Distr.  : UK - Norman/
          NE - Shiny Beast/
Style   : psychedelic / blues / progressive /

B       1001    ICARUS PEEL'S ACID REIGN : SHALLOW OCEANS               LP      11.2020
                (Note : LP , 199 copies)
BCD     1001    ICARUS PEEL'S ACID REIGN : SHALLOW OCEANS               CD      11.2020
BCD     1002    MOTH MAN                WHERE THE DEAD BIRDS GO         CD      02.2021

This quartet of musicians may well be the UK's most intriguing musical secret.
They've never toured, hometown shows are rare while interviews have proved scarcer.
Moth Man grew from a miasma of late-night music sessions that took place at friends'
places around the country between 2003 to 2007, playing along with anyone who cared
to join in. Simon Findlay, Gary Boyling and Steve Thompson had all played together
before this. But it was only at this point the songs started to find a focus and
fall into place. Simon Cullen joined the core of the band not long after this and
the centre of gravity for the band shifted to his Manchester basement studio where
they started working on their debut album 'Where The Dead Birds Go'. Because of the
spontaneous stream of consciousness approach that Simon and the band take to song
writing, the songs written for 'Where The Dead Birds Go' vary greatly in genre and
tone. You might find a bit of Lee Hazlewood in there, a bit of Sparklehorse or
Lambchop maybe, The Smiths or even Oliver Postgate, and sometimes something darker.
But above all, in Moth Man you will find warmth and intimacy touched with a sense of
the absurd. 'Where The Dead Birds Go' is an enticing musical journey that will work
its way into your inner jukebox and flutter around in search of a way out. Boasting
orchestral arrangements that inject a wider range of emotions into their music than
most guitar-based bands, 'Where The Dead Birds Go' is cinematic in scope with richle
textured arrangements. Seductively romantic but with a dark undertow, 'Where The
Dead Birds Go' may be the perfect sonic companion for the strange days we find
ourselves in.