BEAST RECORDS                           7 Rue De La Motte Fablet
*************                           Rennes
                                        35000 Bretagne

                                        tel.: +33 (0) 299 793 649

Also indie record store under the name Rockin' Bones and distributor for MereNoise
Records and Plus One Records.

Beast Records is a french record label based in Rennes, Brittany (France). Yeah it
explains the broken english you can read through these pages..
Beast Rds is an "association loi 1901", it means that our label is a non lucrative
label, none of us earn any money or put any money in his pocket by producing and
selling the Beast records. In fact every cents you give to the label when you buy
some of our stuff is reintroduced into the Beast bank account to produce some new
records and organize some shows all around in France.
Those guys on the picture above are the ones who mostly run the label, in order of
appearance from the left to the right you got:

Seb (aka "Seb Bomb Boogie", the boss)
Franck (aka "Franck Taylor The Tattooist")
Romain (aka "Romain Slim Mitch"). august 30,2017

Start   : 2003
Found   : Seb Blanchais and run with Romain Michon and Franck Caremel. 
Distr.  : FR - Cargo/Turborock/Modulor/L'Autre Distr./
          GE - Cargo
          UK - Cargo
          NE - Clear Spot/Shiny Beast/Sonic Rendezvous/
Style   : garage rock / psychedelic / 60's punk / r&r / punk / blues rock /
          stoner / rockabilly / hard rock / alternative / country rock / lo-fi
          / alternative / noise / psychobilly /

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BR      015


BR      018     DIE IDIOTS              ONE WAQY TRIP TO NOWHERE        LP        .2012

        A1      You're Nothing New
        A2      A Pox On You
        A3      Shake Your Body
        A4      Wanted Man
        A5      Bad Trip
        B1      Electricity
        B2      I Don't Need Anything
        B3      One Way Ticket
        B4      Miss You
        B5      Feed My Brain
        B6      Come On!

LP      Mono-Tone               MONO-TONE 007   2012    FR

BR      020




BR      025




BR      030




BR      035




BR      040




BR      045




BR      050




BR      055




BR      060




BR      065



BR      069     BORN IN FLAMES          BORN IN FLAMES                  CD        .2005

        1       Boogie Woogie
        2       Your Girl
        3       Born in Flames
        4       I Need a Slave
        5       No Superstar
        6       In the Dark
        7       Rock Me
        8       Eyes on You
        9       Don't Worry
        10      Fight the Anti-Rock
BR      070     BORN IN FLAMES          BORN IN FLAMES                  LP        .2005

        A1      Boogie Woogie                                   2:15
        A2      Your Girl                                       2:12
        A3      Born in Flames                                  2:04
        A4      I Need a Slave (The Vibrators)                  2:07
        A5      Stealers of Fire (Reptiles at Down)             2:34
        B1      No Superstar                                    2:27
        B2      In the Dark                                     2:24
        B3      Rock Me                                         2:10
        B4      Eyes on You                                     2:34
        B5      Don't Worry                                     2:37
        B6      Fight the Anti-Rock                             2:11
BR      071     ORVILLE BRODY : ORVILLE BRODY AND GOODFELLAS            CD        .2005

        1       Buffalo                                         3:00
        2       I Don't Know                                    4:48
        3       Is it a Shame                                   4:30
        4       Happiness                                       3:49
        5       Lucky Guy                                       3:08
        6       Jealous as Hell                                 4:51
        7       Nowhereville                                    4:00
        8       You Taught Me to Play                           3:46
        9       She Bangs                                       2:24
        10      Lucy Jane                                       3:53
BR      072     THE OUTSIDE             ROCKET RIDE                     CD        .2005

        1       Down Town
        2       Out And Beyond
        3       Rocket Ride
        4       Claire
        5       Rockin'Down All The Way
        6       Bored
        7       Take Me Back The Stone
        8       All Around
        9       Living Back In Morlaix
        10      Tired To Look At You
        11      Route 66
        12      Ever Let Me Down
        13      That's My Lucy
                IN A SOCIAL CONTEXT

        1       Sweet Little Rocket
        2       I Can't Stand My Face (in the Mirror)
        3       Rough Town
        4       Firsts Instructions Get High Tonight
        5       Gangsters
        6       Under the Bus Stop
        7       I Saw Jesus on a Roller Coaster
        8       Rock'n'Roll all Over
        9       Good Luck Mr Grosky
        10      Missed Guerrilla
        11      Down in the City
        12      Alice and Louise

BR      075     SIX FT HICK             12 INCH                         12"       .2007

        A1      Retirement Party                                2:56
        A2      The Feel (X)                                    2:08
        A3      Nerve Quake (Lubricated Goat)                   4:29
        B1      The Plague                                      2:19
        B2      Hard for You (Beasts of Bourbon)                6:00
BR      076     SOUTH FILTHY            GOIN' DOWN THE VALLEY           7"        .2007

        A1      Goin' Down the Valley                           2:04
        B1      Carry That Load                                 2:30

        A1      You Got it All
        A2      The Liar
        A3      Makin' Eyes
        A4      Strawberry Red
        A5      Wasting My Time
        A6      Seemed Like a Good Idea... At the Time
        B1      I Won't Come Running
        B2      You Make Me Feel
        B3      Sour & Vicious Man
        B4      Movin' Right On
        B5      Wasn't Born Yesterday [bonus track]

CD      In-Fidelity             INFCD 134       2007    FR

        A       Digger and The Pussycats :  San Quentin
        B       Stout Brothers          Folsom Prison Blues
BR      079     ORVILLE BRODY           BE BACK HOME                    CD        .2007
BR      079     ORVILLE BRODY           BE BACK HOME                    CD        .2011

        1       Dallas                                          1:58
        2       Be Back Home                                    1:46
        3       Cross                                           3:03
        4       Death Car                                       2:46
        5       Here I Come                                     4:13
        6       It's Nothing to Me                              2:52
        7       You Can Dance                                   2:36
        8       One More Day                                    4:02
        9       Thanks to You                                   3:12
        10      Show Girl                                       1:47
        11      Picture on my Wall                              3:04
        12      Goodbye                                         2:54
        13      I Don't Care                                    1:27
BR      080     SIX FT HICK             ON THE ROCKS                    LP        .2007

        A1      Sirens Part One
        A2      White Light, Wet Heat
        A3      On The Rocks
        A4      Live Girls
        A5      Subject To Change
        A6      Spit
        A7      Nothing
        B1      Ruin
        B2      The Floor's The Limit
        B3      Euthanize Our Love
        B4      La Galleon
        B5      Salt In My Veins
        B6      Sirens Part Two

LP      Spooky                  SPOOKY 027      2008    Australia
CD      Spooky                  SPOOKY 027      2008    Australia

        1       Nice Cars Crash Too                             2:22
        2       Debbie                                          1:55
        3       Deaf Thugs                                      2:59
        4       Cowboys, Queers And Junkies                     2:13
        5       I'm An Intellectual                             3:23
        6       Riot On A Waterbed                              2:37
        7       Killah                                          4:00
        8       Socialist Watches Factory                       4:15
        9       Football Week-End                               2:46
        10      We Don't Surf                                   2:21
        11      Buenos Aires Analyst                            4:11
BR      082     REM & THE COURBARIANS   THE RIDE OF DEATH               CD      01.2008

        1       Latin Lover Loser
        2       Bitch
        3       Get Back
        4       I Need
        5       Sissy 2
        6       Motor Sound
        7       Sex Addict
        8       Song for Sucker
        9       Weak TV
        10      Antidote
        11      Creepy World
        12      Empty Minds
        13      End Time
        14      Bad Reputation
        15      TV for All
        16      My Sandwich
        17      The Joker
BR      083     LADY JANE : THE YOUNGEST WAS THE LEAST LOVED            CD        .2013

        1       Arg! 2                                          3:35
        2       Freak's Lament                                  2:52
        3       No Morning Glory Blues                          2:43
        4       Ego                                             3:33
        5       How So Low                                      3:40
        6       On The Road For Young Flesh                     6:23
        7       Transit Song                                    2:56
        8       So I Pump A Line                                3:56
        9       Swinging Depression                             2:37
        10      The Way You Bring About                         4:58
        11      Walk On Me                                      5:15
BR      084     THE GOOD OLD BOYS       ALL OR NOTHING                  CD        .2009

        1       Get Up (And Go Away)                            3:39
        2       Call A Taxi Sucker                              3:07
        3       Little Shrubbery                                3:58
        4       Ukulele Mf                                      4:21
        5       You Gonna C'Mon                                 2:56
        6       Rock'N'Roll Roadhouse                           3:28
        7       My Hard Blues                                   3:45
        8       Fed Up To The Back Teeth                        2:42
        9       Mc Garden Tv Show                               4:02
        10      All Or Nothing                                  5:26
BR      085     THE OUTSIDE             HUNTING GROUND                  CD        .2009

        1       Nightchild                                      2:39
        2       You Runaway                                     2:22
        3       Hunting Ground                                  3:07
        4       I Want The Girl                                 2:14
        5       A Night At The Spectrum                         3:27
        6       Riding On The Rails                             3:10
        7       Can I Stay                                      4:58
        8       Shooting The Waves                              2:57
        9       Come Back Tonight                               2:49
        10      The Neighbour                                   3:48
        11      Down At The Epicerie                            1:41
        12      The Counting Song                               2:27
        13      I Said Ireland                                  2:58

CD      Down Town Prod.         BR 085          2009    FR
BR      086     JAMES McCANN            BOUND FOR THE BLUES             LP        .2009

        A1      What's Inside                                   3:03
        A2      Cut                                             4:17
        A3      Last Night I Met the Devil                      6:04
        A4      No Weight                                       4:48
        A5      Restless Nights                                 3:23
        B1      I Started a Fire                                6:32
        B2      Bound for the Blues                             3:46
        B3      Smoke on the Plains                             6:56
        B4      Sidewalk                                        6:09
BR      087     SOUTH FILTHY            UNDERTAKIN' DADDY               LP      01.2009

        A1      The House on Old Lonesome Road                  3:13
        A2      Bring It to Jerome                              2:58
        A3      Straight as in Love                             2:17
        A4      Dimples                                         1:56
        B1      Watchin the 710 Roll By                         2:48
        B2      Going Down South                                3:21
        B3      He Rose Up From the Dead                        2:59
        B4      Undertakin' Daddy                               2:31
BR      088     SPENCER P. JONES : HANG ON...HANG ON...LIVE FROM        CD      02.2009

