      12.2015

                MLP 1986
        1       Passe-temps
        2       Femmes de la nuit
        3       Une vie pour un concert
        4       Pensées pour eux
                Demo 1984
        5       Malédiction
        6       L'enfant de la cité
        7       Passe-temps
        8       Déesse de l'amour
        9       Chien a trois tetes
        10      Mort jeune
        11      Homme libre

This CD by the French heavy metal band Venin includes their 1984 demo and their
12-inch from 1986, adding up to a total of 11 tracks.
CAME    027     EDDIE COCHRAN           HALLELUJAH I LOVE HER SO        7"        .2016

        A1      Hallelujah I Love Her So
        A2      Little Angel
        B1      Somethin' Else
        B2      Boll Weevil Song
CAME    028     TONY SHERIDAN           MISTER TWIST                    7"      11.2015

        A1      When The Saints
        A2      Cry For A Shadow
        B1      My Bonnie
        B2      Why
CAME    029     THE MIRACLES            SHOP AROUND                     7"        .2016

        A1      Shop Around
        A2      Who's Lovin' You
        B1      Ain't It Baby
        B2      The Only One I Love

Reissue of the Miracles' very rare first French EP, originally released in 1961.
One of the first recordings for Tamla Motown. Limited to 500 copies.
CAME    030     WC3                     CAPTAIN' VALIUM                 7"      02.2016

        A1      Captain' Valium
        A2      Mon Ami	
        B       Rouge
CAME    031     Les Homards Violets Avec J.C. Gaurdon : LE SADIQUE      7"      02.2016

        A1      Le Sadique
        A2      Décolonisation
        B1      Le Clodo
        B2      Existentialisme Des Années 66

Reissue of a very rare French garage rock EP, originally released in 1967. Limited
to 300 copies on purple vinyl.
CAME    032     ROTTERS                 78 PUNK ROCK                    7"      02.2016

        A1      Synthemar                                       2:37
        A2      Faut Pas Flipper                                2:35
        B1      Tout Oublié                                     3:08
        B2      Trop Tard                                       4:14

An expanded reissue of a very rare French 1978 DIY/punk rock single from a band based
in Lyon. Also included are two previously unreleased tracks. This pressing comes with
three different fold-out sleeves. Limited to 500 copies in total.
CAME    033     TEMPLE SUN              MEGAPOLIS                       LP      03.2016
CAME    033     TEMPLE SUN              MEGAPOLIS                       LP+7"   03.2016

LP      A1      Brazilia Express                                5:29
        A2      Virages                                         5:23
        A3      Osmose                                          8:22
        B1      Megapolis                                       5:26
        B2      Voyage Sans Retour                              3:14
        B3      Climats                                         3:20
        B4      Méditérannée                                    1:59
        B5      Quartiers Nord                                  3:09
        B6      Saudade                                         1:45

7"      A       Brazillia Express
        B       Voyage Sans Retour
CAME    034     ANTI-SOCIAL             TRAFFIC LIGHTS                  7"      04.2016

        A1      Traffic Lights                                  2:26
        A2      Teacher, Teacher                                2:35
        B1      Sunarise                                        4:51
CAME    035     LES FANCY GOODS         GLORIA                          7"      04.2016

        A1      Gloria                                          2:36
        A2      Get Off Of My Cloud                             2:28
        B1      I Can Only Give You Everything                  2:35
        B2      Under My Thumb                                  2:29

This EP was originally released in 1967 by the JBP label from Lyon, in a tiny run
of 100 copies without sleeves. It contains four covers of the Rolling Stones and Them,
played with rage and determination. The reissue is limited to 500 copies.
CAME    036     ANGEL FACE              A WILD ODYSSEY                  2LP     06.2016

LP 1    A1      Wolf City Blues
        A2      12 1/2
        A3      Pride
        A4      Biker's Ride
        B1      Endless Road (cup up songs)
        B2      I Don't Care
        B3      Shadows & Lights
        B4      Before Now and After

LP 2    C1      Are You Ready for Pain ?
        C2      Believe Me
        C3      Pleasure Limit
        C4      Oh My Angel
        C5      The Question Is What Living For
        C6      You're Welcome
        D1      Oaxacca People
        D2      Broken Heart
        D3      I Love You !
        D4      I Lose I Care I Fall
        D5      I Don't Care
        D6      Run Slowly
        D7      Secret Town
CAME    037     THE KENT'S : WHOLE LOTTA SHAKIN' GOIN' ON               7"        .2016

