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Style   : reissue-garage rock / psychedelic pop / psychedelic / beat / r&r /

BREAK   001     THE RINGERS             LET THEM BE KNOW                LP (m)    .2001
BREAK   001     THE RINGERS             LET THEM BE KNOW                LP (s)    .2001

        A1      Mersey Bounce
        A2      Snake Pit
        A3      Echo
        A4      Ask Me No Questions
        A5      Sad & Lonely
        B1      Daydream
        B2      Let It Be Known
        B3      Sun Also Rises
        B4      Never Too Young
        B5      Mersey Bounce #2

A 10-track collection of significant, obscure 1965/1966 garage beat from Los Angeles,
including cuts from rare 45s and great sounding unreleased tracks. The LP comes with
a detailed 4-page insert with complete history and rare pictures. The line-up features
drummer Bill Lynn, who also played with Elvis Presley.
BREAK   002     THE RINGERS             LET THEM BE KNOWN               CD        .2001

        1       The Ringers             Mersey Bounce           2:26
        2       The TR-4                Let It Be Known         2:22
        3       The Ringers             Echo                    2:08
        4       The Ringers             Sad & Lonely            1:51
        5       The Ringers             Sun Also Rises          2:12
        6       The Ringers             Ask Me No Questions     2:29
        7       The TR-4                Never Too Young         2:11
        8       The Ringers             Graduation Doll         2:45
        9       The Ringers             Mersey Bounce #2        2:20
        10      The Ringers             Daydream                2:33
        11      The Ringers             Not The Marrying Kind   2:31
        12      The Ringers             Snake Pit               2:26
        13      The Ringers             Give Me A Chance        2:30
        14      The Ringers             You Captured My Eye Girl2:28
        15      The Ringers             If We Can't Make It Baby2:29
        16      The Ringers             Another Day             2:10
        17      The Ringers             Band Song               1:36
        18      The Ringers             Dreamland               1:07
        19      The Ringers             Ramblin' And Rollin'    3:11
        20      The Ringers             Try A Little Bit Harder 4:30
        21      The Ringers             Rollin' Home            4:13
        22      The Ringers             Down On My Knees Again  2:36
BREAK   003     THE VAMPIRES            A SHOT OF RHYTHM'N'SOUL         10"       .2001

        A1      Dock of the Bay
        A2      Your Time Has Gone
        B1      I Can Go Down
        B2      A Shot of RnB
BREAK   004     THE TROUP               GOING AWAY WITH THE TROUP       10"       .2002

        A1      I'm Going Away
        A2      I'll Be Back
        B1      Jungle Jive
        B2      Teen Age Girl
BREAK   005     THE EMBERMAN FIVE       FIRE IN THEIR HEARTS            LP        .2002

        A1      Fire In My Heart
        A2      Without Your Love
        A3      Someone To Hold
        A4      That's Why I Need You
        A5      Baby I'm Forgettin' You
        A6      My Love For You Won't Die
        B1      Do You Have To Be So Cruel
        B2      Tomorrow Never Comes
        B3      I'll Go Crazy
        B4      Land Of 1000 Dances
        B5      You Make Me Feel So Good
BREAK   006     THE EMBERMAN FIVE       FIRE IN THEIR HEARTS            CD        .2002

        1       Fire In My Heart                                2:14
        2       Without Your Love                               2:36
        3       Someone To Hold                                 2:29
        4       That's Why I Need You                           3:02
        5       Baby I'm Forgettin' You                         2:24
        6       My Love For You Won't Die                       3:15
        7       Do You Have To Be So Cruel                      2:35
        8       Tomorrow Never Comes                            2:54
        9       I'll Go Crazy                                   3:08
        10      Land Of 1000 Dances                             4:14
        11      You Make Me Feel So Good                        2:55
        12      Gloria                                          5:24
        13      Treat Her Right                                 3:22
BREAK   007     THE HEARD MEET THE ONLY ONES : LONE STAR STATE 60'S     10" (m)   .2003

        A1      The Heard               Exit 9
        A2      The Heard               You're Gonna Miss Me
        B1      The Only Ones           Another Place
        B2      The Only Ones           Can't Trust A Woman
BREAK   008     THE PSYCHOTIC REACTION  : MASTERS OF TRASH              10"       .2003

        A1      Psychotic Reaction
        A2      Mandrake Root
        B1      Prelude In C

        A1      The Trenchmen           Chains On My Heart
        A2      The Trenchmen           Travel With Me
        A3      The Lost Souls          It's Not Fair
        B1      The Lost Souls          Artificial Rose
        B2      The Lost Souls          Sad Little Girl
        B3      The Lost Souls          Enchanted Sea

        A1      Goin' Too Far
        A2      Walkin' Away
        A3      A Thousand Devils (Are Chasin' Me)
        A4      Today (I Got a Letter)
        A5      I Was a Fool
        B1      The Moment I Saw You
        B2      Today (I Got a Letter) (Alt. Vers.)
        B3      Bonfire
        B4      Follow Like the Wind
        B5      Little Black Egg

