BOHEMIAN DRIPS                          Berlin
**************                          GERMANY

Distr.  : GE -
          NE - Sonic Rendezvous/
Style   : indie / alternative /

LP      1806    IVAN PAZ                VISIONS OF SPACE                LP      06.2017

        01.     KOMET KIND (A-SEITE)
        02.     TIEMPOS DE AGUACERO
        03.     TOED
        04.     VISIONS OF SPACE (B-SEITE)
        05.     EN CASA

The virtuality faces physical space. Once again, the Berlin label BOHEMIAN DRIPS
proves its exceptional artistic position: on "Visions Of Space", mathematical
algorithms are converted into sounds. This 180-Gramm-Vinyl-LP is limited to 500 copies.