        A1      Whole Lotta Shakin' Goin' On
        A2      If You Need Me
        B1      I Just Want to Make Love to You
        B2      Long Tall Sally

A hyper rare EP from 1966 by an unknown French band. Nobody knows who played in the
group, but these covers of The Kinks, Jerry Lee Lewis, The Rolling Stones and Solomon
Burke are awesome. This reissue is limited to 500 copies.
CAME    038     THE LIONETS             WILD THING                      7"        .2016

        A1      Wild Thing
        A2      Cadillac
        B1      I’m Not Like Everybody Else
        B2      Nobody But You

Here's a reissue of the impossibly rare '60s French garage beat EP by The Lionets
from Guebwiller, Alsace. On offer are great covers of The Kinks, The Troggs,
The Renegades and The Lafayettes. The EP was originally released in 1966.
This edition is limited to 500 copies in a thick, laminated sleeve.
CAME    039     MARIE FRANCE            DAISY                           7"      10.2016

        A       Daisy
        B       Déréglée
CAME    040     GASOLINE                KILLER MAN                      7"      10.2016

        A       Killer Man
        B       Radio Flic
CAME    041     GAZOLINE                SALLY                           7"      10.2016

        A       Sally
        B       Electric Injection
                (CAME 039-042)
CAME    042     V / A                   DE LA CAME PUNK                 4x7"    10.2016

7"/1    A       Marie France            Daisy                   2:49
        B       Marie France            Déréglée                2:12

7"/2    C       Gasoline                Killer Man              1:45
        D       Gasoline                Radio Flic              1:33

7"/3    E       Gazoline                Sally                   3:08
        F       Gazoline                Electric Injection      5:39

7"/4    G1      Pain Head               Daily And News          3:54
        G2      Man Ray                 Man Ray                 2:46
        H1      A 3 Dans Les WC         Cancer                  3:57
        H2      Nuit Moderne            Folie Douce             1:36
CAME    043     LES BLUE SHADES         LES BLUE SHADES                 LP      11.2016

        A1      Tu Peux
        A2      Suzie Q
        A3      How You've Changed
        A4      Come Back Baby
        A5      Ha Ha Ha
        A6      Mary Tell Me Why
        B1      Treat Her Right
        B2      Porterville
        B3      I Can Stand
        B4      I Believe To My Soul
        B5      Military
        B6      Glove
CAME    044     TEENAGE HEAD            78                              LP      01.2017

        A1      Teenage Depression
        A2      You Don't Own Me
        A3      Shakin' All Over
        A4      Money Get Your Money
        A5      Tell Me (You're Coming Back)
        B1      I Can Tell
        B2      96 Tears
        B3      You Really Got Me
        B4      Don't You Lie To Me
        B5      Fire
CAME    045     LES TITANS              SUNDAY MORNING DREAM            7"      01.2017

        A1      Sunday Morning Fever                            3:10
        A2      Tears                                           3:00
        B1      If You Go To Rooterdam                          3:00
        B2      C’est Raté!                                     2:40
CAME    046     HOOLIGAN                HOOLIGAN                        7"        .2017

        A       Hooligan
        B       Retourne Toi

A reissue of the sole single by an early French hard rock/punk band from Nice,
originally dating back to 1981. This short lived unit, featuring a 15-year old/young
drummer, played a lot of gigs and was hugely popular in the French underground.
CAME    047     V / A : THESAURUS VOL.1-LABEL FRANCE D.M.F.             2LP       .2017

LP 1    A1      Les Shazams             Brigitte
        A2      Les Vikings             Vikings
        A3      Les Leaders             Eureka
        A4      Les Copains             Crazy Boys
        A5      The Showers             Mule Skinner Blues
        A6      Les Frénétiques         Qui Te Le Dira
        A7      Les Tims                Roll Over Beethoven
        B1      Les Rock's Juniors      Oh Dis Eddy
        B2      Les Guitares Magiques   Le Jour, La Nuit
        B3      Les Eclipses            Hippy Hippy Shake
        B4      Les Mediums             Play With Fire
        B5      Les Atlas               Orange Fire
        B6      The Sparkles            Tell Me ((You're Coming Back)
        B7      The Black Stivers       Black Dance