        1       Goin' Too Far                                   2:44
        2       Walkin' Away                                    2:48
        3       A Thousand Devils (Are Chasin' Me)              2:15
        4       Today (I Got a Letter)                          2:33
        5       I Was a Fool                                    2:31
        6       The Moment I Saw You                            2:16
        7       Today (I Got a Letter) (Alt. Vers.)             2:19
        8       Bonfire                                         2:12
        9       Follow Like the Wind                            2:37
        10      Little Black Egg                                2:43
                Bonus Tracks
        11      Walkin' Away (Organ Version)                    3:01
        12      I Was a Fool (Organ Version)                    2:36
        13      Medley (Live)                                   6:57
                -Hit the Road Jack
                -16 Tons
BREAK   012     THE YOUNG BEATS         THE EXCITING SOUND OF           LP        .2004

        A1      Los Young Beats         Baby Please Don't Go
        A2      Los Young Beats         Money
        A3      Los Young Beats         The Times They Are A-Changing
        A4      Los Young Beats         Gloria
        A5      Los Young Beats         Hearts Of Stone
        A6      Los Young Beats         Hang On Sloopy
        A7      Los Young Beats         You Better Move On
        A8      Los Young Beats         Not Fade Away
        B1      Los Young Beats         You Really Got Me
        B2      Los Young Beats         As Tears Go By
        B3      Los Young Beats         For Your Love
        B4      The Time Machine        Train Kept A Rollin'
        B5      The Time Machine        Just Like A Woman
        B6      The Time Machine        Fire
        B7      The Time Machine        Your Love Is Driftin'
BREAK   013     BELFAST GYPSIES : I Want You // It's All Over Now Baby  7" (m)    .2005
BREAK   013     BELFAST GYPSIES : I Want You // It's All Over Now Baby  10" (m)   .2005
BREAK   014     THE YOUNG BEETS         THE EXCITING SOUND OF           CD        .2005

        1       Los Young Beats         Baby Please Don't Go    2:52
        2       Los Young Beats         Money                   2:41
        3       Los Young Beats : The Times They Are A-Changing 2:06
        4       Los Young Beats         Gloria                  2:33
        5       Los Young Beats         Hearts Of Stone         2:36
        6       Los Young Beats         Hang On Sloopy          3:00
        7       Los Young Beats         You Better Move On      2:33
        8       Los Young Beats         Not Fade Away           1:39
        9       Los Young Beats         You Really Got Me       2:42
        10      Los Young Beats         As Tears Go By          3:00
        11      Los Young Beats         For Your Love           2:22
        12      The Time Machine        Train Kept A Rollin'    3:07
        13      The Time Machine        Just Like A Woman       3:53
        14      The Time Machine        Fire                    2:37
        15      The Time Machine        Your Love Is Driftin'   3:51
BREAK 015.6     THE GUILLOTEENS         ACTION! ACTION! ACTION          2CD       .2006

CD 1            Singles A's & B's
        1-1     The Guilloteens         Hey You                 2:19
        1-2     The Guilloteens         I Don't Believe         2:36
        1-3     The Guilloteens         For My Own              2:09
        1-4     The Guilloteens:Don't Let The Rain Get You Down 2:15
        1-5     The Guilloteens         I Sit And Cry           2:06
        1-6     The Guilloteens         Crying All Over My Time 2:35
        1-7     The Guilloteens         Wild Child              3:05
        1-8     The Guilloteens         You Think You're Happy  2:19
        1-9     The Guilloteens         Dear Mrs. Applebee      2:07
        1-10    The Guilloteens         I Love That Girl        2:29

CD 2            Odds & Sodds
        2-1     LeSabres                Standby                 2:11
        2-2     LeSabres                Risin' Mercury Blues    2:35
        2-3     LeSabres                Summer Nights           2:10
        2-4     LeSabres                Heaven In My Arms       2:01
        2-5     LeSabres : A Million Miles From Nowhere         2:09
        2-6     LeSabres                Knee Beat               2:05
        2-7     The Memphis Marks       Markin' Time            2:17
        2-8     The Memphis Marks       Just Jam                2:30
        2-9     Nino Tempo & April Stevens & The Guilloteens :
                : I Love How You Love Me                        2:42
        2-10    Buddy Delaney & The Candy Soupe : Girl          2:36
BREAK   017     JAGGED EDGE             A CHANGE IS GONNA COME          12"       .2008

