A collaboration with Studio !K&.

Owner   : Henrik Schwarz
Distr.  : UK - Norman/Boomkat/
          US - Forced Exposure/
Style   : modern classical / ambient /

BB      001     HENRIK SCHWARZ          WORKS PIANO                     LP      07.2017

A Side  1       4011 Liter                                      (4:09)
        2       Where Are We Heading?                           (4:27)
        3       Confirm Humanity                                (2:33)
B Side  1       Trappist-1f                                     (16:15)

        A1.     Toska
        A2.     Interlude
        A3.     To Kafranbel
        B1.     Al Baseet
        B2.     Shamal
        B3.     Einsamkeit Impromptu

Ensemble:       Tom Berkmann - bass
                Moussa Coulibaly - djembe
                Ashraf Kateb - violin
                Raman Khalaf - oud vocals
                Khaled Kurbeh - piano, synthesizers
                Matthias Ruppnig - drums
                Nora Thiele - percussion

Aphorisms, is a six track debut record from Syrian musicians Khaled Kurbeh & Raman
Khalaf Ensemble. Raman Khalaf and Khaled Kurbeh are now based in Berlin but hail
from Syria, and that shows in the music they have been making together since 2015.
The years since have seen them perform at the likes of CTM, at the BBC Arabic Festival
in London and Potsdamer Tanztage as well as on Piano Day at Funkhaus. Their sound
mixes up Ramanís oud playing and vocals with Khaledís piano and synthesisers, and
ranges from largely acoustic, such as on this EP, to more electronic when performing
BB      003 LP  HENRIK SCHWARZ+ALMA QUARTET : CCMYK                     LP      06.2019

        01.     Henrik Schwarz & Alma Quartet - CCMYK4
        02.     Henrik Schwarz & Alma Quartet - CCMYK8
        03.     Henrik Schwarz & Alma Quartet - CCMYK9
        04.     Henrik Schwarz & Alma Quartet - CCMYK1
        05.     Henrik Schwarz & Alma Quartet - CCMYK3
        06.     Henrik Schwarz & Alma Quartet - CCMYK10
        07.     Henrik Schwarz & Alma Quartet - Happy Hipster
        08.     Henrik Schwarz & Alma Quartet - CCMYK18

Henrik Schwarz and Alma Quartet present CCMYK, a new album on Henrik's own label
Between Buttons. Produced in collaboration with the Alma String Quartet, it's a free
conversation between classical and electronic music, carefully transformed into a set
of astonishing tracks, ready for club or concert hall. Though based on free
improvisations between laptop and string Instruments, CCMYK is not a record of
bumbling jams. Rather, it's a record of startling density, control and emotional
complexity. This is the sound of open conversation between piercing intellects, taking
their individual instruments and musical backgrounds to create a new universe of sound.