LP 2    C1      Les Fauvels             Je T'avais Dit
        C2      The Moody Stones        Baby Jean
        C3      The Spirits             Gin 4
        C4      Les Bourgeois De Calais : Talking About My Girl
        C5      Les Cyclones            Baby Face
        C6      The Bin's               Fou De Toi
        C7      Gougnou                 C'est Bien Fait Pour Moi
        D1      Les Fennecks            Pourquoi Ce Soir
        D2      Les Jerrys              Nadine
        D3      Les Senders             Good Stark
        D4      Les Fraises Des Bois    You Better Run
        D5      Les Lionets             Nobody But You
        D6      Les Atlas               N'oublie Jamais
        D7      Bob Christian           Le Cobra

A double-LP compilation featuring 28 rare tracks of surf, beat, garage and rock'n'roll
from the catalogue/vaults of the French '60s label D.M.F.
CAME    048     STALAG                  DATE LIMITE DE VENTE            7"        .2017

        A       Secrets
        B       Date Limite De Vente

Limited to 300 copies on BLACK VINYL, this is a reissue of a very rare French punk
single, originally from 1981. Stalag hailed from Bordeaux.
CAME    049     MARGARET FREEMAN        AFRIKANERS STREETS              LP      05.2017

        A1      In' N 'Out
        A2      Afrikaner's Street
        A3      Milk Is Not for Animals
        A4      Dirt Is Life
        A5      Dead Bodies
        A6      R.O.S.E.S.
        B1      Nag Nag Nag
        B2      It Was So...
        B3      Each Pain for Each Men
        B4      Dissidents
        B5      Kill That Kill
        B6      Spoiling You

Limited to 300 copies on BLACK VINYL. A vinyl reissue of an industrial/electronic
tape release from 1989 by members of Urbain Autopsy. The album includes a cover of
"Nag Nag Nag" by Cabaret Voltaire.
CAME    050     CRUCIFER                PREMIERE HEURE                  LP        .2017

        A1      Ouverture
        A2      Sous Le Soleil
        A3      Cent Paroles
        B1      Iconoclasme
        B2      Conte Planétaire
        B3      Fermeture

This is an album of 1973 recordings by Crucifer, a French progressive band featuring
ex-members of the highly regarded '60s beat combo The Rhythm Checkers. As Crucifer,
the guys had adapted a style roughly similar to Genesis, Yes and Jethro Tull.
CAME    051     SELMI'S                 BEGINNING                       LP      07.2017

        A1      First Flight Of Eagle                           2:05
        A2      Burning Sire                                    3:07
        A3      Happy Queen                                     2:28
        A4      Gypsy's Dream                                   3:04
        A5      Sky Love                                        4:08
        B1      Woman With Me                                   5:00
        B2      It's Sick My Soul                               3:20
        B3      Hear My Train                                   3:12
        B4      Come And See                                    2:28
        B5      Drown's Love                                    4:25

A reissue of a very rare French DIY psych/folk/rock LP from 1974, featuring Michel
"John" Selmi with his wife and a friend. This totally original and innovative album
showcases many influences, ranging from Arabic music to Hendrix. Limited edition of
300 copies.
CAME    052     LE CHORUS REVERENDUS : NE POUSSEZ PAS MEME DANS         7"      07.2017
                LES ORTIES

        A1      Ne Poussez Pas Mémé Dans Les Orties             3:52
        A2      Quand Demain                                    2:35
        B1      Incohérence Des Reves De Rencontre              3:12
        B2      Dans Son Euphorie                               2:38

A reissue of a rare EP, originally released in 1967 under the direction of Germinal
Tenas (Clothide, Antoine & Les Problemes, Christine Delaroche). The band sounds like
The Mamas & The Papas and The Left Banke with upside down effects and superb vocals.
Limited to 500 copies, including an insert.
CAME    053     WE THE PEOPLE : YOU BURN ME UP AND DOWN                 7"        .2017

        A1      You Burn Me Up And Down                         2:21
        B1      He Doesn't Go About It Right                    2:29
        A2      Mirror Of Your Mind                             2:39
        B2      The Color Of Love                               2:24
CAME    054     WE THE PEOPLE           ST. JOHN'S SHOP                 7"      08.2017

        A1      St. John's Shop
        A2      In The Past
        B1      Declaration Of Independence
        B2      Lovin' Son Of A Gun
CAME    055     ROTOMAGUS               EROS                            7"      09.2017

