Owner   : Charlemagne Palestine
Distr.  : UK - Boomkat/
Style   : modern classical / ambient /

BFE     001     CHARLEMAGNE PALESTINE : STTT THOMASSS...                CS      02.2018

1.      STTT THOMASSS ‘’’’”‘”DINGGGDONGGGDINGGGzzzzzzz ferrrr TONYYY’’  26:21

Charlemagne Palestine pays tribute to his late, great peer Tony Conrad, recorded at
St. Thomas church, the site of their first meeting, on what would have been Conrad’s
77th birthday. It's also the inaugural release from the great Blank Forms curatorial
platform, long supporting the preservation of experimental music and now finally
starting their own label.
BLANK   002     BLANK FORMS             BLANK FORMS VOL.2               book    06.2018
                [Music from the World Tomorrow]

(Note : book , edited by Lawrence Kumpf and Joe Bucciero. 333 pages; 6x8 inches;
        Edition of 750)