        1       Hot & Cold                                      3:27
        2       Underclass                                      5:54
        3       The Bogans                                      3:25
        4       When I'm No Longer Poor                         4:24
        5       I Guess It's Gonna Really Hurt                  2:53
        6       What Is Life in Jail?                           3:08
        7       Execution Day                                   5:59
        8       Death Trip USA                                  4:33
        9       Muse                                            6:22
BR      089     GENTLE BEN & HIS SENSITIVE SIDE/SIX FT HICK : SPLIT     7"        .2009

        A       Gentle Ben and His Sensitive Side : Abandon Ship
        B       Six Ft Hick             Acquaintences
BR      090
BR      091     TEX NAPALM ET DIMI DERO : STICKY SINGERS                LP        .2009

        A1      Much Much More                                  3:49
        A2      Civilized Man                                   2:43
        A3      Stomp That Thang!                               3:21
        A4      Honky Tonk Women                                3:34
        A5      I'm a Driver                                    2:05
        A6      Born Tired                                      4:12
        A7      Der Abwasch                                     2:10
        B1      Walk Over Fire                                  4:13
        B2      Your Spell                                      3:16
        B3      Gone Too Long                                   4:03
        B4      Drunkard Sweetheart                             2:53
        B5      He Has Risen! (Gonewana)                        2:39
        B6      Sympathy For The Wanker                         4:17
BR      092     V / A : THE MAN IS BACK-A TRIBUTE TO JOHNNY CASH        CD        .2009

        1       John Paul Keith         I Still Miss Someone
        2       Jackson                 Jackson
        3       Miss Mary Mack          Ring Of Fire
        4       The Double Agents : Don't Take Your Guns To Town
        5       The Marinescus : As Long As The Grass Shall Grow
        6       Hipbone Slim And The Knee Tremblers : Mean Eyed Cat
        7       The Spoils              The Folk Singer
        8       Tex Napalm              Singer Of Songs
        9       Pete Ross & The Sapphire : Give My Love To Rose
        10      Spencer P. Jones        Walk The Line
        11      Texas Tea               I Got A Woman
        12      Black Pony Express      Dark As A Dungeon
        13      Johanna and the Wait Jazz : Cocaine Blues
        14      Red                     Deliah's Gone
        15      Philippe Pascal         Don't You know
        16      Stu Thomas              Folsom Prison Blues
BEAST   093     DEAD HORSE PROBLEM      DEAD HORSE PROBLEM              LP        .2009
BEAST   093 CD  DEAD HORSE PROBLEM      DEAD HORSE PROBLEM              CD        .2014

LP      A1      Gone Tomorrow
        A2      New Orleans 1996
        A3      21st Century Sucks
        A4      Single Man
        A5      Sexy
        B1      Come On
        B2      Fade Skies
        B3      Moove
        B4      Nothing To Say
        B5      Straight Shooter

CD      1       Gone Tomorrow                                   3:37
        2       New Orleans 1996                                5:36
        3       21st Century Sucks                              3:25
        4       Single Man                                      3:19
        5       Sexy                                            3:24
        6       Come On                                         1:50
        7       Fade Skies                                      3:05
        8       Moove                                           4:31
        9       Nothing To Say                                  5:42
        10      Straight Shooter                                1:36
        11      Sometimes                                       3:01
        12      New World Serenade                              3:19
BR      094     THE SPOILS              THE SPOILS                      12"       .2009

        A1      Come Down                                       3:39
        A2      14 Days                                         3:40
        A3      Come Back Again                                 4:43
        A4      Vaudeville Tears                                1:46
        A5      Out of the Blues                                2:21
        A6      Baby                                            5:15
        B1      The Spell                                       4:11
        B2      I'll be Gone                                    3:13
        B3      Warmington St.                                  4:54
        B4      Saturday Night                                  3:41
        B5      Love Betray Me                                  2:42
        B6      Cuban Heels                                     2:52
BR      095     DIGGER & THE PUSSYCATS : YOUNG, TIGHT AND ALRIGHT       LP        .2009

        A1      Motorbike                                       2:31
        A2      Stop Breaking Down                              3:35
        A3      10-Car Pile-Up                                  2:42
        A4      Baby's Got a Point                              3:00
        A5      [untitled]                                      0:59
        A6      100 Degrees                                     3:29
        A7      Cars and Guns                                   3:12
        B1      I Went Out Looking                              1:55
        B2      Young, Tight and Alright                        1:34
        B3      History of Adultery                             3:41
        B4      Save Yourself                                   3:25
        B5      I Got a Lover                                   3:22
        B6      Stab a Motherfucker                             2:24
        B7      Code of the Road                                3:20
        B8      Just a Little Bit                               1:40
BR      096     KEVIN K                 FIRESTORM                       LP        .2010

        A1      LA X                                            2:46
        A2      Love Hate Love                                  2:46
        A3      Have a Good Day                                 3:04
        A4      What Love is                                    2:02
        B1      Graceland to Neverland                          2:14
        B2      Don't Know Why                                  2:20
        B3      London Boys                                     2:10
        B4      In Berlin                                       3:59
BR      097     SIR BALD DIDDLEY & HIS RIGHT HONORABLE BIG WIGS         LP        .2010
                : SIR BALD'S HAIRY GUITAR

        A1      Hold on, Here I Come                            2:15
        A2      Tornado                                         2:04
        A3      Bury the Hatchet                                2:15
        A4      I Hear a Echo                                   2:46
        A5      For You                                         2:08
        A6      Run Me Ragged                                   2:32
        A7      Swagger                                         1:42
        B1      What I Gotta Do                                 2:06
        B2      Marrakech                                       2:36
        B3      Birdman                                         2:53
        B4      Backfire                                        3:02
        B5      Tides Gonna Turn                                2:07
        B6      Legless                                         2:01
        B7      Gotta Eat                                       2:12
BR      098     BLACK DIAMOND HEAVIES : AIN'T TALKIN' ABOUT LOVE        7"        .2010

        A1      Black Diamond Heavies:Ain't Talkin' About Love  3:30
        B1      Billy Gaz Station       Light up the Sky        3:06
BR      099     ULTRA BULLITT           YOU CAN'T BE SERIOUS!           LP        .2010

        A1      You Can't Be Serious                            4:00
        A2      Turn off Your Radio                             2:52
        A3      Slow Crap                                       0:16
        A4      Headsucker                                      3:36
        A5      She Got it                                      3:57
        A6      Why do They Call an Ambulance                   2:28
        A7      Super Mojo                                      3:46
        B1      Kick the Boom                                   0:21
        B2      Give me Five                                    2:59
        B3      Don't Feel so Bad                               4:11
        B4      High                                            4:08
        B5      Yeah                                            3:08
        B6      I'm Looking Forward                             3:25
BR      100
BR      101     SLIM WILD BOAR & HIS FORSAKEN SHADOW : WATER ON         CD      03.2010
                A DIRTY GROUND

        1       Water on a Dirty Ground                         1:09
        2       My City                                         3:06
        3       Walking Like a Boar                             2:36
        4       When the Rain Calls My Name                     2:17
        5       My Old Devils                                   2:14
        6       Last Chance Creek                               2:33
        7       I'm Gonna Shoot You Down                        2:15
        8       Nobody Knows My Name                            3:06
        9       Alone                                           2:05
        10      Back from hell                                  3:04
        11      Last Night (The Prisonner Song)                 6:12

LP      Kizmiaz                 KZ 024          2013    FR
BR      102     CHICKEN SNAKE           LUCKY HAND                      LP      05.2010

        A1      Back Stabbin' Blues                             3:24
        A2      Blues in the Bottle                             2:50
        A3      Neck Deep in Swallow Water                      3:06
        A4      Punjabi Jack                                    4:11
        A5      Trouble in Your Mind                            4:36
        B1      Coat Tail Blues                                 2:15
        B2      Moonshine Baby                                  3:01
        B3      Hand Me Down Snake Skin Shoes                   3:48
        B4      N. Rampart St. Blues                            9:42
BR      103     HEAD ON                 READY TO PUNCH YOUR FACE        7"        .2010

        A1      Ready to Punch Your Face                        3:38
        B1      Destiny Minus U (Spencer P. Jones)              1:56

        A1      Unfair Enough                                   3:59
        A2      Bored                                           3:14
        A3      Euterpe                                         3:43
        A4      The Dentist                                     3:43
        A5      Recipe for Happiness                            2:34
        A6      Behind the Stars                                5:30
        B1      Withering in Wetlands                           4:46
        B2      Little Big Baby                                 4:03
        B3      None of Your Business                           3:44
        B4      My Pals                                         3:11
        B5      Sinner Saint                                    3:29
        B6      The Painter                                     4:53

CD      MereNoise               MNR 015         2010    Australia
BR      105     JAMES McCANN            LOST PROPERTY                   12"       .2010

        A1      Where Do You Go                                 7:05
        A2      Hit the Ground                                  1:50
        B1      Two Ways to Die                                 1:58
        B2      I Should Know                                   3:42
        B3      Lost Property                                   3:27
BR      106     PETE ROSS & THE PAESANOS : MIDNIGHT SHOW                LP        .2011
CDBR    106     PETE ROSS & THE PAESANOS : MIDNIGHT SHOW                CD        .2011

        A1      Midnight Show                                   4:10
        A2      35                                              3:41
        A3      I Won't Wait                                    2:58
        A4      Corn Silk Hair                                  3:40
        A5      Maybe There is Love                             4:22
        B1      I'm not Afraid                                  3:09
        B2      Song 7                                          4:35
        B3      Looking in Your Eyes                            3:03
        B4      Josephine                                       4:15
        B5      Nothing at all                                  3:48
BR      107     BLEW-UP!                SOME KIND OF LOVE               LP        .2011

        A1      Some Kind of Love                               3:04
        A2      South of the Border                             2:19
        A3      Little Sally                                    4:58
        A4      Blackout                                        1:49
        A5      So Young and Wild                               2:36
        B1      Calico Road                                     3:07
        B2      Last Love                                       3:13
        B3      When I Try                                      3:32
        B4      Time                                            2:35
        B5      Do the Owl                                      3:38
BR      108     DIE IDIOTS              ONE WAY TRIP TO NOWHERE         LP        .2011