        A1      Eros                                            2:16
        B1      Madame Wanda                                    3:17
        A2      Fightin' Cock                                   3:32
        B2      The Sky Turns Red                               2:55

This awesome 7-inch EP combines two singles by this cult psych-act from France.
"Eros" b/w "Madame Wanda" was originally released in 1970, while "Fightin' Cock"
b/w "Sky Turns Red" dates back to '71.
CAME    056     DEMON & WIZARD          EVIL POSSESSOR                  LP      10.2017

        A1      Prologue                                        2:17
        A2      Evil Possessor                                  4:55
        A3      Medieval Holocaust                              0:54
        A4      Trip To Hell                                    4:43
        A5      Faust Revival                                   2:35
        B1      Cerbere                                         1:03
        B2      Shakin' The Gates Of Hell                       5:23
        B3      Black Witch                                     5:37
        B4      Mrs Peller                                      4:22
        B5      Epilogue                                        5:02
CAME    057     V / A : THESAURUS VOL.2 ROCK-PUNK EN FRANCE 1977/1979   2LP       .2017

LP 1    A1      Larry Martin Factory    Dog Day Afternoon
        A2      Robert Karayan          La Blonde Et Moi
        A3      La Came Aux Damelias    5eme Roue Du Systeme
        A4      Cambouis                J'Attends Qu'Elle Ait Ses 15 Ans
        A5      Rock N'Roller           Phallo-Nardco
        A6      Smiler                  L'Entraîneuse
        A7      Therese Formol          Pauvre Petit Con
        B1      Rotters                 Tout Oublié
        B2      Storlok                 Gwerz Marv Jori Jackson
        B3      A 3 Dans Les WC         Cancer
        B4      Frakture                Cellule Block
        B5      Marquis De Sade         Air-Tight Cell
        B6      Strychnine              Suspect
        B7      Café Mozart             Régi Par Le Sort

LP 2    C1      Privés                  Suicide
        C2      Bondage-T               Images d'Epinal
        C3      Mickeynstein            Regards
        C4      Arlequin                Génération Paumée
        C5      Corail                  J'ai Vécu Tout Ca
        C6      Checkmate               Only Fools Pretend To Be Happy
        C7      Safety                  Fidele Au Poste
        D1      Bramstocker             Prends Ca
        D2      Alarm                   Dépression
        D3      Mistral                 Fils De L'Acier
        D4      Electrick Garbage       L'Escargot
        D5      Jean-Guy Ruff           Je Suis Joueur
        D6      Chrys Alice : Qu'Est C' Que J' Deviens Dans Tout Ca
        D7      Odeurs                  Sex Bazooka
                (Note : double LP , 500 copies)
CAME    058     DOGS                    REHEARSALS 1974                 12"     09.2017

        A1      I Love You
        A2      Be Alright
        A3      We Are The Dogs
        B1      Woman Machine
        B2      Anita

Reissue of the 5 track MLP featuring 1974 recordings by this French rock/proto-punk
DIY band. Released earlier in 2017 by the Memoire Neuve label, but this one sold out
in 12 days. The Cameleon version has a different cover plus innersleeve with photos
and interview by Philippe Manoeuvre. Limited to 500 copies.
CAME    059     V / A : BCG VOL.2-PARTICIPE POSSÉ, FRANCE 81/91         LP      12.2017

        A1      Alain Gibertie : La Musique Télépathique
                (Excerpt 1)                                     0:38
        A2      Brume : Le Jour Du Cochon - Part 1              4:37
        A3      La Chorale              Saucisson Mécanique     4:33
        A4      Hänzel & Gretzel        DCA Spiel               4:19
        A5      Kosa Nostra             For The Best            4:11
        A6      Geins't Nait            Picnic                  2:42
        A7      Costes                  C'est Loupé             1:05
        B1      Camera Obscura : Camera Obscura (Intro)         0:31
        B2      Die Form                Perversion 1            4:21
        B3      Marcel Kanche           Tübingen                5:17
        B4      Le Syndicat             Ritual                  2:04
        B5      La Sonorité Jaune       Caresses Intimes        2:48
        B6      Parazite                Rats (Excerpt)          1:54
        B7      Margaret Freeman        C'est Un Piege          1:42
        B8      Achwgha Ney Wodei : Mais Ou Est Donc Passée
                Ma Chéchia                                      2:22
        B9      Alain Gibertie : La Musique Télépathique
                (Excerpt 2)                                     0:18

