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CCMUSIC 03 LP   CLARISSA CONNELLY       THE VOYAGER                     LP      04.2021

        1)      Holler
        2)      Bargain
        3)      Walden
        4)      Theresa
        5)      Latitude
        6)      Longitude
        7)      Mother And Daddy
        8)      The Fallen Land
        9)      Shallow Water
        10)     A Grain Of Sand
        11)     The Hills Are Crying

‘The Voyager’ by Clarissa Connelly is an album of big, magical songs that have a
childlike mystique to them. ‘The Voyager’ is probably best described as experimental
baroque pop. A wide variety of instruments have been used, along with layered vocals
arriving from all directions. ‘The Voyager’ is themed around the relationship between
nature, music and time.