Distr.  : NE - Clear Spot/Shiny Beast/
Style   : progressive / Psychedelic /

BLM     1       BLIM                    ZERO/NO PRILLS                  2CD     08.2013

Here are 150 minutes of outstanding prog space jazz punk rock, lurching from lush
psychedelia to complex, harsh, modern jazz. Blim are delighted to be able to offer
you these fully digitally remastered definitive editions of two acclaimed albums of
the 1990s in one delicious double CD gatefold pack, together with never-before-heard
bonus tracks, photos, lyrics and general havoc. Featuring Dr. Andy Read on guitar,
Neil Spragg (a.k.a. Sir Real) on drums, Tony Child (a.k.a. Surgeon) on unusual noises,
and bassists BJ Gardiner and Robert Illesh, plus flutes, saxes and all sorts.