CF RECORDS                              Belfast
**********                              Antrim
                                        NORTH IRELAND


Formerly known as Caff/Flick and Cass/Flick.
Start   : 2006
Distr.  : UK - Piccadilly/Action/Boomkat/
Style   : indie rock / no wave / post punk / noise / r&r / house / synth pop /
          new wave /

CF began in 2006 with a hastily thrown together compilation of underground music
from the UK, US and Europe. At this point the label was known as Caff/Flick. The
name, derived from “catholic” in the eclectic rather than ecclesiastical sense, was
a source of general confusion that continues to this day. Two 7” picture discs feat.
music by Lucky Dragons and High Places and photographs by David Horvitz, as well as
the first CF LP (Champagne Diamond/The Brilliant Light) followed in 2007. These,
along with the first guest mixes around the same time, helped to establish a reputation
of sorts for interesting, if sporadic, releases from a diverse range of artists.
A high point of this original phase was reached in 2008 with the release of a 7”
single by Mount Eerie and No Kids.  After this, the label almost ceased to exist,
only to reappear the following year as a cassette-only imprint now known even more
confusingly as Cass/Flick.  The first release in this new era was the debut double
cassette release by Girls Names, in an edition of 50 tapes. A string of tapes in tiny
runs followed, including releases by Heavy Hawaii, Cloud Nothings and the debut of
Sea Pinks the following year. Finally in 2011 the name changed for (hopefully) the
last time to CF Records. This current phase has been marked by the reintroduction of
vinyl, with LPs and 12”s by Sea Pinks, Former Bullies and Thread Pulls among others. 
CF is currently based in Belfast, UK. april 22, 2017

CF/F    23      PATRICK KELLEHER/SCHOOL TOUR : SPLIT                    CS      03.2011

        1       Patrick Kelleher        This Sporting Life
        2       Patrick Kelleher        This Room
        3       Patrick Kelleher        I'm Alive
        4       Patrick Kelleher        Tiny Tim Brought Back A Jet Pack
        5       School Tour             The Last Exit West
        6       School Tour             Morning Bar
        7       School Tour             Monochrome Haze
        8       School Tour             Body Of Water
        9       School Tour             Somewhere Over The Fripptones
                (Note : cassette , 100 copies)
CF/F    24      CHARLES HURTS           CHARLES HURTS                   CS        .2011

        A1      Drugs
        A2      Austerity Drive
        A3      Fuss Gang
        A4      Magnet House
        B1      A.D.
        B2      Urgency
        B3      Guess Again
        B4      The Wave
CF/F    27      TEST HOUSE/CATSCARS     SPLIT                           CS        .2011

        1       Test House              Skybridge
        2       Test House              Whisper All That Love
        3       Test House              Nature Lab
        4       Test House              Eye Contact High
        5       Catscars                Faster
        6       Catscars                Wolvpa
        7       Catscars                What Are You
        8       Catscars                Disgrace
                (Note : cassette , 100 copies)
CF/F    28      FORMER BULLIES          GOLDEN CHAINS                   LP      11.2011

        1       Aman
        2       Black 'Cloud
        3       Golden Chains
        4       Born Winner
        5       It Might Be OK
        6       Happy With Your Lot
        7       Waiting For You
        8       Show Me The Way
        9       The Motions
        10      God He Lives
        11      Damp Squib
        12      Walking
        13      The Sea
        14      Your House
        15      Strange
CF/F    31      NO MONSTER CLUB         DUBLIN                          12"       .2012
CF/F    34      THREAD PULLS : YOU MELT WORDS.5/8 RYTHM HERE.           12"     10.2012

        A1      You Melt Words.                                 7:44
        B1      5/8 Rythm Here.                                 6:28
                (Note : 12" , 100 copies)
CF/F    36      SECRET ADMIRER          SECRET ADMIRER                  CS        .2013

        A1      Break It Open                                   1:16
        A2      Chock Full Of Gold                              1:28
        A3      End Of The Day                                  1:50
        A4      Fast Lane                                       2:05
        A5      Feel The Summer                                 1:38
        A6      Fellowship                                      2:28
        A7      Give Me More                                    2:17
        A8      Hanging Around                                  1:31
        A9      Having My Fun                                   1:12
        A10     How Dare You                                    2:07
        B1      I Still Love You                                1:46
        B2      It's The One                                    1:37
        B3      Like A Truck                                    1:44
        B4      Next To Me                                      1:26
        B5      Out Of The Suitcase                             1:40
        B6      Royal Marina                                    2:07
        B7      Test                                            1:29
        B8      Tomorrow's Gone                                 3:02
        B9      Which Way TO Go                                 2:17
        B10     You Get The Feeling                             1:34
CF/F    39      WAITERS                 WHAT FOR ART THOU               12"+DLc 08.2014

        A1      Perpetual Notion                                3:40
        A2      Mirror Threat                                   2:52
        B1      Grey Matters                                    3:09
        B2      Lapsed                                          3:15
                (Note : 12" , 100 copies)

12"      Comfortable On A Tightrope C.O.A. T22  2014    UK
CF/F    42      SEA PINKS               SOFT DAYS                       LP+DLc  01.2016
                (Note : LP , 300 copies)
CF/F    42 CD   SEA PINKS               SOFT DAYS                       CD      01.2016

A.      1       (I Don’t Feel Like) Giving In
        2       Ordinary Daze
        3       Cold Reading
        4       Trend When You’re Dead
        5       Green With Envy
B.      6       Depth Of Field
        7       Everything In Sight
        8       Yr Horoscope
        9       Down Dog
        10      I Won’t Let Go
        11      Soft Days
CF/F    43      FORMER BULLIES          STRANGER                        LP      02.2017

        A1      O World Of Love
        A2      Rose Of Destiny
        A3      Little Tear
        A4      They Were Waiting
        A5      Don't Ask Many Questions
        B1      Eyes Can See
        B2      I Can't Stand
        B3      She
        B4      Under Your Nose
        B5      Stranger
        B6      Head & Soul

LP      Towed By The Ghost  TBTG 006    2017    UK
CF/F    44 LP   SEA PINKS               WATERCOURSE                     LP      07.2017

        A1      Watercourse
        A2      Places She Goes
        A3      Into Nowhere
        A4      I Don’t Know What I Would Do (Without You)
        A5      Gonalong
        B1      How Long Must I Be Denied?
        B2      Playin’ For Pride
        B3      Shock of the New
        B4      Water Spirit
        B5      Pining Away

Second album from Belfast’s finest jangle pop.


CF/F    47      SEA PINKS               ROCKPOOL BLUE                   LP      11.2018
                (Note : LP , 250 copies)

        1.      Watermelon Sugar (Alcohol)
        2.      Rockpool Blue
        3.      Bioluminescence
        4.      Dumb Angel
        5.      Grown Up Kids
        6.      A Man in My Condition
        7.      Versions of You
        8.      The Apple

Rockpool Blue is the seventh album from Belfast’s guitar poppers, Sea Pinks.
The album’s theme centres on embracing the sadness that tinges realising you have
become an adult despite not really knowing how you got there and then realising
it’s not all that bad after all.