        A1      The Jagged Edge : You Can't Keep a Good Man Down
        A2      The Jagged Edge : How She's Hurtin' Me
        A3      The Off-Set             A Change Is Gonna Come
        A4      The Off-Set             Xanthia (Lisa)
        A5      The Off-Set             A Change Is Gonna Come (Alt. Vers. 1)
        B1      The Off-Set             Lies I Spoke
        B2      The Off-Set             Stop Feeling Sorry for Yourself
        B3      The Off-Set             A Change Is Gonna Come (Alt. Vers. 2)
        B4      The Off-Set             Look in Her Eyes
        B5      The Off-Set             Reflections
BREAK   018     THE UNITED TRAVEL SERVICE : WIND AND STONE 1967-1970    LP        .2009

        A1      Wind and Stone
        A2      Drummer of Your Mind
        A3      Snow
        A4      Like Me
        A5      The Slightest Possibility
        A6      ytilibissoP tsethgilS ehT
        B1      Gypsy Eyes (Final Vers.)
        B2      Echo of You
        B3      Gypsy Eyes (Vers. 1)
        B4      Beyond the Rainbow
        B5      Crystal Land
        B6      Plastic Paradise

        1       You Can't Keep A Good Man Down
        2       How She's Hurtin' Me
        3       A Change Is Gonna Come
        4       Xanthia (Lisa)
        5       A Change Is Gonna Come
        6       Lies I Spoke
        7       Stop Feeling Sorry For Yourself
        8       A Change Is Gonna Come
        9       Look In Her Eyes
        10      Reflections

Garagerock from Brooklyn, 1966! This collection includes both tracks from the band's
7-inch single 'You Can't Keep A Good Man Down' b/w 'How She's Hurtin' Me', both sides
of the single 'A Change Is Gonna Come', which was issued under the Off-Set moniker,
and a handful of previously unissued killer cuts. All tracks are painstakingly
remastered for the garage connoisseur's listening pleasure. The CD comes with an
8-page booklet featuring rare pics and the band's complete and detailed history as
told by former members.
BREAK   020     MORNING DEW : EARLY YEARS-TOPEKA, KANSAS 1966-1969      LP        .2009

        A1      No More (Alternate Version)
        A2      I'm Not Your Steppin' Stone
        A3      Look at Me Now
        A4      Go Away
        A5      Touch of Magic
        A6      Be a Friend
        A7      Winter Dreams
        A8      No More (45 Version)
        B1      Sycamore Dreamer
        B2      Cherry Street
        B3      Rainbow Woman
        B4      Lady Soul
        B5      Sing Out
        B6      Young Man
BREAK   021     THE JUJUS               YOU TREAT ME BAD                LP        .2009

        A1      You Treat Me Bad
        A2      Hey Little Girl
        A3      I'm Cryin'
        A4      It's Gonna Be Alright
        A5      There She Goes
        A6      I'm Really Sorry
        A7      Do You Understand Me
        B1      You Treat Me Bad (Alternate)
        B2      Come On Children
        B3      The Gentle Rain
        B4      Fine Day
        B5      Sometime or Other
        B6      If You Really Love Me
        B7      Open Up Your Door (Live)
BREAK   022     THE UNITED TRAVEL SERVICE : WIND AND STONE              CD        .2010

        1       Wind And Stone
        2       Drummer Of Your Mind
        3       Snow
        4       Like Me
        5       The Slightest Possibility
        6       Ytilibissop Tsethgils Eht
        7       Gypsy Eyes
        8       Echo Of You
        9       To Helen
        10      California Dreamin'
        11      Nelly Was A Lady
        12      Beyond The Rainbow
        13      Some Velvet Morning
        14      Flamenco Express
        15      To Helen (With Perscussion)

        A1      Get Out Of My Life
        A2      Good Morning Little School Girl
        A3      Good Time, Bad Times
        A4      Think Twice
        A5      Sun Going Down
        B1      Rocket 88
        B2      Can't Keep From Cryin'
        B3      One More Mile
        B4      Mind To Give Up Livin'

LP      Jay-Put         JPS 5001/2      1969    US
BREAK   024     THE ROOSTERS            ALL OF OUR DAYS                 LP        .2011

        A1      The Five More           Avalanche
        A2      The Five More           I'm No Good
        A3      The Roosters            One Of These Days
        A4      The Roosters            You Gotta Run
        A5      The Roosters            Rosebush
        A6      The Roosters            Ain’t Gonna Cry Anymore
        B1      The Avengers            Cool It
        B2      The Roosters            Help Me Please
        B3      The Roosters            She Sends Me
        B4      The Roosters            Deep Inside
        B5      The Roosters            I’m Suspecting
        B6      The Roosters            Love Machine
BREAK   025     THE ROOSTERS            ALL OF OUR DAYS                 CD        .2011

                [see BREAK 024 for track details]
BREAK   026     THE ABSTRACTS           HEY, LET'S GO NOW!              LP        .2011

        A1      Always Always
        A2      Don't Listen To What They Say
        A3      Gone Away
        A4      Without Her
        A5      Suffer
        A6      Baton Girl
        B1      Always Always (Demo)
        B2      Gone Away (Demo)
        B3      Pipeline
        B4      Your Love
        B5      Always Always (Live)