        A1      You're Nothing New                              2:54
        A2      A Pox on You                                    4:19
        A3      Shake Your Body                                 3:52
        A4      Wanted Man                                      3:07
        A5      Bad Trip                                        5:34
        B1      Electricity                                     2:32
        B2      I Don't Need Anything                           2:47
        B3      One Way Ticket                                  2:06
        B4      Miss You                                        4:23
        B5      Feed my Brain                                   2:16
        B6      Come On                                         6:40
BR      109     CELLOPHANE SUCKERS      ONE IN A ZERO                   LP      05.2011

        A1      4 Letter Love                                   2:57
        A2      Shine on                                        3:14
        A3      Destroyed                                       3:35
        A4      Ragdoll Parade                                  1:46
        A5      Hit You up the Guts                             4:15
        A6      Moon                                            3:54
        B1      Life Ain't Easy                                 3:19
        B2      Trouble                                         3:22
        B3      Psychedelic Blowout                             3:50
        B4      Jivin' Sister Fanny                             2:50
        B5      Hypnotized and Paralysed                        5:11
BR      110     I AM A BAND             RUINS OF SOUTH                  LP      03.2012
IR      003                                                             CD      03.2012

        A1      (Since I Don't) Believe In God
        A2      Mine Mine Mine
        A3      Take Me Back From Calais
        A4      I Can't Stand
        A5      As Long
        B1      Tucson
        B2      Behind Bars
        B3      The End Of The Day
        B4      Jackson
        B5      The Ballad Of Johnny Flash
                (Note : LP , 500 copies)

LP      I Love Limoges          xxx             2012    FR
BR      111     BURN IN HELL : SPIDERFIGHTCATWATERHATE                  LP      04.2011

        A1      Not if but When
        A2      Oil Man
        A3      Idiot Ship
        A4      Wet Dirt
        A5      Kidnap Express
        A6      Shitkicker Blues
        B1      Dance of the Dead Gypsy
        B2      Grave News From the Underground
        B3      Big Blue One
        B4      Under and Outta Control
        B5      I Married a Monster From Outter Space
        B6      Burn in Hell in Dm
BR      112     CHICKEN DIAMOND         CHICKEN DIAMOND                 LP      05.2011

        A1      Damn' Old Sun                                   4:25
        A2      Factory Smoke                                   3:47
        A3      Power of the Ancient People                     3:39
        A4      Bones                                           3:11
        A5      Sister Ray                                      5:55
        B1      Teenage Werewolf                                3:23
        B2      Civilized                                       3:32
        B3      Come Home                                       4:04
        B4      Whisky and Coke                                 4:38
        B5      Me and my .44                                   3:32
BR      113     MJ HALLORAN             ME SOUFFLER                     LP      06.2011

        A1      Love at my Expense                              3:08
        A2      Point of View                                   2:40
        A3      Attentional Blink                               5:03
        A4      Wanna Be Loved                                  5:01
        A5      Approached by a Blind Man                       3:48
        B1      Sex Kitten                                      3:33
        B2      I'm in Trouble                                  3:25
        B3      Monastic Love                                   4:40
        B4      Close Enough                                    4:27
        B5      I'm the Man                                     3:02
BR      114     HIPBONE SLIM & THE KNEE TREMBLERS : SQUARE GUITAR       LP        .2011

        A1      Square Guitar
        A2      Hidin' To Nothin'
        A3      Warpath
        A4      Bullmoose
        A5      Birdman
        A6      Bald Tyre
        A7      Brand New Hat
        B1      Snake Dancer
        B2      Lightnin' Strikes
        B3      Bottom Of My Heart
        B4      Half Crazed Daddy
        B5      One Eyed Monkey
        B6      Why Ain't Bo On My TV?
        B7      King Of The Rocket Men

CD      Dirty Water             DWC 1056        2011    UK
BR      115     GENTLE BEN & HIS SENSITIVE SIDE : MAGNETIC ISLAND       LP        .2012

        A1      Regret It
        A2      Suicide Machine
        A3      Rally Around
        A4      Was There Anything I Could Do
        A5      Bird In A Bottle
        A6      That Guy Is A Liar
        B1      Blur The LInes
        B2      Tomorrow Afternoon
        B3      Nothin' That I'm Needing
        B4      Ninety Grand
        B5      The Story Of The Swan
        B6      Lay Down With Me

CD      Spooky                  SPOOKY 040      2011    Australia
BR      116     THE HOLY SOUL           SUPERKANGS                      12"       .2011

        A1      There Is A Place
        A2      Just Another Day
        A3      Sigh Of The Triangle
        A4      Dream Last Night
        A5      Nine Pound Hammer
        A6      Psychotic Notions
        A7      Rover
        B1      I'm Spent
        B2      Love Has Left The City Limits
        B3      Cheer Up, Charlie
        B4      I'll Be Back For The Honey
        B5      This Geography Is Killing Me
        B6      That's All
        B7      One More Ride
BR      117     ULTRA BULLITT           NOW OR NEVER VOL.2              LP        .2012
BR      117     ULTRA BULLITT           NOW OR NEVER VOL.2              LP+CD     .2012

        A1      Celebration
        A2      What I Like
        A3      Push Around
        A4      Now Or Never
        A5      Waiting For The Ufo
        A6      Addictive Attraction
        B1      Don't Cross The Line
        B2      Satisfied
        B3      Never Shut Your Keiko
        B4      Sting Like A Bee
        B5      Running
        B6      Dark Boogie
BR      118     THE KILL DEVIL HILLS    THE WEEK IN PICTURES            7"        .2012

        A       The Week in Pictures
        B       The Bends
BR      119     CHICKEN SNAKE           TROUBLE ON MY DOORSTEP          LP        .2012

        A1      Loathsome Blues
        A2      Hey Man
        A3      Doctor Doctor
        A4      If The Creek Dont Rise
        B1      I Am A Lonesome Hobo
        B2      Chained & Bound
        B3      Hoback Road (Route 666)
        B4      Alabama Diamondback
        B5      Fortune Teller Blues
BR      120     AVONDALE AIRFORCE       AVONDALE AIRFORCE               LP        .2012

        1       Lift Off
        2       Circle Line
        3       This Isn't Real
        4       Touch My Mind
        5       Five Seconds
        6       Do You Feel Me
        7       Aztec Astronaut (Oaxaca)
        8       Stare At The Sun
        9       Come To Terms
        10      Re-Entry
BR      121     HITS                    TAKE YOUR PILLS                 7"        .2012

        A       Take Your Pills
        B1      I Need A Million
        B2      Stuff And Things
BR      122     DAN BRODIE              MY FRIEND THE MURDERER          LP        .2011

        A1      I Gotta Get Up (So I Can Get Down)
        A2      Lower Me Down
        A3      Over And Over
        A4      It's Hard (Dancing In Mid-Air)
        A5      That Ain't Too Cool Man
        B1      Rain Set In
        B2      Cold Hearted Hater
        B3      My Friend The Murderer
        B4      On The Horizon
BR      123     BURIED HORSES           TEMPEST                         LP        .2012

        A1      Skeleton Coast                                  4:17
        A2      For The Birds                                   4:49
        A3      Jawbone                                         3:30
        A4      Boar Down                                       6:67
        B1      Lovers's Wrists                                 3:46
        B2      Maiden's Locker                                 6:12
        B3      Tom Dacre's Blues                               4:41
        B4      Ghost Riders In The Sky                         4:22
BR      124 CD  BURN IN HELL            DR. AWKWARD                     CD        .2012

        1       Dead Teddies on a Stick
        2       Grate and Grind
        3       Ear
        4       Zen 007
        5       Kiss and Sell
        6       Iron Girder Woman
        7       Memphis
        8       Les Merabbits de Bretagne
        9       Strange Attractions
        10      Eyes Without a Face
        11      Creepy Cairo
        12      Checkpoint Charlie Chaplin
        13      Swamp Bogan
        14      Johnny
                WRONG SIDE OF TOWN

        A1      SBLMDB
        A2      White Trash Love
        A3      It Takes Some Time
        A4      Wasteland
        A5      Red Is the Color
        A6      Frozen
        B1      Revenge Song
        B2      On the Run
        B3      King for a Lifetime, Nothing for Eternity
        B4      White Sea
        B5      That Tear
        B6      Crown (Over the Hill)
BR      126     HEAD ON                 BLIND KISS                      CD      07.2012

        1       Ice Cube Man                                    3:03
        2       Gonna Be Your Heroin                            1:55
        3       Allright                                        3:33
        4       The Beast                                       2:29
        5       Springtime                                      2:50
        6       Ready To Punch Your Face                        3:46
        7       Bad Silence                                     2:20
        8       She Cracked                                     3:34
        9       Not Enough                                      3:41
        10      On The Eve Of The Destruction Of Piss Christ    3:50
BR      127     BITTER SWEET KICKS      LINEA DE FUEGO                  12"       .2012

        A1      Bed Time Blues
        A2      Apple
        A3      King Of The Scum
        A4      Linea De Fuego
        B1      Medicine Now
        B2      Bitter Sweet
        B3      I Am (Live)
BR      128     PRIMEVALS               HEAVY WAR                       LP        .2012

        A1      Way Beyond Tore Up
        A2      Predilection For The Blues
        A3      Hit The Peaks
        A4      High Risk Times
        A5      Don't Be Afraid To Cry
        A6      Rightful Duty
        B1      The Lure Of Desire
        B2      Undertow
        B3      Coming From The Hills
        B4      Keep Coming Back
        B5      In A Violent Way

CD      Twenty Stone Blatt      BAMF 42         2012    UK
BR      129     V / A : SIR BALD'S BATTLE OF THE BANDS                  LP        .2013

