Distr.  : UK - Norman/Boomkat/
Style   : folk / roots / 

BC      001 LP  IRON AND WINE           ARCHIVE SERIES VOLUME NO.1      2LP+DLc 02.2015
BC      001 CD  IRON AND WINE           ARCHIVE SERIES VOLUME NO.1      CD      02.2015

1.      16 previously unreleased early home recordings
2.      Iron And Wine’s five full length albums have sold over 1 million
        copies to date
3.      First in a series, Sam Beam will be gathering otherwise unreleased home
        recordings, covers, live sets and curiosities from his entire career as Iron
        And Wine and releasing them on his own Black Cricket Recording Co. label
3.      This first release taps into a set of songs created before Sam was Iron And
        Wine. These 16 songs came to life at the same time as those selected for Iron
        And Wine’s debut album ‘The Creek Drank The Cradle’ (Sub Pop, 2002 - 197K sales
        to date)
4.      Performed and recorded at home on a 4-track cassette
5.      Digitally transferred from the original cassettes and packaged in gatefold
        artwork featuring the ‘Bird Of Paradise Quilt Top’ (licensed from the American
        Folk Art Museum)
6.      Double LP includes a digital download coupon