        1       Get Out Of My Life
        2       Good Morning Little School Girl
        3       Good Time, Bad Times
        4       Think Twice
        5       Sun Going Down
        6       Rocket 88
        7       Can't Keep From Cryin'
        8       One More Mile
        9       Mind To Give Up Livin'
BREAK   028     THE OLIVERS             LOST DOVE SESSION               LP      09.2012

        A1      Ball of Fire
        A2      Mushroom
        A3      Jessica Ryder
        A4      Someday Somewhere
        B1      The End
        B2      Free
        B3      Social Slavery

The Olivers from Fort Wayne, Indiana evolved out of the Serfmen, a popular local band
with two rare 7-inches on their own Nemfres label. When the Serfmen signed with Indiana
based agency Dino Enterprises in 1966, original member Greg Church left the band and
was replaced by Billy Franze from another local group, The Unexpected. The band then
moved in a British invasion direction, both for the music and outfits, and changed its
name to The Olivers. The line-up at the time consisted of Jay Penndorf(guitar, vocals),
Chuck Hamrick (drums), Carl Aldrich (keyboards, vocals) and Billy Franze(bass, vocals).
The group's sole 7-inch release, 'I Saw What You Did' b/w 'Beeker Street', was released
-including a picture sleeve- later that year on the local Phalanx Label. It got picked
up by RCA Records for nationwide release and is rated today as one of the best and most
exciting double sided major label garage 45s of the 1960s. This is a reissue of that
single with its original front sleeve and a newly designed backcover feat a short band
history and unseen pictures.
BREAK   029     THE OLIVERS : I Saw What You Did // Beeker Street       7"      09.2012
BREAK   030     THE OLIVERS : BEEKER STREET-COMPLETE REC. 1964-1971     CD        .2013

        1       The Serfmen : Chills and Fever (Single B-side, 1965)
        2       The Serfmen : (I Want You) Back Again (Single A-side, 1965)
        3       The Serfmen : Cry (Single B-side, 1965)
        4       The Serfmen : A Man Can’t Live Without Love (Single A-side, 1965)
        5       I Saw What You Did (Single A-side, 1966)
        6       Beeker Street (Single B-side, 1966)
        7       Ball of Fire
        8       Mushroom
        9       Jessica Ryder
        10      Someday Somewhere
        11      The End
        12      Free
        13      Social Slavery
        14      The Triad : The Only Way to Fly (Single A-side, 1971)
        15      The Triad : Borderline (Single B-side, 1971)
BREAK   031     THE REDONDOS            FULL CIRCLE WITH...             LP      05.2013

        A1      Slammed No Way
        A2      Why Do I
        A3      I Know How It Feels
        A4      True Love´s a Flame
        A5      Johnny B. Goode
        B1      All the Sneak
        B2      Long Tall Texan
        B3      Land of 1000 Dances
        B4      I know How It Feels (alternate)
        B5      Farmer John
                (Note : garage rock from Portland, OR ; 60's)
BREAK 032.3 LP  THE HORDE               PRESS BUTTON FIRMLY             LP+7"   05.2013

                [BREAK 032]
LP      A1      Troubles
        A2      Cuttin' Out Time
        A3      Press Buttons Firmly
        A4      My Flash on You
        A5      Steve‘s Song
        B1      I Can‘t Keep From Crying
        B2      Tell Me
        B3      7 and 7 Is
        B4      Smokestack Lightnin‘
        B5      Gloria
                Bonus Ep
        A1      No Need to Wonder Why
        A2      Press Buttons Firmly (Different Version)
        B1      Frog Street
        B2      VD's Thing

                [BREAK 033]
7"      C1      No Need To Wonder Why
        C2      Press Buttons Firmly - Different Version
        D1      Frog Street
        D2      VD's Thing
                (Note : garage band from North Carolina)
BREAK   034     THE SYNDICATE           THE EGYPTIAN THING              LP      05.2013

SIDE 1  1       My Baby’s Barefootin
                (Single B-Side 1965)
                (Bill Rash)
        2       Love Will Take Us Away
                (Single A-Side 1965)
                (Karole Hanslee)
        3       The Egyptian Thing
                (Single A-Side 1965)
                (Jim Kobzeff)
        4       She Haunts You
                (Single B-Side 1965)
                (Bill Rash)
        5       Salt Crackers
                (Single B-Side 1963 – The Ris-Kays)
                (Roy Harris-Bill Rash)
SIDE 2  1       Bad Way
                (Unreleased 1966)
                (Jim Kobzeff)
        2       It’s Simple
                (Unreleased 1965)
                (Jim Kobzeff)
        3       It’s Getting Closer
                (Unreleased 1966)
                (Jim Kobzeff)
        4       Hills Of San Marie
                (Unreleased 1966)
                (Bill Rash)
        5       Topless (Bathing Suite)
                (Single A-Side 1963 – The Ris-Kays)
                (Roy Harris)
BREAK   035     THE HORDE               PRESS BUTTONS FIRMLY            CD      07.2013

