BINGO RECORDS                           Lancaster
*************                           UK

Distr.  : UK - Piccadilly/Norman/
Style   : indie /

Mr Ben (real name Ben Hall)


        B1 –    Mr Ben & The Bens       The Bluest Blues        2:43
        B2 –    Mr Ben & The Bens       My Museum               3:32
        Z1 –    Sun Drift               Only In My Head         3:32
        Z2 –    Sun Drift               Shame                   2:19
        Z3 –    Sun Drift               It's Okay               3:45

This is a superb debut outing from Bingo Records, complete with surprisingly hilarious
self-effacing 'Zine' inside..this genuinely is a very well put together package, the
excellent music matched perfectly by the huge amount of care taken over it's
presentation. Lovely stuff.

BINGO   003 LP  MR. BEN & THE BENS      THE HAPPY SHOPPER EP            12"     08.2018

        A1.     How We Used To Write
        A2.     Fall In Love Again
        B1.     The Same Rain Falls On Every Soul
        B2.     It's The End
                (Note : 12" + 'zine)

Lancastrian oddball Mr. Ben is a favourite of The Lovely Eggs and has toured with
The Wave Pictures. That’s probably enough information for you to know if this one’s
for you or not. If not - we get it, zany twee-pop isn’t for everyone. Personally
though, we’re keen. Along with backing-band The Bens, the singer turns in four bits
of charming folksy niceness on The Happy Shopper EP.

Following the amazing success of the Bingo Records Split EP, Lancaster polymath Ben
Hall, AKA Mr Ben & the Bens is back with four new songs and another UK tour to boot!
Since the release of "The Bluest Blues" and "My Museum" on the split record, Mr Ben
has toured the UK with DIY legends The Lovely Eggs, played in session for Marc Riley
on BBC Radio 6 Music, watered his houseplants, bought a new hat, eaten at least
17 pieces of toast and had a bath. After all that, it was time to record some new
stuff. Here's The Happy Shopper EP, out on Bingo Records.
BINGO   010     MR BEN & THE BENS       NOVA SCOTIA                     7"      04.2019

        A1      Nova Scotia
        B1      Valley of Moons
        B2      Postgrad Family

Orange vinyl 7" on Bingo Records housed in a screen printed clear PVC sleeve with
zine. Limited edition of 300 copies.