CADUCEUS RECORDS                        GERMANY
****************                        Berlin


Distr.  : GE - Straigt Distr./
          UK - Piccadilly/Prime Direct/
Style   : techno / house / tech-house / deep house /

THE CADUCEUS is the symbol of the duality of the material and spiritual world, and the
highest form in music is spirituality. In using the physical instrument to interact
with the spiritual world, the ultimate aim is move ever closer to the spiritual via new
means of expression — new sounds, new approaches, and new forms. The label was created
to search off of the beaten track and to discover electronic music and artists. From
classic techno to the more experimental, CADUCEUS RECORDS will explore originality in
the electronic and musical worlds.The format will consist of a simple 10"EP or 12"EP 
featuring one original track and remixes, sometimes with additional digital remixes.
Through this simplicity and the differing interpretations, we seek to find new avenues
for the music to move the listener. Nothing rests, everything moves, everything
vibrates, everything is music.
[from Caduceus site]

CDR     001     DANDY JACK              REBIRTH EP                      10"     06.2012

        A.      Hamlet Machine
        B.      Hamlet Machine (Deadbeat Horns Of Jericho Version)
CDR     002     QUENUM & LAD            ITHACA                          10"     11.2012

        A.      (Original mix)
        B.      (Petar Dundov rmx.)
CDR     003
CDR     004     SIERRA SAM              CATHARSIS EP                    12"     05.2013

        A1      Dilemma (Orginal Mix)
        A2      Dilemma (Jacob Korn Remix)
        B1      Dilemma (Oliver Deutschmann Remix)
        B2      Dilemma (LAD Remix) 
CDR     005     DACHSHUND               YELLOWSTONE                     12"     06.2013

        A1      Northern Steam (Original Mix)
        A2      Arttu Remix
        B1      Lad Remix
        B2      Gerome Sportelli Remix
CDR     006     V / A                   SUMMER ALL STARS                6DL     08.2013

        1.      Lad                     Turmoil (Original Mix)
        2.      Lad                     Turmoil (Myles Sergé remix)
        3.      Oliver Deutschmann      The Becomming (Original Mix)
        4.      Sierra Sam : What Happened To The Music (Original Mix)
        5.      Gerome Sportelli        Don’t Push Me (Original Mix)
        6.      Stefny Winter           Tip Tap (Original Mix)
CDR     007     DEEPCHILD               BETHANIA                        12"     11.2013

        A.      Pushing Matter / Pushing Matter (Mrsk Remix)
        B.      Lazarus / Lazarus (Lad Remix)
CDR     008     OLIVER DEUTSCHMANN      BREAKDOWN                       12"     10.2013

        A.      Breakdown  / Braineater
        B.      Breakdown (STERAC Remix) / Braineater (LAD Remix)