BUBBLEWRAP RECORDS                      40 Brook Street
******************                      Riverside
                                        Cradiff CF11 6LH


Distr.  : UK - Norman/
Style   : indie /

As a record label we aspire to only ever put out records that look, sound, feel, smell
and, yes, taste utterly gorgeous. We offer you an ironclad guarantee that any and all
of our releases will be beautifully packaged, low run and limited edition. Digital
technology and downloading may be all the rage with the young ‘uns these days but, to
us, the feeling of tactility when holding a freshly purchased album can’t ever be
replaced. Sup in the scent of the vinyl. Explore the detail of the artwork. Rub it on
your face or belly. Lick it if you like. But, ultimately, listen to it and love it for
what it is; a piece of art.

We are simple people with simple plans. We have but one overarching remit: to create
and release top quality, honest, intelligent and incisive music. Oh, and to make every
release look so beautiful you want to cry into your comfort blanket. As a collective
baring our tortured, creative souls, the only request we make of you is to intrepidly
explore our site, listen to our music and watch our videos when you have a spare
second. It’s not too much to ask, really.

Our design and illustration work is carried out by award-winning and refreshingly
humble design company, Ctrl Alt Design.

Our music videos are made with love, flair and an eye for detail by On-Par Productions.
[From : http://bubblewrap.bigcartel.com/about-bubblewrap-collective] jan.26. 2014

BWR     001     LUCKY DELUCCI           YOUNG IN SUMMER                 CDEP

        1.      Tears Fall To The Floor
        2.      Simon Said
        3.      House of the Lost Souls
        4.      Fingers, Thumbs & Toes
        5.      The Room That Never Sleeps
BWR     002     V / A                   12 DAYS OF CHRISTMAS            CD

        1.      The Loves : Chrsitmas All Alone (just like the partridge blues)
        2.      Littly My               When the Turtle Dove've Flown Away
        3.      Them Squirrels          Three French Hens
        4.      Brontosaurus Chorus     Calling Birds
        5.      The Rocky Nest          Five Golden Rings From The Hi 5 Kings
        6.      Sweet Baboo             I Can See Geese in Your Eyes
        7.      Allo, Darlin'           Silver Swans in NYC
        8.      Speedmarket Avenue      Where Maids are Queens
        9.      The Bobby McGee's       Ladies Dancing (on eastbourne pier)
        10.     Silence at Sea : Lords Keep Leaping (snatch sweetness from the
        11.     Lucky Delucci           Pipers Piping
        12.     The School              Drummer Boy
BWR     003     LITTLE MY               LITTLE MY'S NINTH               3"CD

        1.      Bears in the Air
        2.      Heavy, Quite Heavy, Quiet
        3.      Upsticks & Carry On
        4.      Quiet Times B
BWR     004     LITTLE MY               LITTLE MY'S TENTH               3"CD    03.2010

        1.      Grandstand Theme
        2.      Debaser
        3.      KKK Took My Baby Away
        4.      AM180
BWR     005     LUCKY DELUCCI           DECEMBER 1986                   CDS

        1.      December 1986
        2.      Old Sound of the River
BWR     006 CD  IVAN MOULT              THE MINE CANARY                 CD        .2010

        1       Travels
        2       Wait With Me
        3       Truth Be Told
        4       Fetch Me A Bucket
        5       I Might Get Cold
BWR     007     LUCKY DELUCCI           WINTER ON THE MOON              7"

        A.      Winter On The Moon
        B.      Bright Beams Of Light

        A.      EVENING CHORUS          Decisions
        AA.     BAREFOOT DANCE OF THE SEA : 531 Miles From Aberdeen To Cardiff
BWR     009     LITTLE ARROW            MUSIC, MASKS & POEMS            CD

        1.      Bitten Blues
        2.      Aeroplane
        3.      Vessel of Fear
        4.      People of the Volcano
        5.      Dear Old Diary
        6.      The Viewers Are All Human
        7.      Tap Lighter Loop
        8.      Poetically Diseased
        9.      One Helium Balloon
        10.     Boat
        11.     Beneath The True Blue
        12.     Easy Now
BWR     010     BENEATH CLOSED EYES     'TIL VOICES WAKE US             CDEP      .2013

        1.      When You Look at Me
        2.      Time The Magician
        3.      Spring Showers
        4.      Love & Time Machines
        5.      If I Could Only Fly
        6.      The Uke Song
BWR     011     BENEATH CLOSED EYES     BENEATH CLOSED EYES             CD        .2013

        1.      Someday I Won't Think of You
        2.      One, Two, Three
        3.      The Build-A-House Song
        4.      Lullaby
        5.      So It Goes
        6.      Sea Shanty
        7.      Sea Song
        8.      Time Takes Time
        9.      531 Miles From Aberdeen to Cardiff
        10.     The Murder Song
BWR     012     LITTLE ARROW            WILD WISHES                     LP.CD     .2013

        1.      Our Taste is Violence
        2.      Oh Life
        3.      State of You and Me
        4.      Ancient
        5.      Earth Skin
        6.      I Man Ogre
        7.      Red Sky
        8.      Your Catch is Silver
        9.      Wash
        10.     Paddy Fields
        11.     Lead Us Now
BWR     013 LP  THE GENTLE GOOD         Y BARDD ANFARWOL                LP      01.2014
BWR     013 CD  THE GENTLE GOOD         Y BARDD ANFARWOL                CD      01.2014

        1.      Erddigan Chengdu
        2.      Antiffoni
        3.      Yr Wylan Fry
        4.      Ymadael Dinas Brenin Gwyn
        5.      Marwnad Chang-Kan
        6.      Meddyliau Distaw’r Nos
        7.      Yfed Gyda’r Lleuad
        8.      Brwydr An Lushan
        9.      Edau Gwyn
        10.     Afon Arian
        11.     Bore braf
        12.     (dienw)
BWR     014     QUIET MARAUDER          THE KILLING WOODS               CDEP      .2014

        1.      It Wasn't Me, It Was The Moon
        2.      Roda & The Bunker
        3.      The Woods
        4.      The Game (feat. Hail! The Planes)
BWR     015 CD  QUIET MARAUDER          MEN                             CD        .2014
BWR     019 LP  LITTLE ARROW            FURIOUS FINITE                  LP      11.2014
BWR     019     LITTLE ARROW            FURIOUS FINITE                  CD      11.2014