        1       Troubles
        2       Cuttin' Out Time
        3       Press Buttons Firmly
        4       My Flash On You
        5       Steve's Song
        6       I Can't Keep From Crying
        7       Tell Me
        8       7 And 7 Is
        9       Smokestack Lightnin'
        10      Gloria
        11      No Need To Wonder Why
        12      Press Buttons Firmly - Different Version
        13      Frog Street
        14      VD's Thing

Undoubtedly the most exciting mid sixties garage album to be recently discovered in
the genre, is that by The Horde from North Carolina. The existence of this self
produced album came to collectors' ears and eyes in 2012. It was recorded more or
less accidently in early 1967, released in a micro quantity of only 25 copies and
among the local US garage albums of the decade it is one of the few eclectic examples
with all the ingredients that makes it outstanding compared with the usual prep-school
albums of the time. It contains a blend of exciting originals and well chosen, inspired
covers (a.o. of songs made famous by Love, Blues Project and The Stones), played in
a raw, crude and frantic style. If ever it were true that the over-used assertion that
a band's cover versions measured up to the originals, then it is true of The Horde.
Why? These five 19-20 year old students from all over the United States did not only
blaze a trail for '60s rock in then conservative North Carolina, they also had a
general attitude that finds its origins in the young peoples' mindset of the mid
sixties that put them outside of the local mainstream and gained them a sort of
regional underground popularity.
BREAK   036     THE ABSTRACTS           HEY, LET'S GO NOW               CD      11.2013
BREAK   026                                                             LP        .2011

        1       Always Always
        2       Don't Listen To What They Say
        3       Gone Away
        4       Without Her
        5       Suffer
        6       Baton Girl
        7       Always Always (Demo)
        8       Gone Away (Demo)
        9       Pipeline
        10      Your Love
        11      Always Always (Live)

The Abstracts from Long Island, N.Y. are best known for their classic song 'Always
Always'. As one of the first US bands to create an American answer to the British
Invasion, their songs were already written and a master plan already in the works
when the Beatles started their meteoric rise in the US. But like many of the first
wave UK beat bands, The Abstracts were together only for a little more than two years
and split when rock and roll moved into a direction that wasn't theirs. Though during
this short period, with their storming and ingenuous beat, they recruited a huge
following and accomplished a great deal. They were one of the first bands to utilize
a light show and besides their sole 45, their legacy contains a cache of unreleased
period recordings, some of them made for Columbia Records in 1964. Finally, over four
decades later, this album collects the bands entire studio material alongside two
excellent sounding 1966 live tracks. An in-depth insert with a wealth of never-before
-seen-photos traces the history of the band that brought "Abstractmania" to the New
York area in the sixties.

SIDE 1  1.      I
        2.      Won’t You Be My Baby
        3.      Torture And Pain
        4.      Don’t Think Twice, It’s All Right
SIDE 2  1.      I Cannot Cry
        2.      Where Did I Fail
        3.      Bumble Bee
        4.      I Don’t Know
        5.      Can’t You See

In 1965 The Knight Riders from Belmont on the San Francisco Peninsula recorded nine
tracks for the legendary Autumn Records, also home of the Beau Brummels and responsible
for the first studio recordings by The Grateful Dead and Grace Slick & The Great
Society.  It took three long years until one track from that session, the self-written
garage punker 'I', was released on Vault Records' San Francisco Roots compilation
album. It was this particular track that kept the band on the musical map over the
years as a snotty '60s punk group from the Autumn Records roster. But it takes the
complete session to prove the group's brilliance. Endowed with a great melodic feel,
the enthusiasm of youth and the ability to sing astounding harmony vocals, the Knight
Riders blended British Invasion and sixties garage-folk into amazíngly professional and
impressive masterpieces. Over the years, one or two other tracks from the session found
their way into the public domain, but the Knight Riders meanwhile grew famous amongst
collectors for their rare late '60s psychedelic acetate LP recorded under the "Jungle"
moniker. Represented here are the group’s early roots as a young '60s garage band from
the local San Francisco music scene, gifted with a musical legacy that would have made
a great mid '60s album. Eight unbelievable catchy and infectious group originals and an
unheard killer folk-rock harmony version of Dylan’s “Don’t Think Twice, It’s All Right”
that has the same class as the Byrd’s “Mr. Tambourine Man”. Finally in its completeness
and for the first time ever on vinyl  – here are the Knight Riders.

