Distr.  : NE - Shiny Beast/
Style   : reissue / punk / hardcore /

BW      1       MAD VIRGINS             FUCK & SUCK/CONTEST             LP      10.2014

This album by the Belgian '70s punks consists of the 'Fuck & Suck' b/w 'I Am A
Computer' 7-inch and live recordings from the First Belgian Punk Contest at the
Vieux St. Job, March 1978. A 20-page insert is included. Limited to 485 copies.


                MOET KAPOT

Compilation of the (so far?) only surviving tracks of the Belgian '80s cult punk band
Anarchists On Dope/De Jeugd Van Tegenwoordig. Tracks A1 to A3 are taken from the 1984
7" 'Wij' (recorded as De Jeugd Van Tegenwoordig) and tracks B1 to B3 are taken from
the 1983 'Allez Crachez' tape, released on Punk Etc. (recorded as Anarchists On Dope).
BW      5       X-PULSION : YOU ARE NOTHING BUT SCHMUCKS                LP      11.2017

X-Pulsion was the direct successor of the defunct Belgian punkband Chainsaw. They
only recorded one 7" (a split with Streets released in 1978 on Romantik Records,
which was reissued on No Good Records in 2015). This LP contains some recently
recovered demo and rehearsal recordings.
BW      6       SIC                     HIGH VOLTAGE AND UNCONTROLLED   LP      05.2018

        01.     NOTHING TO DO
        02.     QUESTIONS (TAKE 1)
        03.     OUTSIDE/INSIDE (TAKE 1)
        04.     NO LEADER
        05.     I HATE MY TOWN
        06.     YOU'RE A HYPE
        07.     GROW, GROW, LITTLE EMBRYO
        08.     ROBOTS, T.V., UNIONS (TAKE 1)
        09.     I'M A ROBOT
        10.     TAXI PARTOUZE (TAKE 1)
        11.     CRITICS ARE SHIT
        12.     HEY YOU!
        13.     BIKEMAN
        14.     LOOK WHAT I'VE DONE
        15.     LOVE, SORRY
        16.     DIRTY (TAKE 1)
        17.     CLEAR BLUE EYES
        19.     FACTORY (TAKE 2)

Great LP presenting a session recorded live in the studio, of this seminal tout-court
punk band from Belgium! Documenting the more straight forward punk years of the band,
this bunch of songs has the seed of the new-wave sound that will later fill the band's
production. Recorded/mixed live by Alain Neffe on a 2-track 'reel to reel' SONY TC
630 at Francis Pourcel's attic (Marchienne-au-Pont, Belgium) in 1977. A great one.
BW      7       TERMINAL STUPID         SHOCK THERAPY                   LP      08.2018

Terminal Stupid was formed in Brussels in 1978 by a bunch of 16 year old school mates.
They rehearsed and played a handful of gigs between 1978 and 1981. They were from the
"second wave punks" or "afterpunks", influenced by early international punk bands like
Ramones, Sex Pistols, Crass and Warsaw and locals like X-pulsion, Phallus Band and
later by Contingent or Spermicide for the political side. The 'Shock Therapy' demo
tape (thier only recordings) was recorded in 1981, just before the band's split in
1982 and was sold in not much more than 2 record stores in Brussels. Nearly 40 years
later Belgian Waffles Records are proud to put this out, remastered for vinyl
treatment. Limited to 500 copies including insert with pictures and band story.