        A1      Hipbone Slim And The Knee Tremblers : Nothin' Means Nothin'
        A2      Hipbone Slim And The Knee Tremblers : Set You On Fire
        A3      Louie & The Louies      Ain't No End In Sight
        A4      Louie & The Louies      Louieville
        A5      The Kneejerk Reactions : You Don't Know Right From Wrong
        A6      The Kneejerk Reactions : Things Are Turnin'
        A7      Baldie And The Barrel Scrapers : Barrel Of Fun
        B1      The Beat Seeking Missiles : Drive Like An Italian
        B2      The Beat Seeking Missiles : See You More
        B3      Sir Bald* & The Crowntoppers : Red Alert
        B4      Sir Bald* & The Crowntoppers : Back Burner
        B5      The Legs                Up The Ante
        B6      The Legs                Bite Your Lip
        B7      Hipbone Slim And The Knee Tremblers : Hey Diana
BR      130     PETE ROSS & THE SAPPHIRE : ROLLIN' ON DOWN THE LANE     LP        .2012

        A1      Pleased To Meet You
        A2      Devil Inside
        A3      Shadow (Man)
        A4      Rake
        A5      Corinne
        B1      Late Last Night
        B2      To The Wind
        B3      Jesus Gonna Be Here
        B4      Corn Silk Hair
        B5      The Great Mistake
BR      131     BERTIE PAGE CLINIC      FRENCH TICKLER                  CDEP    09.2012

        1       Headsucker                                      0:31
        2       Rock & Roll Is My Business Plan                 4:17
        3       My Sister's Friend's Cousin From Woodridge      2:36
        4       Head On                                         0:27
        5       Ready To Punch Your Face                        3:26
        6       Mata Hari                                       0:27
        7       Eye Of The Dawn                                 5:12
        8       Le Galion                                       0:50
        9       Alouette                                        1:27

(Note : CD , 100 copies in a 16 p. magazine ft.lyrics & pictures)
BR      132     TEXAS TEA               SAD SUMMER HITS                 LP        .2012

        A1      The Merry Blues
        A2      Lily
        A3      I Know That I Let You Down This Time
        A4      Heart Says Yes (Head Says No)
        A5      The Alphabet Song
        A6      Have I Got The Worry?
        B1      I Don't Write No Sad Songs
        B2      The Fog
        B3      Wedding Belle
        B4      Take These Arms
        B5      I Love You Like I Love This Black Eye
        B6      The Old Swing

LP      Merenoise               MNR 025         2012    Australia
CD      Merenoise               MNR 025         2012    Australia
BR      133     CHICKEN DIAMOND         II                              LP        .2012

        A1      Disappear
        A2      Gold Rush
        A3      31 Highway
        A4      Middle Class
        A5      Get Out Of This Town
        B1      Spitting In Your Face
        B2      The Thrill Is Gone
        B3      Leaving In The Morning
        B4      Rock 'N' Roll People
        B5      Country Song
        B6      High Low Blues
BR      134     STRONG COME ONS         STRONG COME ONS                 LP        .2012

        A1      Grinder
        A2      Shoot
        A3      Scratch
        A4      Swamp Love
        B1      Explode
        B2      Life
        B3      Bad Seeds
        B4      Judah Knows
        B5      SCO
BR      135     HIPBONE SLIM & THE KNEE TREMBLERS : UGLY MOBILE         LP        .2013

        A1      Bald Head, Hairy Guitar
        A2      Ugly Mobile
        A3      Orangutan
        A4      One Armed Bandit
        A5      Sally Mae
        A6      Voodoo Love
        A7      Hieroglyphic
        B1      Hey Ramona!
        B2      Indestructible Love
        B3      Why Can't I Find What I'm Lookin' For
        B4      Don't Know Where To Start
        B5      Meanwhile, Back In The Jungle
        B6      Number One Son
        B7      There's Only One Louie

CD      Dirty Water             DWC 1066        2016    UK
BR      136     JAMES MCCANN AND THE NEW VINDICTIVES : s/t              LP        .2013

        A1      Ambition
        A2      Slippin'
        A3      All Will Fall
        A4      Don't Grow Old
        B1      If You Dare
        B2      Play Your Part
        B3      I'm All Here
        B4      Take You Down
        B5      A Man Called Song
BR      137     TEX NAPALM & DIMI DERO : PARTLY ANIMALS                 LP        .2013

        A1      Feed Me                                         3:42
        A2      Let A Poor Boy Ride Your Train                  3:31
        A3      Temptation                                      3:22
        A4      All Too Much                                    2:54
        A5      Just Like Glass                                 3:06
        A6      Life Is Fine                                    3:25
        A7      To Paradise                                     2:48
        B1      That's What I Want                              3:36
        B2      This Is War                                     2:43
        B3      More Guitar                                     3:28
        B4      I Lied                                          2:44
        B5      Cigarettes & Cheap Red Wine                     3:13
        B6      Farewell                                        3:44
        B7      Stuck                                           2:59

CD      Spooky                  SPOOKY 045      2013    Australia
BR      138     TWENTY SEVEN WINTERS    CLEOPATRA'S BED                 7"        .2013

        A       Cleopatra's Bed
        B       Fire In The South
BR      139     CUT IN THE HILL GANG    MEAN BLACK CAT                  LP        .2013
BR      139     CUT IN THE HILL GANG    MEAN BLACK CAT                  CD        .2013

        A1      Don't Ever Leave Your Daddy At Home
        A2      Help Me
        A3      Please Gimme Something
        A4      I Wanna Holler
        A5      Let's Get Funky/Black To Comm
        B1      Serves Me Right To Suffer
        B2      Come On Home
        B3      The Right To Love You
        B4      Fuck The People/Revolution
        B5      Promise Me

LP.CD   Stag-O-Lee              STAGo 019       2010    GE
BR      140     BERTIE PAGE CLINIC      TOO LOUD TOO NAKED              LP        .2013
BR      140     BERTIE PAGE CLINIC      TOO LOUD TOO NAKED              CDR       .2013

        A1      Too Loud Too Naked                              4:15
        A2      One Swan Pond                                   3:36
        A3      Pearls                                          3:25
        A4      Smoko Oh No                                     3:55
        A5      Robert Mitchum                                  5:40
        B1      Power Source                                    4:05
        B2      Tomcat Creek                                    3:03
        B3      Velvet Cigar                                    3:14
        B4      Shoe Song                                       2:31
        B5      Seen You Naked                                  3:53
BR      141     SUZIE STAPLETON         OBLADI DIABLO                   LP        .2012

        A1      My Cons Are Making A Cripple Out Of Me          4:19
        A2      Song Of The Artesian Water                      6:12
        A3      Bring Back The Night                            3:17
        B1      Hit                                             4:10
        B2      The Last Note                                   3:55
        B3      Cut Away (Bonus Track)                          4:20
BR      142     MOVIE STAR JUNKIES      STILL SINGLES                   2LP       .2013

LP 1    A1      Dolls Come In
        A2      Garsin
        A3      Dialogue
        A4      Lipstick
        A5      Flamingos
        B1      The Whore
        B2      Mother
        B3      Almost A God
        B4      I Love You More As Dead
        B5      Slow Dance

LP 2    C1      Northern Lights
        C2      Sand
        C3      Cold And Gold
        C4      Under The Marble Faun
        C5      Satan Satan
        D1      Requiem Pour Un Con
        D2      Le Trout
        D3      Branches From My Arms
        D4      Baltimore
        D5      Everything Is Holy

2LP     Jacob Records           LDN 05          2013    FR
2LP     Wild Honey Records      WH-015          2013    FR
BR      143     V / A                   ONLY THE BEST ON BEAST          CD        .2013

        1       Cut In The Hill Gang    Come On Home            3:09
        2       Orville Brody & Goodfellas : Be Back Home       1:48
        3       Bitter Sweet Kicks      Linea De Fuego          4:12
        4       Dan Brodie & The Grieving Widows : Over And Over3:20
        5       Slim Wild Boar And His Forsaken Shadow
                : Wasteland                                     3:23
        6       Kill Devil Hills        Week In Pictures        4:08
        7       Dead Horse Problem      Come On                 1:50
        8       Burn In Hell            Zen 007                 2:59
        9       Texas Tea : Heart Says Yes, Head Says No        2:30
        10      Hipbone Slim And The Kneetremblers : One Armed
                Bandit                                          2:17
        11      Chicken Diamond         Bones                   3:14
        12      James McCann            Bound For The Blues     3:44
        13      Shake It Like A Caverman : Never Be Together    3:25
        14      Black Diamond Heavies : Ain't Talking About Love3:33
        15      Head On                 I Gonna Be Your Heroin  1:55
        16      Bertie Page Clinic      Ready To Punch Your Face3:28
        17      Ultra Bullit            Give Me Five            3:02
        18      Twenty Seven Winters    Cleopatra's Bed         3:39
        19      Pete Ross : I Won't Wait (Till The Angels)      3:01
        20      I Am A Band : (Since I Don't) Believe In God    2:40
        21      Suzie Stapleton         Asking                  3:28
        22      Gentle Ben & His Sensitive Side : Was There
                Anything I Could Do?                            2:39
        23      Strong Come Ons         Life                    2:38
        24      Movie Star Junkies      Slow Dance              3:39
        25      Bed Bunker              So Fine                 4:06

        A1      Saved                                           2:20
        A2      Forever Night                                   3:23
        A3      Down To The River                               4:01
        A4      Wish You Were Here                              3:00
        A5      I Don´t Care                                    3:44
        B1      Between The Forest And The Trees                2:48
        B2      There Were Tears                                2:06
        B3      Higher When They Fall                           2:26
        B4      Light Of The World                              3:45
        B5      Like Desire                                     2:57
        B6      Your Face                                       4:42

CD      The Darling Downs       DD 003          2013    Australia
BR      145     JUSTIN CUSACK           CAVIAR                          LP        .2017

        A1      John wayne
        A2      Born anew
        A3      Home
        B1      So the wind won't blow it all away
        B2      Whose name are you calling out?b3
        B3      Caviar
BR      146     LILITH LANE             PILGRIM                         LP      09.2014
BR      146 CD  LILITH LANE             PILGRIM                         CD      09.2014

        A1      Sun Set Fire                                    3:44
        A2      I Could Get Used To This                        3:24
        A3      I Get Wicked                                    3:31
        A4      Baby Elephant Print (Gina)                      3:17
        A5      Higher Than This                                3:21
        B1      Champagne                                       3:40
        B2      Can't Get Enough                                2:59
        B3      For You The Non-Believer...........Ask My       4:51
        B4      Voodoo Dream                                    2:51
        B5      Slow Creeper                                    4:15
                (Note : LP , 300 copies)
BR      147     PETE ROSS & THE SAPPHIRE : MOCKINGBIRD                  7"      10.2013

        A       Mockingbird
        B       Down To The Woods

        A1      Harlot Trick
        A2      Waiting For Century Drug
        A3      Torpedo
        A4      They Drowned Billy Doll
        A5      Hobo Of Lofton
        B1      Desolation Freak
        B2      Chelsea Horror
        B3      Holy Ride
        B4      Rendez-Vous With Anus
        B5      Legend, You Think I Am

LP      Guerilla Vinyl          GV 027          2013    FR
BR      149     HIPBONE SLIM & THE KNEETREMBLERS : THE OUT OF THIS      LP        .2014
                WORLD SOUNDS OF...
                WORLD SOUNDS OF...