-    Legit RI licensed from WMG/Rhino Entertainment
-    Most tracks available for the first time ever 
-    All tracks available for the first time on vinyl
-    Band later became Psychedelic Group "Jungle"
-    Double sided coloured LP sized insert

BREAK   038     THE SYNDICATE           THE EGYPTIAN THING              CD      05.2014

SIDE 1  1       My Baby’s Barefootin
                (Single B-Side 1965)
                (Bill Rash)
        2       Love Will Take Us Away
                (Single A-Side 1965)
                (Karole Hanslee)
        3       The Egyptian Thing
                (Single A-Side 1965)
                (Jim Kobzeff)
        4       She Haunts You
                (Single B-Side 1965)
                (Bill Rash)
        5       Salt Crackers
                (Single B-Side 1963 – The Ris-Kays)
                (Roy Harris-Bill Rash)
SIDE 2  1       Bad Way
                (Unreleased 1966)
                (Jim Kobzeff)
        2       It’s Simple
                (Unreleased 1965)
                (Jim Kobzeff)
        3       It’s Getting Closer
                (Unreleased 1966)
                (Jim Kobzeff)
        4       Hills Of San Marie
                (Unreleased 1966)
                (Bill Rash)
        5       Topless (Bathing Suite)
                (Single A-Side 1963 – The Ris-Kays)
                (Roy Harris)

A collection of rare '60s L.A. garage rock taken from the band's 7-inches, plus four
so far unreleased period recordings. The 8-page booklet offers pictures and band
history by Mike Stax. The story of the Syndicate runs along similar lines to countless
other rock'n'roll bands in the mid-sixties. They got together to have fun, made some
noise on the local teen scene, recorded a couple of singles and then vanished into
thin air, all within the space of the magical years 1965 and 1966. What makes the
Syndicate special are those two hard-to-find singles. 'My Baby's Barefoot' and 'The
Egyptian Thing', both released in 1965 are two of the most savage, hot-wired blasts
of punk R&B mayhem ever etched into wax, while the flipside of 'The Egyptian Thing',
entitled 'She Haunts You', showed the group were equally adept at moody, minor-key
material. The 'Egyptian Thing' album presents the band's four A's & B's alongside
four unreleased, same-calibre tracks from the same period, and an earlier 45 by the
Ris-Kays featuring Syndicate front man Bill Rash. The ultimate Syndicate collection
offers an unforgettable '60s garage-punk adventure.
BREAK   039     THE D-MEN               I WANNA SHOUT!                  LP      06.2014

Side A  1.      I Just Don't Care (Engler-Askew)
                United Artists/Veep
                2nd Single A-side 1965
        2.      Hi-Heel Sneakers (Higginbotham)
                Unreleased live cellar rehearsal 1964
        3.      Love Could Show Me ( Wadhams-Askew)
                Unreleased Dick Charles Studio NYC Demo 1964
        4.      Don't You Know (Wadhams-Askew)
                United Artists/Veep Records 1st Single A-side 1964
        5.      No Hope For Me (Wadhams-Askew)
                United Artists/Veep Records 1st Single B-side 1964
        6.      Like I Love You (Wadhams-Askew)
                Red Bird Records  4th Single B-side 1966 written 1965
        7.      Every Minute of Every Day (Wadhams-Askew)
                Kapp Records  3rd Single B-side 1965
Side B  8.      So Little Time (Wadhams-Askew)
                Kapp Records  3rd Single A-side 1965
        9.      Boom Boom Boom (Hooker)
                Unreleased cellar rehearsal Demo 1965
        10.     When I'm Gone (Wadhams-Askew)
                Unreleased A&R Studios NYC Demo 1965
        11.     Empty Hear (Nanker/Phelge)
                Unreleased live cellar rehearsal 1965
        12.     It's Cruel (Engler-Evans-Wadhams)
                Unreleased cellar rehearsal Demo 1966
        13.     Night On Fire (Wadhams-Askew)
                Unreleased Synchron Studios Demo 1967 written 1966
        14.     I Wanna Shout! (Engler-Evans-Wadhams)
                Unreleased Live Performance Worcester, MA Coliseum, 1967 written 1966

The D-Men weres a '60s US garage/beat band from Stamford, Connecticut. This is a
painstakingly remastered collection of rare 1964-66 singles and unreleased recordings.
Includes a great LP-sized full glossy 4-page insert with pics and history by Goldmine
writer Joseph Tortelli. Take the 14 tunes of this platter, add a band named The D-Men,
and you've got a driving, shaking demonstration of US mid 1960's British invasion
influenced garage'n'roll. The D-Men are best remembered today for their minor hit
success with 45s such as 'I Just Don't Care' or 'So Little Time'. Their biggest success
and recognition though, came in 1967 under their new name 'The Fifth Estate' when they
charted nationwide with their baroque rock adaptation 'Ding Dong! The Witch Is Dead'.
BREAK   040 LP  THE LIBERTY BELL        THOUGHTS & VISIONS 1967-69      LP      11.2014

