BIRTHPORTAL                             GERMANY

Distr.  : GE -
          US - Forced Exposure
Style   : techno /

BTPTL   001     DON STAN                THE SLOTES EP                   12"     01.2019

Birthportal presents its first release, featuring tracks from Don Stan. Swinging
drums and wild synths grow on The Slotes EP. With a bit to look back on and something
to hang on to, you may arrive at the magic of asking. Luck of any sort may eventually
present itself as a heated dancefloor, a synchronous connection, or a well-deserved
mental disparity. And thus, from sacred cash to elevated divination, there appear
many a cut of tech, 'tro, and tracks in between.
BTPTL   002     MR. STIFF               FREEHANDED WOMAN EP             12"     06.2019

        01.         Freehanded Woman
        02.         The Brave That Stay
        03.         Tools To Subdue
        04.         Dignity Sold Separately

Birthportal presents its second release featuring tracks from Mr. Stiff. Look deep
into your consciousness, textures and intricate rhythms coalesce within the essential
realms of possibility. Absurdist levels of techno funk and minimal jamage.