        A1      Sabretooth
        A2      Easy On The Eye
        A3      I`m Your Talisman
        A4      Wig-Wam
        A5      Trainwreck Love
        A6      Steamroller
        A7      Show Me
        B1      Pretty Plaid Skirt (And Long Black Sox)
        B2      All A-Quiver
        B3      Out Of This World
        B4      The Eye Of The Beholder
        B5      Naked Flame
        B6      Shadow Of Myself
        B7      The Wolf Is At Your Door
BR      150     BED BUNKER              BED BUNKER                      LP+CD   02.2014
BR      150     BED BUNKER              BED BUNKER                      CD      02.2014

        A1      I'm Sick                                        4:34
        A2      So Fine                                         4:22
        A3      Rhythms                                         3:37
        A4      You Don't Stop                                  3:01
        B1      Drag Me Down                                    3:37
        B2      Take My Way                                     2:59
        B3      Darkness                                        5:23
        B4      Break Your Chain                                4:30
BR      151     HARRY HOWARD & THE NDE : PRETTY                         LP        .2014

        A1      Wanted To Live                                  3:46
        A2      Let Me Go                                       3:27
        A3      Let Them Live                                   3:27
        A4      Surround Me                                     4:04
        A5      Sensitive ( To The Cold )                       4:42
        B1      Pretty                                          3:25
        B2      Devils                                          3:13
        B3      Monsters                                        4:46
        B4      Love Me                                         3:27
        B5      I'm Still In Love With You                      4:58
                (Note : LP , 500 copies)

LP      CranesRecords           CRANES 10       2014    FR
LP      Spooky                  spooky 047      2014    Australia
CD      Spooky                  spooky 047      2014    Australia
BR      152     WEIRD OMEN              LAST TRAIN FOR LOVE             LP      12.2013
BR      152 CD  WEIRD OMEN              LAST TRAIN FOR LOVE             CD      12.2013

        A1      Im Down                                         2:36
        A2      Thousand Times A Day                            1:44
        A3      It's Up To You                                  2:22
        A4      Do The Boogie                                   1:38
        A5      On My Knees                                     2:58
        A6      Black Old Man                                   4:36
        B1      Lumber Jack                                     2:16
        B2      Bag O' Bones                                    4:01
        B3      Action Time                                     2:50
        B4      Be My Rose                                      4:20
        B5      (You've Got To) Hide Away                       3:08

CS      Guru Disques            GURU 015        2015    FR
BR      153     HEAD ON                 CHANGING SHAPE                  LP        .2014

        A1      Changing Shape
        A2      Rock In My Bones
        A3      Black Sheep
        A4      Ivy Climbing
        A5      18 Wheels Of Glory
        A6      She's Gone
        B1      On The Tracks
        B2      Can't Let Her Go
        B3      I Fell Down
        B4      I Know You Know
        B5      Post Powder Blues
        B6      Line Of Sight

CD      High Noon               HNR 017         2014    GE
BR      154     THE HORSE WITH WILD EYES : UNCANNY VALLEY               CDEP      .2014

        1       The Horse                                       3:28
        2       Lee & Purvis Are Free                           3:38
        3       A Man With A Rosary                             3:31
        4       Pale Man                                        3:35
        5       The Hardest Path To Hell                        4:07
BR      155     BITTER SWEET KICKS      EAT YOUR YOUNG                  LP        .2014

        1       Putain De Merde                                 2:51
        2       Eat Your Young                                  3:44
        3       Been Low                                        2:30
        4       Colonel Party                                   2:18
        5       Dropped                                         3:22
        6       Can't Quite Manage                              3:41
        7       All Falls Apart                                 12:11

        A1      Undercover
        A2      Wild Blood Confusion
        A3      (Don't Wanna Be A) Reptile
        A4      Maggie's Farm
        A5      My Name Is Charles 'Chicken' Diamond
        B1      Dark Boogie
        B2      Motorcycle
        B3      Cotton Field
        B4      It's Not Him
        B5      Mojo
BR      157     HITS                    HIKIKOMORI                      LP        .2014
BR      157     HITS                    HIKIKOMORI                      CD        .2014

        A1      Bullet Train
        A2      Jesus F Christ
        A3      Bitter And Twisted
        A4      The Church Song
        A5      Disappointed
        B1      G-Banger
        B2      Up In The Air
        B3      Loose Cannons
        B4      Shadowplay
        B5      Drink Too Much
        B6      Lost In The Somme

LP.CD   Conquest Of Noise       CON 004         2014    Australia
BR      158     CHICKEN SNAKE           UNHOLY ROLLERS                  LP        .2014

        A1      Yer Poison
        A2      Don't Let The Devil Ride
        A3      Bad Blood Blues
        A4      Cowgirl Blues
        A5      Empty Box
        B1      Ain't No Liar
        B2      Evermore
        B3      Nothin' Ain't Right
        B4      Crazy Mama
        B5      Wrongheaded Man
        B6      Nightmare Pt. 2
        B7      Daddy's Gone Blues 
BR      159     LUXURIOUS FAUX FURS     LET ME RIDE                     LP        .2014

        A1      Don't You Want To Go?
        A2      Don't Slander Me
        A3      Ambition
        A4      Chicken-Hearted
        A5      Double Life
        A6      Feelin' Low
        A7      Diamonds In The Mine
        B1      Mr. Engineer
        B2      Cool It Down
        B3      E-V-I-L
        B4      Swing Down, Chariot
        B5      The Birth, The Death, The Ghost
                (Note : LP , 300 copies)
BR      160     SAPIN                   WRONG WAY                       LP      04.2014
BR      160     SAPIN                   WRONG WAY                       CD      04.2014

        A1      Get out of my Dreams
        A2      Wrong Way
        A3      Lost Beach
        A4      Stolen Kisses
        A5      Sugar in my Coffee
        A6      Rock Around the Topic
        B1      Idiots
        B2      White Bikini
        B3      Mama
        B4      Diamonds and Pearls
        B5      Leave him Alone
        B6      Youthful Mistake

LP      Azbin                   AZ 014          2014    FR
CD      Azbin                   AZ 014          2014    FR
12DL    Azbin                   AZ 014          2014    FR
BR      161     GO!ZILLA                MAGIC WEIRD JACK                12"       .2014

        A1      Hate
        A2      Magic Weird Jack
        A3      Pollution
        B1      Grabbing A Crocodile
        B2      Dazed Dreams
        B3      Roswell, NM
                (Note : 12" , 300 copies)
BR      162     HUMMINGBIRD             PRISONNER                       LP      09.2014
BR      162 CD  HUMMINGBIRD             PRISONNER                       CD      09.2014

        1       My Grave
        2       Under Your Spell
        3       First Time
        4       Control
        5       Prisoner
        6       Birdsong
        7       Father
        8       Il est l'heure
        9       No way
        10      Dur au mal
BR      163
BR      164     HARLAN T.BOBO           TOO MUCH LOVE                   LP        .2014

        A1      Only Love
        A2      Left Your Door Unlocked
        A3      Stop
        A4      Too Much Love
        A5      Zippers And Jeans
        B1      Mr. Last Week
        B2      When You Comin' Home
        B3      After This Night...
        B4      Bottle And Hotel

LP.CD   Goner                   19 GONE         2006    US
CD      Trans Solar             SOL 034         2006    EU
BR      165     LA BASTARD              OOH LA LA BASTARD               LP        .2014
BR      165 CD  LA BASTARD              OOH LA LA BASTARD               CD        .2014

A.      1       Beaten Down                                     3:03
        2       Get Up Get Out                                  4:07
        3       Bewitchery                                      3:00
        4       Timorese Ninja                                  3:20
        5       In Deep                                         3:09
B.      6       Cold Rainy Night                                3:00
        7       Call Of The Wild                                5:03
        8       Promise Me                                      2:43
        9       It's Not Like I'm Telling A Lie                 2:59
        10      Stranger In The Night                           4:01
BR      166     HUDSON MAKER            CRAZY TRAIN                     LP        .2014
BR      166 CD  HUDSON MAKER            CRAZY TRAIN                     CD        .2014

        A1      Honky Tonk Rythms                               3:17
        A2      Crazy Train                                     3:02
        A3      Tornados                                        2:25
        A4      Dexter                                          1:08
        A5      Matchbox                                        2:08
        A6      Every Day You Need                              2:30
        B1      Ghost Rider                                     2:52
        B2      Oh! Baby                                        2:44
        B3      Me I Like                                       1:47
        B4      Forty Six                                       1:41
        B5      Devil's Rendez-Vous                             2:53
        B6      There Are Days Like This                        2:36
BR      167     V / A : ONLY THE BEST (BEAST RECORDS SAMPLER VOL.2)     CD      07.2014