This compilation, limited to 500 copies, contains tracks taken from cassettes
recorded between 1981 and 1991 with French experimental, industrial and new wave
bands. Includes 2 inserts.
CAME    060     GILLES PELLEGRINI/THE STEW/DAVE & J.J. : LIVE AT        LP      03.2018
                WEEK-END CLUB DE PARIS

        A1      Stew Blues
        A2      Get It
        A3      More And More
        A4      If I Didn't Have A Girl Like You
        B1      Générique
        B2      Everybody Got To Believe In Somebody
        B3      Hey Jude
        B4      You Don't Know What You Mean To Me / Soothe Me
        B5      Try A Little Tenderness

Nine unpublished tracks recorded live directly to soundboard in 1969 at the Week-End
Club in Paris. Great dynamic soul featuring musicians who played with Michel
Polnareff, Martin Circus, Johnny Hallyday etc. Dave and J.J. are exceptional
performers from Cincinnatti. Limited to 300 copies, but only a handful available
here, so be fast!
CAME 061-068    V / A :  De La Pure Came !! 32 titres Punk-rock-Cold    8x7"
                Inédits 1977/1982

                EP CAME61
        A1      Corail                  Laissez-Nous Refaire La Terre
        A2      Corail                  Danse Bitume
        B1      Corail                  J'ai Vécu Tout Ça
        B2      Corail                  Post Scriptum En Uranium

                EP CAME62
        A1      Cafe Mozart             Illusion Cassée
        A2      Cafe Mozart             érapage
        B1      Cafe Mozart             Rupture
        B2      Cafe Mozart             Le Secret De La Machine

                EP CAME63
        A1      Safety                  Si J'ai Le Choix
        A2      Safety                  Comment Lui Dire
        B1      Safety                  Reporter
        B2      Safety                  Génération Fluo	

                EP CAME64
        A1      Mistral                 Jumbo Jet
        A2      Mistral                 Télés
        B1      Mistral                 Arrete Ton Bla-Bla
        B2      Mistral                 Danse Du Singe

                EP CAME65
        A1      Anti-Gang               Le Rock Du Gang
        A2      Anti-Gang               Tueurs a Gages
        A3      Anti-Gang               Félins
        B1      Arlequin                Flash
        B2      Arlequin                Va-t'en

                EP CAME66
        A1      Electrick Garbage       J'ai Une Petite Copine
        A2      Robert Karayan          Dans La Rue
        B1      Astroflash              Le Réseau
        B2      Bollock                 Petite Fille

                EP CAME67
        A1      Raison Pure             I'm A Building
        A2      Affection Place         The Baytree Of The Night
        B1      Affection Place         Hallucination
        B2      Raison Pure             Data Girl

                EP CAME68
        A1      Wayne County            Fuck Off
        A2      Wayne County            Putty (In Your Hands)
        B1      Wayne County            Cream In My Jeans
        B2      Wayne County            Max's Kansas City

CAME    061     Previously unreleased power pop gems from the late '70s by this French
                band, who also appeared on Cameleon's "Thesaurus Vol. 2" LP. Limited
                to 200 copies.
CAME    062     Previously unreleased power pop gems from the late '70s by this French
                band, who also appeared on Cameleon's "Thesaurus Vol. 2" LP. Limited
                to 200 copies.
CAME    063     Previously unreleased punk rock gems from the late '70s by this
                French band, who also appeared on Cameleon's "Thesaurus Vol. 2" LP.
                Limited to 200 copies.
CAME    064     Previously unreleased power pop gems from the late '70s by this
                French band, who also appeared on Cameleon's "Thesaurus Vol. 2" LP.
                Limited to 200 copies.
CAME    069     THEATRE                 THEATRE                         LP        .2018
SAM     005

        A1      Dancers
        A2      Duels
        A3      Je marche sur un fil
        A4      Cold Wind
        A5      Choeur de moines a Venise
        A6      NP / AD (1re version)
        B1      La fille de la nuit
        B2      Les mouches
        B3      By Bus
        B4      Quelqu'un d'autre
        B5      Sur mon écran

Twelve previously unreleased tracks by French cold wave/punk band Théâtre, recorded
between 1982 and 1984. Innersleeves features biography and photos. Limited to 300
CAME    070     THE SOMETHINGS          LE MONDE INFERNAL               7"      10.2018