SIDE 1  1.      The Nazz Are Blue
                (Cee Bee 1001/A-side – 1967)
        2.      Big Boss Man
                (Cee Bee 1001/B-side – 1967)
        3.      I Can See
                (unreleased – 1967)
        4.      That’s How It Will Be
                (Cee Bee 1002/B-side – 1967)
        5.      For What You Lack
                (Cee Bee 1002/A-side – 1967)
        6.      Something For Me
                (Cee Bee 1003/B-side – 1967)
        7.      Al’s Blues
                (Cee Bee 1003/A-side – 1967)
SIDE 2  8.      I Can See - Version 2
                (unreleased 1967 – different version)
        9.      Reality Is The Only Answer
                (unreleased 1968)
        10.     Look For Tomorrow
                (Back Beat 595/B-side – 1968)
        11.     Thoughts & Visions
                (Back Beat 595/A-side – 1968)
        12.     Recognition
                (Back Beat 600/B-side - 1968)
        13.     Evelyn Kay
                (unreleased 1968)
        14.     Naw Naw Naw
                (Back Beat 600/A-side - 1968)
BREAK   041 LP  LONDON DRI : WESTERN SKIES-LA PSYCHEDELIC '67-'69       LP      10.2014

Side A  1.      Life In Your Hand (Bruce Thomas/Mark Vukalcic)
                (Yobo Records 45 B-side – 1967)
        2.      Dona, Dona (Traditional Folk)
                (Yobo Records 45 A-side – 1967)
        3.      Hurry (Bruce Thomas/Blair Stevenson)
                (Unreleased 1968)
        4.      The Other Side Of Soul (Blair Stevenson)
                (Unreleased 1968)
        5.      Sorry (Bruce Thomas/Blair Stevenson)
                (Unreleased 1968)
        6.      Combination Of The Two (Sam Andrew)
                (Unreleased 1969)
Side B  7.      This Is Life (Blair Stevenson)
                (Unreleased 1968)
        8.      Western Skies (Blair Stevenson)
                (Unreleased 1968)
        9.      Wanting To Know You (Blair Stevenson)
                (Unreleased 1968)
        10.     Today (Blair Stevenson)
                (Unreleased 1968)
        11.     Leave Me Alone (Blair Stevenson)
                (Unreleased 1968)

In August 1967 LA-based group The London Dri recorded what would be their only 45-rpm
single. 'Life In Your Hand', an original song written by guitarist Bruce Thomas, was
backed by 'Dona, Dona', a re-working of a Jewish folk song with a new arrangement by
the group. Released on the Yobo label, the two songs represented the entire released
output by the combo. For years, if recalled at all, The London Dri would be remembered
for that lone single. Between their 1965 formation and their disbandment in 1970,
however -and in between hundreds of performances and even a movie appearance- The
London Dri recorded several other songs that, had they been released, would certainly
have earned the group a more prominent standing today among Hollywood rock groups of
the era. One of the most remarkable tracks is 'This Is Life', practically the London
Dri's version of the Caretakers Of Deception's legendary garage/psych classic 'X+Y=13'
'The Other Side Of Soul' and 'Western Skies' are both melodic period westcoast rock
pieces with excellent psychedelic guitar playing. 'Hurry', 'Wanting To Know You' and
'Sorry' are all from The Misunderstood school of sound and show some clear shades of
UK freakbeat/psych bands such as The Game, Mike Stuart Span or The Attack. The only
cover version is a 5-minute+ rendition of Big Brother & The Holding Company's
'Combinations'. London Dri had it all, from garage-rock to classic US psychedelic
to UK styled mod/psych. Finally here's the band's entire legacy; 11 killer tracks in
the distinctive London Dri style. Included is a detailed 8-page booklet with history
by Mike Dugo and pics.
BREAK   042     LONDON DRI : WESTERN SKIES-LA PSYCHEDELIC '67-'69       CD      10.2014

        1       Life In Your Hand
        2       Dona, Dona
        3       Hurry
        4       The Other Side Of Soul
        5       Sorry
        6       Combination Of The Two
        7       This Is Life
        8       Western Skies
        9       Wanting To Know You
        10      Today
        11      Leave Me Alone
BREAK   043     THE RAUNCH              TOTAL RAUNCH                    12"     02.2015

        A1      A Little While Back
        A2      I Say You´re Wrong
        A3      Hungry
        A4      Hey Joe
        A5      Tobacco Road
                (Note : 12" , 1-sided)

Mid-'60s garage-punk from Ossining, NY. In the short time of the band's existence,
The Raunch released one scorching 7-inch, contributed a cool Paul Revere cover to the
collectable local 'Battle Of The Bands' compilation and recorded notable covers of
'Hey Joe' and John D. Loudermilk's 'Tobacco Road'. This one-sided LP collects all
those five tracks and adds a 4-page info sheet, including rare pix. The two songs
from the single, originally issued by Bazaar Records.
BREAK 044.5     V / A : REMBRANDT RECORDS STORY                         2LP+7"  02.2015
                [OPEN UP YOUR MIND 1966-1967]