        1       Head On                 Changing Shape          3:46
        2       Chicken Diamond         Wild Blood Confusion    3:23
        3       Lilith Lane             I Get Wicked            3:34
        4       Pete Ross & The Sapphire : Mockingbird          2:38
        5       Tex Napalm & Dimi Dero : Temptation             3:24
        6       La Bastard : It's Not Like I'm Telling A Lie    3:00
        7       James McCann            Slippin                 3:22
        8       Bitter Sweet Kicks      Dropped                 3:24
        9       Hits                    Loose Cannons           3:10
        10      Harlan T. Bobo          Too Much Love           3:41
        11      Harry Howard            Wanted To Live          3:50
        12      The Darling Downs       I Don't Care            3:48
        13      Weird Omen              1000 Times A Day        1:44
        14      Hipbone Slim & The Kneetremblers : Sabretooth   2:19
        15      Bertie Page Clinic      Tom Cat Creek           3:02
        16      Chicken Snake : Don't Let The Devil Ride        2:14
        17      Luxurious Faux Furs     Don't You Want To Go    2:57
        18      Go!Zilla                Hate                    3:22
        19      Sapin                   Mama                    3:19
        20      Bed Bunker              You Can't Stop          2:57
        21      Dead Horse Problem      Fade Skies              3:05
        22      Canyon Spree            Sunset Surreal          2:23
        23      Hummingbird             Father                  3:29
        24      Infinity Broke          Gallows Queue           6:11
BR      168     RON S. PENO & THE SUPERSTITIONS : ANYWHERE AND          LP        .2015
                EVERYTHING IS BRIGHT
BR      168 CD  RON S. PENO & THE SUPERSTITIONS : ANYWHERE AND          CD        .2015
                EVERYTHING IS BRIGHT
        A1      Say It Isn't So                                 4:14
        A2      The Other Side                                  4:21
        A3      Destination Unknown                             4:10
        A4      My Self In Thee                                 4:12
        B1      Feels So Cold                                   4:50
        B2      Light Years                                     3:45
        B3      Oh Life                                         3:52
        B4      Call Your Name (To Say Goodbye)                 5:33
BR      169     SLIM WILD BOAR & HIS FORSAKEN SHADOW : s/t              LP      10.2014
BR      169     SLIM WILD BOAR & HIS FORSAKEN SHADOW : s/t              CD      10.2014

A.      1       Goldminers
        2       Perfect Dead Body
        3       A Dead Heart Never Beats
        4       In That Car
        5       Black Flag Outlaw
B.      6       By My Side
        7       Chasing Lies
        8       Junkyard
        9       Wherever
        10      Kill Me Twice
BR      170     BURN IN HELL            MONKEY BONES                    LP        .2014
BR      170 CD  BURN IN HELL            MONKEY BONES                    CD        .2014

LP      A1      Crying Crab Blues
        A2      Off The Planet
        A3      Bag Noz
        A4      Borg Bong Baby
        A5      Shadows Of A Doubt
        A6      Beard Feeler
        A7      Dem Worms
        B1      Lolita
        B2      Chase The Czech
        B3      A Crack In The Smile
        B4      Drunkyard Dogs
        B5      Camel Fucker
        B6      Oldman Fukarm
        B7      Bells
        B8      Emergency Exit
BR      171     HITS : LIVING WITH YOU IS KILLING ME                    LP        .2015

        A1      Fuck The Needy
        A2      Living With You Is Killing Me
        A3      Sometimes You Just Don't Know Who Your Friends Are
        A4      Touch Of The Shorts
        A5      Never Sing A Song Again
        B6      Crackpipe
        B7      It Had To Come To This
        B8      Peter And Paul
        B9      The Night Before
        B10     The End

LP      Merenoise               MNR 013         2010    Australia
LP      Merenoise               MNR 042         2015    Australia
CD      Merenoise               MNR 011         2016    Australia
BEAST   172     SHIFTING SANDS          BEACH COMA                      LP        .2015

        1       Boyfriend
        2       Unrelenting Surf
        3       Other Girls
        4       New Flame
        5       The Girl In The Sinking Canoe
        6       Onions And Violins
        7       Didn't I?
        8       Dead Memory (feat. Gentle Ben)
        9       We Trace Hearts
        10      Airway
                (Note : LP , black or gold vinyl)

LP      Spooky                  SPOOKY 048      2015    Australia
CD      Spooky                  SPOOKY 048      2015    Australia
BR      173 CD  GIL RIOT                FELICITY ROAD                   CD        .2015

        1       Felicity Road                                   2:33
        2       Let It Go                                       2:18
        3       Irregular Breath                                3:10
        4       Born In September                               2:52
        5       Hometown Blues                                  2:52
        6       My Proud Way To Hell                            2:40
        7       Say You Will                                    3:53
        8       The Trail Of My Tears                           2:36
        9       One Step To Heaven                              3:42
        10      This Time                                       3:52
        11      More Songs In Your Heart                        3:46
                (Note : CD + 12 p. booklet)
BR      174     SHAKE IT LIKE A CAVEMAN : DIGITAL FOOTBALL              LP        .2015

        1       Stay no thanks                                  2:50
        2       Wildlife & freeways                             1:41
        3       Take off your gloves                            2:39
        4       Why do you lie                                  1:35
        5       Burning up the road                             1:58
        6       Star                                            2:01
        7       Bloody fangs                                    2:51
        8       Jackpot robots                                  2:30
        9       Lost & found                                    2:52
        10      Pushing the plow                                2:01
BR      175     PETE ROSS & THE SAPPHIRE : THE BOUNDLESS EXPANSE        LP        .2015

LP      A1      The Alarm Has Sounded                           9:14
        A2      Have You Seen The Incubus ?                     4:03
        A3      Nobody Knows                                    3:40
        A4      Existing In A Bubble                            4:08
        B1      Sleep Child                                     5:22
        B2      Postcard To Mary                                2:35
        B3      Gossamer                                        6:35
        B4      Are You Leaving ?                               4:11

CD      1       The Alarm Has Sounded                           9:14
        2       Have You Seen The Incubus?                      4:03
        3       Nobody Knows                                    3:40
        4       Existing In A Bubble                            4:08
        5       Sleep Child                                     5:22
        6       Postcard To Mary                                2:35
        7       Gossamer                                        6:35
        8       Are We Leaving?                                 4:11
BR      176     ESCOBAR                 ESCOBAR                         LP      07.2015
BR      176 CD  ESCOBAR                 ESCOBAR                         CD      07.2015

        A1      Bed Time
        A2      Around the Corner
        A3      Drum Beat
        A4      Brain Dead
        A5      Drug in My Veins
        A6      Milky Way
        A7      Stuck
        B1      Voodoo Baby
        B2      I Love UR Body
        B3      In the City
        B4      Freak Out
        B5      Wild Runner

LP      I Love Limoges          ILL 008         2015    FR
CD      Smalltones              STR 030         2015    FR
BR      177     THE MADCAPS             THE MADCAPS                     LP      03.2015

        A1      I Knew It All                                   3:42
        A2      High School Troublemaker                        3:28
        A3      Emily Vandelay                                  3:38
        A4      Melody Maker                                    3:01
        A5      Haunted House                                   2:39
        B1      Too Good To Be True                             3:11
        B2      8000 Miles From Home                            2:57
        B3      Moon Night                                      4:30
        B4      One Last Hit                                    3:01
        B5      Nothing To Do                                   3:50

LP      Howlin' Banana          HB 016          2015    FR
CD      Howlin' Banana          HB 016          2015    FR
CS      Super Fan 99            SUPFAN 011      2015    UK
BR      178     DIRTY DEEP              SHOTGUN WEDDING                 LP        .2014

        A1      Bottleneck (Blues)                              3:15
        A2      Low Down                                        3:12
        A3      Junky Green Truck                               3:09
        A4      Middle Of Nowhere                               5:13
        A5      Midnight Bus                                    4:00
        A6      Let It ride                                     2:40
        B1      'Till The Day I Die                             2:57
        B2      John The Revelator                              3:23
        B3      Release Me                                      4:00
        B4      What The Hell !                                 4:05
        B5      She's A Devil Inside                            4:09
        B6      When The Sun Comes Up                           3:15

LP      HellProd                HELLP 006       2014    FR
CD      HellProd                HELLP 003       2014    FR
BR      179     RHINOSONICS             HARD FAST LOUD                  LP      03.2015

        A1      Crook The Elbow                                 00:23
        A2      On The Road                                     2:48
        A3      Find The Way                                    4:01
        A4      Singin' Bird                                    2:48
        A5      Fire Man                                        3:11
        A6      Broken Down                                     4:29
        B7      Inner Demon                                     3:03
        B8      Shadow Of Mermaids                              4:01
        B9      Surfin' Heaven                                  2:59
        B10     Let It Rule                                     2:53
        B11     You Don't Know                                  4:24
        B12     Kentucky Bourbon                                4:01
BR      180     HIPBONE SLIM & THE CROWN TOPPERS : THE HAIR RISING      LP        .2015
                SOUNDS OF...
                SOUNDS OF...

        A1      Megaton
        A2      Snake Snake
        A3      Write Rock 'N' Roll On My Head
        A4      Dogleg Man
        A5      She Loves My Shiny Head
        A6      Banger Lama Lou
        B1      Who Rattled Your Cage?
        B2      Cheesecake
        B3      Headless Chicken
        B4      Dead Of The Night
        B5      Gotta Be A Goner
        B6      What's The Snag?
BR      181     GO!ZILLA                SINKING IN YOUR SEA             LP      04.2015

        A1      Melting                                         3:01
        A2      Sinking In Your Sea                             3:22
        A3      Looking In The Mirror                           4:03
        A4      Pollution                                       3:04
        A5      Hiding Away                                     3:01
        B1      I Hate All The Time                             3:02
        B2      I've Seen A Riot                                2:29
        B3      Down In Your Thoughts                           2:31
        B4      Rubbish Mind                                    2:43
        B5      Xilitla                                         5:12
                (Note : LP , 500 copies)

LP      Black Candy             BC 060          2015    FR
BR      182
BR      183     CANYON SPREE            GARDEN OF EVIL                  LP      04.2015

        A1      Badlands
        A2      Hanging Hills
        A3      Children Of The Night
        A4      Carnivorous Tree
        A5      Sunset Surreal
        A6      Bury My Heart
        B1      Witches Sabbath
        B2      Blind Cyclops
        B3      Vlad Tepes
        B4      . Ashwater
        B5      White Sky
        B6      Garden Of Evil
                (Note : LP , 300 copies)

LP      Azbin Records           AZ 021          2015    FR
BR      184     DIVIDERS                FOURWALLS FAREWELL              LP        .2015
BR      184 CD  DIVIDERS                FOURWALLS FAREWELL              CD        .2015