        A1      Oh ! Non                                        2:40
        A2      Le Monde Infernal                               2:52
        B1      Mister Lincoln                                  2:35
        B2      Au Gré Du vent                                  2:33

Reissue of 500 copies of this 1967 EP by Amiens, France-based fuzz rockers
The Somethings.
CAME    071     DIDIER BOCQUET          ECLIPSE                         LP      11.2018

        A1      1984                                            13:47
        A2      Le Chemin Du Silence Part 1                     6:57
        B1      Eclipse                                         13:45
        B2      Le Chemin Du Silence Part 2                     6:55

Reissue of extremely rare kosmische/electronic/experimental/ambient album by Didier
Bocquet, originally released in 1977 on the Kiosque D'Orphe label. Limited to 300
copies on black vinyl and 300 copies on splatter vinyl.

        A       There's No Place for Lonely People              2:49
        B       New York City                                   2:20
CAME    073     V / A:Thesaurus Volume 3 Rock/Punk En France 1979/1980  2LP     03.2019

LP 1    A1      Metal Boys              Colt 45
        A2      Lucas Trouble           El Verolo
        A3      Albert Truchot          Dernier Escalator
        A4      Tango Lüger             Scorpio
        A5      Belle Star              Be In
        A6      Starter                 Christmas
        A7      12°5                    En Théorie
        B1      Stopnicki               Je Joue Avec La Mort
        B2      Benny Blue              Made Cap
        B3      Nadine Expert           Let Me Play With My Doll
        B4      Michel Maillard         Le Satyre Du Métro
        B5      Moko                    Rock Star
        B6      Minuit Boulevard        Je Marche Seul
        B7      Bob Feeler              Mister John's

LP 2    C1      Le Fracas               Nous En Avons Marre
        C2      Ablettes                Spontanéité……Zéro !!!
        C3      Blitz (39)              Quand Le Blitz Va Déferler
        C4      Bye Bye Turbin          Olivenstein
        C5      Ecoute Maman            Marcher
        C6      Frog & Roll             I'm In Between
        C7      Contagion               Docteur Feelgood
        D1      Star Trek               Business Star
        D2      Depression              Moderne
        D3      Nec + Ultra             Nulle Part
        D4      Rhubarb                 Jimmy's Mother
        D5      Laxatif 126             Jeudi Soir
        D6      Univers                 Le Sorcier
        D7      Rotor                   Dictature (Live)

A compilation featuring 28 tracks of French rock/punk from 1979 and 1980. Included
are recordings of Metal Boys, Lucas Trouble, Rotor, Albert Truchot, Tango Lüger,
Starter, Ablettes, Depression, Moko, Blitz, Ecoute Maman and more. Limited to 500
CAME    074     ROBERT HINCHLIFFE       SONGS                           LP      04.2019

        A1      The Blind Man
        A2      Lady Of The Dark
        A3      Same Mistake
        A4      Words Upon An Ocean
        B1      Tomorrows Just A Film
        B2      China Dolls
        B3      Crosses In The Sand
        B4      My Baby Needs Me With Her Now
        B5      California Eyes
        B6      Oh My Darling

First publication after 45 years of waiting for this superb LP of English folk a la
Nick Drake or Bill Fay. Only 2 acetates exist of the original. Limited to 500 copies.
CAME    075     LE BAIN DIDONC          MARCELLE                        7"      05.2019

        A1      Marcelle                                        3:10
        A2      Tare ... zon                                    2:30
        B1      Cheveux dans le vent                            3:02
        B2      Achetez notre disque                            2:25

Reissue of this very rare French sixties beat/garage EP, originally released in 1966.
Limited to 500 copies. Comes in laminated cover and with remastered sound.
CAME    076     THE KAMERAS             KAMERAS                         LP      03.2019

        A1      Artificial Joy
        A2      Melancholy (No Way Out)
        A3      Return Of The Ice Age
        A4      Homosexual
        A5      Leisure Time
        A6      Anger Baboo
        B1      Artificial Joy (Demo)
        B2      Melancholy (No Way Out) (Demo)
        B3      Return Of The Ice Age (Demo)
        B4      Homosexual (Demo)
        B5      Leisure Time (Demo)
        B6      Spaceman
        B7      20 Floors Up

13 previously unreleased studio and demo tracks from 1979 by this London-based punk/
rock/post-punk band. Limited to 300 copies.



CAME    080






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