BOBO INTEGRAL                           Madrid
*************                           SPAIN


Distr.  : SP -
          NE - Shiny Beast
Style   : rock / pop /  wave / indie / punk / r&r /

BBI     001     LOS NUEVOS HOBBIES      LOS NUEVOS HOBBIES              10"     05.2013

        A1      Los Nuevos Hobbies
        A2      Beibi
        A3      LimOn Y Sol
        B1      Bajo Mi Piel
        B2      A Volar
        B3      Un Día Más
BBI     002     LOS CARAMELOS           LOS CARAMELOS                   7"      02.2014

        1       Voyager 1
        2       Panecillos Suecos
        3       Soledad Miranda
        4       Indice Corazon
                (Note : 7" , 210 copies on blue vinyl)
BBI     003     DROPKICK                HOMEWARD                        CD      04.2014

        1       Come Home
        2       When It Starts
        3       Halfway Round Again
        4       Some People
        5       Jump Start
        6       Butterfly
        7       Style
        8       Rainbows
        9       Wishing
        10      It's My Life (Not Ours)
        11      Carry Me Home
        12      I Me My Mine
        13      Old Friend
                (Note : CD , 50 copies)
BBI     004     LOS CARRIDINE           ACADEMIA ROCANROL               LP        .2015

        A1      Academia Rocanrol
        A2      La Vida De Brian
        A3      Chicas Rockeras
        A4      La Familia Beatle
        A5      Pastelería Elvis
        B1      Gran Soul Party
        B2      Los Hermanos Ramone
        B3      Rosa Clash
        B4      Sheriff Lou
        B5      El Perro Iggy
        B6      La Canción Del Altavoz
                (Note : LP , 265 copies)
BBI     005     LACHLAN DENTON : TWO MONTHS IN BEN WOOLLEY'S            LP      09.2018

        A1      Gravity                                         3:06
        A2      Close                                           2:42
        A3      Drinking                                        3:46
        A4      Scent                                           2:41
        A5      Boundary Rider                                  2:51
        B1      Self                                            3:18
        B2      View                                            2:51
        B3      Sedan                                           2:52
        B4      Walking                                         3:17
        B5      Seasons                                         3:24
                (Note : LP , 220 copies)
BBI     006 ?   DUMB THINGS             DUMB THINGS                     12"     11.2018

        A1      Driving Home                                    2:47
        A2      Catch And Release                               2:07
        A3      Dead Leg                                        3:49
        A4      Need To Know                                    2:25
        A5      No One Comes Around                             3:46
        B1      Walk It Off                                     2:10
        B2      Before Too Long                                 2:44
        B3      Grow Up                                         3:17
        B4      Take Your Time                                  2:24
        B5      Everybody Talks                                 2:47
BBI     006 ?   THE SEAMS               ANOTHER SIDE OF THE SEAMS       LP      05.2019

Bright janglepop with dreamy pop overtones on this Canadian band's gorgeous second
album. The Seams jangly pop is full of lovely melodic twists and elegant turns-of
-phrases delineating the quotidian details of love and romance.
BBI     007     BLUE JEANS              ADULT HITS                      LP      05.2019

        01.     GOODBYE FOREVER
        02.     WE HATE THE SUMMER
        03.     ADULT HITS
        04.     BABY, YOU CANT FAKE IT
        05.     RICOLA HORNS
        06.     JENNY, AM I FADING?
        07.     GOLDEN GOALS
        08.     APOLOGY REJECTED
        09.     ITS ALL HAPPENING
        10.     FRIENDS & LOVERS

The second album from Michigan pop perfection trio Blue Jeans takes the pocket
symphonies of their debut album to a more rugged place. Still approaching sad-hearted
indiepop from a place of minimal arrangements, these ten songs bring in shoegaze guitar
squall, Sarah Records-esque pastoral jangle, glam thump and New Zealand wistful
melodicism, all without losing consistency or overcooking simple pop hooks.
On straightforward and arrow-sharp songs, principal songwriter Tim Sendra (Veronica
Lake, Madison Electric) and bassist/vocalist Heather Phares weave in layers of vocal
harmonies, David Serra provides the rock-solid drumming and Fred Thomas adds in
unobtrusive synth counterpoint and deft production twists. The songs fly by short
and sweet but the feeling is colorful, melancholy and lasting.
BBI     008     BUTCHER THE BAR         III                             LP      06.2019

        01.     LYING
        02.     HAUNTS
        03.     CLARKY
        04.     ROSA
        05.     ELEVATOR
        06.     AGREE
        07.     TOULOUSE
        08.     WIRE
        09.     CRIME
        10.     --- 
        11.     GO

On their third album Butcher The Bar switches from a bedroom pop project from Joel
Nicholson to a 5 piece full band. Their previous two records were out on Berlin based
independent label Morr Music (Múm, Seabear, Surf City, Telekinesis, Lali Puna, Soley),
as well as contributing to Morr Music's compilation love letter to music from Australia
/New Zealand 'Not Given Lightly - A Tribute To The Golden Book of New Zealand's
Alternative Music Scene'. "III" is their long lost (and never heard) record, recorded
between 2013-2015 and now re-mastered for a stunning exclusive release on vinyl.
You'll fancy it if you like Teenage Fanclub, The Boo Radleys, The Primary 5, Velvet
BBI     009     EMMA RUSSACK & LACHLAN DENTON : TAKE THE REIGNS         LP      09.2019

        01.     HIDING
        02.     LOVE FOR MYSELF
        03.     CATCH
        04.     DREAMS DIE
        05.     WHEN YOU WAKE UP
        06.     HELP
        07.     CAKE
        08.     REINS
        09.     LETTING GO
        10.     SUNSETS AND SAND

The history of pop music is full of girl-boy duos. One of today's most essential is
this one that broaden and deepen the two Melbourne-based artists' respective oeuvres
while pinpointing the strengths of each artist: Lachlan Denton's bulletproof hooks;
Emma Russack's laconic, acerbic lyrics; and their shared penchant for creating spare,
sunburnt Australian rock. Emma Russack plus the frontman of indie outfit The Ocean
Party, Lachlan Denton, continue the bands penchant for catchy, melody-driven indie-pop
tracks that make your heart melt. "Emma Russacks masterfully plainspoken ballads put
her in the same league as Bill Callahan and Lucinda Williams."
 ~Rolling Stone.
This is Emma Russack and Lachlan Denton's third and best album. File it next to
The Go-Betweens.
BBI     010     LACHLAN DENTON+STUDIO MAGIC : A BROTHER                 LP      07.2019

        01.     Calf
        02.     This Christmas
        03.     A Brother
        04.     Do It All Again
        05.     The Time We Had
        06.     Watching My Back
        07.     Last Year
        08.     Take It As It Comes
        09.     Taking Care
        10.     Spat Out