Side 1  1.      Nite-Owls               Come On Back (Gary Miller)
                (Rembrandt 6461 / A-side – 1966)
        2.      Nuchez                  Open Up Your Mind (Reggie Weiss)
                (Unreleased Mono Master / 1966)
        3.      Nickel Bag              The Woods (Gary Miller-Jon Stocklin)
                (Unreleased Mono Master / 1966)
        4.      Circus                  Sands Of Mind (Mike Levinson)
                (Rembrandt 5003 / A-side – 1966)
        5.      Lemon Drops             I Live In The Springtime (Reggie Weiss)
                (Rembrandt 5009 / A-side – 1967)
        6.      Monday’s Children       Long Lost Friend (Bill Archer)
                (Rembrandt 5002 / A-side – 1966)
        7.      Nite-Owls               It’s A Hassle (Gary Miller-Jon Stocklin)
                (Unreleased Mono Master / Unreleased 1966)
Side 2  1.      Nickel Bag              The Woods (Gary Miller-Jon Stocklin)
                (Rembrandt 5004 / A-Side - 1966)
        2.      Nite-Owls               It’s A Hassle (Gary Miller-Jon Stocklin)
                (Rembrandt 6529 / B-Side – 1966)
        3.      Lemon Drops             Listen Girl (Danny Smola-Eddie Weiss)
                (Rembrandt 5009 / B-side – 1967)
        4.      Circus                  Games We Play (Mike Levinson)
                (Unreleased Stereo Master / 1966)
        5.      Nuchez                  Open Up Your Mind (Reggie Weiss)
                (Rembrandt 5001/A-side - 1966)
        6.      Lemon Drops             Sometime Ago (Reggie Weiss)
                (Previously Unreleased / 1967)
        7.      Nuchez                  BG’s One Eye (Reggie Weiss)
                (Rembrandt 5001/B-side - 1966)

7"      1.      Nite-Owls               Something You Got (Chris Kenner)
                (Previously Unreleased 1966)
        2.      Nite-Owls               Ooh Poo Pah Doo (Jesse Hill)
                (Previously Unreleased 1966)
BREAK   046     TRAVEL AGENCY (CHICAGO) : JAILBAIT/HARD TIMES           7"      05.2015

        A       Jailbait
        B       Hard Times

7"      Zorgan Rec.Co.  107             1967    US
BREAK 047/8     THE PENTHOUSE 5 : IT'S ALL MY OWN BIZARRE DREAM         LP+7"   03.2016

Hailing from the Dallas suburb Oak Cliff, The Penthouse 5 had its heyday in 1966-'67,
when the band recorded a number of self-penned tunes and released two 45s. Several
recordings from 1967 and other, more psychedelic influenced tracks remained unreleased,
but demonstrate the musical versatility of the band. In 1966 the group underwent a
substantial line-up change when three of the original band members, among them vocalist
Rob Graham, left the group. He was replaced by Jon Williams, who had previously been
with the By Fives and WordD. Alongside the Penthouse 5 recordings, the rare 7-inches
of these closely linked bands are all collected for this release. Additionally an until
now completely unknown 5-track '65 acetate rounds up this collection of rare and lost
recordings by one of the greatest local '60s bands from the Lone Star State.
BREAK   049     THE BREAKAWAYS          ALL FOR ONE                     LP      11.2016

 SIDE A 1.      Baby Please Don't Go
        2.      Women (Make You Feel Alright)
        3.      Ain't Got You
        4.      Rosalyn
        5.      Come See Me
        6.      Farmer John
        7.      Talking about You
        8.      Milk Cow Blues
SIDE B  1.      All For One
        2.      Richard Cory
        3.      A Travelled Man
        4.      Tough Enough
        5.      Despair
        6.      Sea Cruise
        7.      Perhaps I'll Settle Down
        8.      Old Man Mose
        9.      Baby Please Don't Go

LP is presented with the front cover of the 1966 debut-album and an LP sized insert
with band history, rare pics and input from original band members.
BREAK   50      TOM THUMB : ESSENTIAL RECORDINGS 1966-1970              LP      06.2017

During the period 1966-1970 two incarnations of Tom Thumb, a band from Wellington,
New Zealand, cut eight singles and one ground breaking prog rock EP. This LP collects
the essential tracks, including excellent fuzzy covers of The 13th Floor Elevators,
Small Faces, Alan Bown and Jim Pepper. The tracks from the 1970 EP 'The Ludgate Hill',
New Zealand's first ever progressive rock record, are also featured. Presented with
rare photos, this LP is a treat for fans of 'that kiwi '60s sound', which ranges from
garage to psyche.








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