Distr.  : UK - Bleep/
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BA      1001    ARTHUR'S LANDING        MIRACLE 2 (REMIXES)             12"     12.2013

        1.      Miracle 2 (Algy Strutt Seen The Light mix)
        2.      Miracle 2 (The Reflex revision)
        3.      Miracle 2 (Andrew Clarke remix)
        4.      Miracle 2 (DJ Yogurt & Koyas remix)
                (Note : 12"/180 g. , 500 foil stamped & numbered copies)
CDBA    1002    ARTHUR'S LANDING        SECOND THOUGHTS                 2CD     06.2015
LPBA    1004    ARTHUR'S LANDING        SECOND THOUGHTS PT.1            LP      06.2015
LPBA    1005    ARTHUR'S LANDING        SECOND THOUGHTS PT.2            LP      06.2015

CD1/LPBA1004:   Planted A Thought (Moplen Mix)
                Lost In Thought (Bob Blank Mix)
                Change My Life (Virgin Magnetic Mix)
                Dumbo Dumbo (Pocketknife Mix)
                It's A Boy (Alkalino Mix)
                Tell You Today (Alkalino Mix)
                List Of Boys (Alkalino Mix)

CD2/LPBA1005:   Dumbo Dumbo (Standard Planets Mix)
                Lost In Thought (Drop Out Orchestra Mix)
                Change My Life (Hugoy Mix)
                Planted A Thought (Andrew Clarke Mix)
                It's A Boy (Cooked Audio Mix)
                List Of Boys (Pocketknife Mix)
                Tell You Today (Pocketknife Mix)
                Planted A Thought (Alkalino Mix)