        A1      Fuck The World                                  3:37
        A2      Empty Rooms                                     2:04
        A3      Hambourg                                        3:07
        A4      XXX                                             2:21
        A5      Touching You                                    3:38
        B1      Never Wanna See You Again                       2:28
        B2      The Way Of The Brave                            4:35
        B3      Gonna Get Drunk                                 2:28
        B4      Hook                                            5:16
        B5      Grey Song                                       3:45

LP      Casbar                  CR 012          2015    FR
CD      Casbar                  CR 012          2015    FR
BR      185     COLD COLD BLOOD         FROM MUD TO BLOOD               LP      02.2015

        A1      Your Skin                                       4:48
        A2      The Spell                                       5:28
        A3      One Way Street                                  4:26
        A4      Cold As Her Blood                               1:54
        B1      The Shelter                                     5:54
        B2      Draw In the Sand                                4:47
        B3      Witching Well                                   3:01
        B4      Heart Beast                                     3:16
        B5      Cold As A River                                 3:55

LP      I Love Limoges          ILL 007         2015    FR
BR      186     HUMMINGBIRD             EVIL GLANCE                     LP      08.2015

        A1      White Light
        A2      Decision
        A3      Forgive Me
        A4      Criminal
        B1      Doctor
        B2      Alone In A Room
        B3      The Enemy Within
        B4      Pistols
BR      187     THE PULLMEN             GOING DARK                      LP      10.2015

        A1      We'll Never Be A Part Of It
        A2      Going Dark
        A3      Insert Heart Here
        A4      Photograph
        A5      New Friends
        B1      Paramount
        B2      Diamond Rings
        B3      Palms Of The Pines
        B4      Goldy
        B5      Royal Deluxe
BR      188     V / A : ONLY THE BEST ON BEAST RECORDS VOL.3            CD      08.2015

        1       Shifting Sands          Boyfriend               3:16
        2       La Bastard              Promise Me              2:42
        3       Escobar                 Drum Beat               1:30
        4       Dividers                Fuck The World          3:34
        5       Madcaps                 Moon Night              4:26
        6       Shake It Like A Caveman : Why Do You Lie        1:33
        7       Chouette                Heart Shot Blues        2:55
        8       Go!Zilla                Sinking In Your Sea     3:22
        9       Hits : Sometimes You Just Dont Know Who You're
                Friends Are                                     4:31
        10      Head On                 She's Gone              3:27
        11      Ron S. Peno & The Superstitions:Say It Isn't So 4:14
        12      Pete Ross And The Sapphire : Are We Living ?    4:13
        13      Regal                   Diary Of A Hooker       2:41
        14      Hummingbird             No Way                  3:34
        15      Kaviar Special          Now I Know              2:18
        16      Hipbone Slim            Dead Of The Night       3:03
        17      Hudson Maker            Honky Tonk Rhythms      3:18
        18      Gil Riot                One Step To Heaven      3:42
        19      Slim Wild Boar          Chasing Lies            3:31
        20      Cold Cold Blood         Your Skin               4:46
        21      Canyon Spree            Garden Of Evil          3:00
        22      Dirty Deep              John The Revelator      3:19
        23      MJ Halloran             Learn To Fly            1:09
        24      Justin Cusack           So The Wind Blow It All 3:48
BR      189
BR      190     HARLAN T. BOBO & THE UNAMERICANS : GOD DAMN THIS TOWN   7"        .2015

        A       God Damn This Town
        B       Paula

7"      Goner                   122 GONE        2015    US
BR      191     BERTIE PAGE CLINIC : KAFTAN PARTY/THE LIONESS           LP        .2015

        A1      Kaftan Party
        A2      Aldo
        A3      Girl In A White Woollen Hat
        A4      Redfern
        B1      The Lioness
        B2      Selene
        B3      Song Machine
        B4      Winter Is Coming
BR      192     THE BLUES AGAINST YOUTH : APPRENTICE                    LP      03.2016

        A1      Keep It Goin'
        A2      Medium Size Star Bound
        A3      Barbed Times
        A4      Instead Of Nothing
        A5      Somebody Settles Down
        A6      Lonesome Whistle Blow
        B1      Call It Quits
        B2      Boundless
        B3      Wish Pile Blues
        B4      Got Blood In My Rhythm
        B5      The Lake
        B6      Apprentice

CD      Deer It Yourself        DEER 005        2016    UK
BR      193     GRAVEL ROUTE            ELECTRICALLY RECORDED           LP        .2015

        A1      Canned Heat Blues
        A2      Big Road Blues
        A3      Moon Going Down
        A4      East Bound West Bound Depot Bound
        A5      Cocain Blues
        B1      Shetland Pony Blues
        B2      Hop Head Blues
        B3      Apalachian Moutains
        B4      Grand Mother's Rock
        B5      Rails To Your Grave
BR      194     THE MADCAPS             HOT SAUCE                       LP      01.2016

        A1      Something You Got
        A2      Too Big For Your Boots
        A3      Taco Truck
        A4      Crack Me Up
        A5      Upside Down
        A6      Rainy Day
        B1      One More Chance
        B2      Tell Me You Want It
        B3      Too Afraid To Give Up
        B4      Boob Shang
        B5      Junkie Queen
        B6      Walking Back Home

LP.CD   Howlin' Banana          HB 020          2016    FR
CS      Super Fan 99            SUPFAN 027      2016    UK
BR      195     HEAD ON                 SUMMER DAYS                     7"        .2016

        A       Summer Days
        B       Never Change
BR      196     HEAD ON                 WOMAN ON A WALL                 LP        .2016
BR      196 CD  HEAD ON                 WOMAN ON A WALL                 CD        .2016
BR      196     HEAD ON                 WOMAN ON A WALL                 10DL      .2016

        A1      Fog
        A2      White
        A3      Primates In A Human Zoo
        A4      Some Other Trees
        A5      Summer Days
        B1      Wipe The Blood
        B2      Black As Sackcloth
        B3      I Knew It Would Come To This
        B4      Woman On A Wall
        B5      Last Ride
BR      197     ULTRA BULLITT           RAW                             12"       .2016
BR      197 CD  ULTRA BULLITT           RAW                             CDEP      .2016

        A1      Black Rose
        A2      Dangerous Game
        A3      Smash Your Bones
        B1      Feed Your Soul
        B2      Give Me Five Reloaded
BR      198     CHICKEN DIAMOND : THE NIGHT HAS A THOUSAND EYES         LP      03.2016
BR      198     CHICKEN DIAMOND : THE NIGHT HAS A THOUSAND EYES         10DL    03.2016

        A1      Cursed Blood
        A2      Castle In The Desert
        A3      Speed Demon
        A4      Slow Wave Sleep
        A5      Badlands
        B1      Ghost On The Highway
        B2      Slot Machine
        B3      Body Snatchers
        B4      Could Have Done So Much Better
        B5      I Feel So Good
BR      199
BEAST   200     REGAL/KAVIAR SPECIAL : SPLIT                            LP      10.2015

        A1      Regal                   Mind Hunt
        A2      Regal                   Diary Of A Hooker
        A3      Regal                   Day After Day
        A4      Regal                   The Reasonner
        B1      Kaviar Special          Now I Know
        B2      Kaviar Special          I Wouldn't Touch You With A Stick
        B3      Kaviar Special          Highway
        B4      Kaviar Special          Get That Chapka
BR      201     KAVIAR SPECIAL          #2                              LP      04.2016
BR      201 CD  KAVIAR SPECIAL          #2                              CD      04.2016

        A1      Starving                                        3:20
        A2      Sleep Thoughts                                  2:15
        A3      Highway                                         4:16
        A4      I Wouldn't Touch You With A Stick               3:47
        A5      Night Shift                                     2:34
        A6      Mad                                             4:05
        B1      Mind Fuck                                       2:36
        B2      Come On                                         3:02
        B3      Morning Light                                   2:23
        B4      Now I Know                                      2:23
        B5      Yolove                                          3:27
        B6      Drowned In Doubts                               4:01

LP.CD   Howlin' Banana          HB 025          2016    FR
BR      202     CHOUETTE : YOU DON'T KNOW WHY YOU RUN                   CD      04.2016

        1       Bye-Bye Land                                    2:51
        2       Get The Rythm                                   2:16
        3       Heart Shot Blues                                2:52
        4       U.F.O.                                          3:25
        5       The Last Ride                                   4:21
        6       Snake Hunting                                   4:03
        7       Mad Child (from the country side)               3:11
        8       Mama                                            2:46
        9       Fugitive Song                                   2:59
        10      Hide & Seek (acoustic)                          3:25
BR      203     SAPIN                   SMELL OF A PRICK                LP      05.2016

        A1      No Secret
        A2      Stories
        A3      Mr Pleasant
        A4      Good Old Days
        A5      Not Far Away
        A6      Bad News
        B1      Hispter Johnny
        B2      See You Cry
        B3      I'm Alive
        B4      For My Girl
        B5      Whiner
        B6      I Wanna Die

LP      Howlin' Banana          HB 026          2016    FR
GHBR    204     WEIRD OMEN              A BREAKFAST BEFORE CHAOS        LP        .2016
GHBR    204 CD  WEIRD OMEN              A BREAKFAST BEFORE CHAOS        CD        .2016

        A1      Everything's Gonna Be The Same                  2:55
        A2      Stranger                                        3:23
        A3      Extatique                                       1:12
        A4      Back From WBB                                   2:50
        A5      Transcontinental                                2:41
        A6      Saturday Nights Are Gone                        5:26
        B1      De Ratum Capillis                               2:20
        B2      Complications                                   3:51
        B3      I Think I'm Goin' Down                          1:36
        B4      Trumblin' Down                                  3:00
        B5      Don't Know Why You Go Away                      2:42
        B6      I'm Your Man                                    4:13
        B7      Waltz Of Chaos                                  3:21
        B8      Sunday Drowning                                 2:01
                *Note : co-release with Get Hip Rec.
BR      205     STOP II                 FROM RUST TO DUST               10"       .2016

                Rust Side
        A1      Best Dressed Chicken In Town
        A2      Let's Have Some Party
        A3      Chicken Girl
        A4      BBQ
                Dust Side
        B1      Give A Man A Mask
        B2      In My Time Of Dyin'
        B3      Santa Katalina

10"     Barbarella Club Records BARBA 05        2016    FR
BR      206     DIRTY DEEP              WHAT'S FLOWIN' IN MY VEINS      LP        .2016
BR      206     DIRTY DEEP              WHAT'S FLOWIN' IN MY VEINS      CD        .2016

LP      A1      Holy Pocket Boogie
        A2      Can I Kick It ?
        A3      Goin' Down South
        A4      Messin' Around
        A5      Light And Blue
        B1      How I Ride
        B2      You Don't Know
        B3      Leave Me Alone
        B4      Howlin To The Moon
        B5      Shine

CD      1       Holy Pocket Boogie                              3:56
        2       Can I Kick It ?                                 3:19
        3       Goin' Down South                                3:09
        4       Messin' Around                                  3:25
        5       Light And Blue                                  5:07
        6       How I Ride                                      3:12
        7       You Don't Know                                  3:02
        8       Leave Me Alone                                  2:19
        9       Howlin To The Moon                              5:14
        10      Shine                                           7:49

CD      HellProd                HELLP 008 CD    2017    FR
BR      207     THE SLEEPWALKERZ        SLEEPER TOWN                    LP      05.2018

The debut-album by the Sleepwalkerz blends rockabilly, punk rock and country, resulting
in an eclectic and original rock'n'roll delivery. Sit in your rocking chair, poor a
glass of Jack Daniels and, most importantly, play it very, very loud!
BR      208     V / A           BEAST RECORDS SAMPLER 2016              CD      05.2016

        1       The Floors              Join The Fight          2:29
        2       Hits                    Bitter And Twisted      4:40
        3       Shifting Sands          We Trace Hearts         3:39
        4       Hummingbird             Criminal                5:19
        5       Head On                 Summer Days             2:57
        6       Kaviar Special          Come On                 3:05
        7       Chouette                Surfin Penestin         2:02
        8       The Madcaps             Taco Truck              3:15
        9       Harlan T. Bobo          God Damn This Town      3:16
        10      Diamond Valley Panthers : My Real Life Monkey
                Brain                                           3:47
        11      Weird Omen              I Don't Know Why        2:45
        12      Chicken Diamond         Slow Wave Sleeps        5:01
        13      Sapin                   No Secret               2:42
        14      The Versatil Monster    Race The Sun            2:20
        15      Gravel Route : East Bound West Bound Depot Bound3:43
        16      Chicken Snake           Baby Stop               4:01
        17      The Pullmen             Insert Heart Here       4:44
        18      Hipbone Slim            Wash My Bones           2:07
        19      Steve And The Ghosts    Last Night I Cried      4:16
        20      The Sleepwalkerz        Runaway                 3:35
        21      Dirty Deep              Leave Me Alone          2:20
        22      The Blues Against Youth : Medium Size Star Bound3:34
        23      Stop II                 Santa Katalina          2:37
BR      209     THE VERSATIL MONSTER    THE VERSATIL MONSTER            LP      06.2016

        A1      Boxes
        A2      Got No Money
        A3      Big Bang
        A4      Anybody Else
        A5      Two Faces
        B1      Cigarette
        B2      The First Day
        B3      Race The Sun
        B4      Marina
        B5      The Other Side

LP      Azbin Records           AZ 025          2016    FR
BR      210     THE HORSE WITH WILD EYES : BOW & ARROWS                 CD        .2016

        1       The Ride Of Tyto                                3:48
        2       A Wave Goodbye                                  3:45
        3       So Many Ways To Ride                            4:23
        4       God Here Below                                  3:00
        5       War Is Rumblin'                                 2:56
        6       The Flame                                       3:57
        7       The One Sent By God                             3:27
        8       The Shelter                                     4:29
BR      211     CASH SAVAGE & THE LAST DRINKS : WOLF                    LP        .2017

        A1      Dancing On Graves
        A2      One Key
        A3      She's Gonna Love Me
        A4      I'm Doin' So Well
        A5      Life Sucking Scab
        B1      19 Years
        B2      For the Goodtimes
        B3      Downtown
        B4      Another Glass of Wine
                (Note : LP , 300 numb. copies)
BR      212     CASH SAVAGE & THE LAST DRINKS : ONE OF US               LP        .2016
BR      212     CASH SAVAGE & THE LAST DRINKS : ONE OF US               CD        .2016

LP      A1      Falling, Landing
        A2      Run With The Dogs
        A3      Sunday Morning
        A4      Empty Page
        A5      Rat-a-tat-tat
        B1      Do You Feel Loved
        B2      My Friend
        B3      Song For A Funeral
        B4      Port
        B5      One Of Us

CD      1       Falling, Landing                                4:03
        2       Run With The Dogs                               5:09
        3       Sunday Morning                                  4:33
        4       Empty Page                                      4:31
        5       Rat-a-tat-tat                                   4:33
        6       Do You Feel Loved                               4:48
        7       My Friend                                       4:42
        8       Song For A Funeral                              3:43
        9       Port                                            3:26
        10      One Of Us                                       5:02

LP      Mistletone              MIST 077 LP     2016    Australia       red/white
CD      Mistletone              MIST 077        2016    Australia
BR      213     STRONG COME ONS         STRONG COME ONS                 LP        .2016
BR      213     STRONG COME ONS         STRONG COME ONS                 CD        .2016

        A1      Dead Women's Cross
        A2      Breaking Down
        A3      Dragon
        A4      Last Dance
        B1      Crossroads
        B2      Juju
        B3      Eldorado
        B4      Tas
BR      214     SUN GOD REPLICA         GRANDULAR FEVER                 LP        .2016

        A1      Blow Your Mind
        A2      Judgement Day
        A3      Celestial Building Block
        A4      Bad Bones
        A5      Watch And Destroy
        A6      Rock And A Stone
        B1      Embrace The Chaos
        B2      End Of Days
        B3      Jesus Got Talent
        B4      Halfway To The Moon
        B5      Masters Of The Sea
        B6      Evolution's Waiting
                (Note : LP , red or green vinyl)
BR      215     CHICKEN SNAKE           TOMBSTONE N BONES               LP      12.2016

        1       Muddy Water Mystery                             4:20
        2       Baby Stop                                       3:57
        3       Walkin' Blues                                   3:47
        4       Donna Lynn                                      6:09
        5       Black Crow Talkin' Blues                        3:37
        6       Hot + Cold                                      3:20
        7       Black Pony                                      6:14
        8       Rich Man Blues                                  2:43
        9       Lay It Down                                     3:35
        10      Tombstone N Bones                               4:15
BR      216     ESCOBAR                 BIRD OF PREY                    LP      09.2016

        A1      You Must Get Stoned
        A2      Before You Die
        A3      Bird Of Prey
        A4      Clinic Time
        A5      Partner In Crime
        B1      Paranoid Love
        B2      Negative Song
        B3      I Believe In God
        B4      Weakness
        B5      Control

LP      I Love Limoges          ILL 009         2016    FR
BR      217     Druids of the Gué Charette/Electric Nettles : Electric  LP      05.2017

        A1      Agartha                                         3:17
        A2      L.E.T.T.E.R.S.                                  6:07
        A3      Hail To The Torso Killer                        2:22
        A4      Beograd                                         4:11
        B1      The Harrikin                                    4:30
        B2      Generation Wuss Is Going To War                 3:06
        B3      Acid Venise                                     4:14
        B4      Cult of Skaro                                   3:49
BR      218     HARRY HOWARD & THE NDE : SLEEPLESS GIRLS                LP      10.2016

        A1      The Only One
        A2      Votes For Women
        A3      Primitive Girl
        A4      Cruel Kitten
        A5      The Lake
        A6      Sleepless Girls
        B1      Grim Disposition
        B2      She Doesn't Like It
        B3      Thunderclap
        B4      Criminal Life
        B5      25 Cent Paperback

LP.CD   Spooky Records          SPOOKY 049      2016    Australia
BR      219     THE RICHMOND SLUTS      60 CYCLES OF LOVE               LP      12.2016

        A1      I Wanna Know
        A2      Don't Need You
        A3      Motel Boogie
        A4      Different Tune
        A5      She's No Good
        B1      Into These Eyes
        B2      Gonna Find It
        B3      Livin' To Crash
        B4      To Hell And Back
        B5      Only God Knows Why

LP      Mauvaise Foi Records    MFR(XLI,XLVII)  2016    FR
BR      220     THE FLOORS              BEAT IT DOWN                    LP        .2017

        1       Medicated                                       3:40
        2       Meat                                            3:25
        3       Beat It Down                                    3:17
        4       Join the Fight                                  2:35
        5       Black Tar Fever                                 2:19
        6       Pills                                           1:59
        7       Brain Dead                                      2:58
        8       Don't Mind                                      3:12
        9       Home                                            2:34
        10      I Want To Know                                  6:22


        A1      Bottomless Pit
        A2      Hey Henrietta
        A3      I Saw The Smokestack Fall
        A4      One Thing On My Mind
        A5      Ali Mae
        A6      Jumped A Train
        A7      Fightin' Over Me
        A8      Square One
        B1      Wash My Bone
        B2      Skedaddle
        B3      Last Legs
        B4      Dead Man Walking
        B5      Talking To Myself
        B6      Chasing Shadows
        B7      Scatter Gun
BR      223     BED BUNKER              DELAY BREEDS DANGER...          LP      11.2016
BR      223 CD  BED BUNKER              DELAY BREEDS DANGER...          CD      11.2016

        A1      Lost Control
        A2      So Bad
        A3      Hit Your Face
        A4      Escape Myself
        B1      I Know My Pain
        B2      Island
        B3      My Pal
        B4      So Fine
BR      224     MUSCLE                  MUSCLE                          LP      05.2016

        A1      Broken Bots
        A2      Rain
        A3      People Of Sunshine
        A4      Sasquash Auf Wiedersehen
        B1      Under Radar
        B2      Party At My Work
        B3      Lazer Ray Vision
        B4      All Alone
BR      225     DOUBLE CHEESE           SUMMERIZZ                       LP      04.2017

        A1      Summerizz
        A2      Whetever Happened To You
        A3      Summer Dress
        A4      What's In Your Bag
        A5      Starting Over Again
        A6      Teamsurf
        B1      Burn
        B2      Voices
        B3      City Trash
        B4      She's Had Enough (Baby Killer Outro)
        B5      Places

LP      Adrenalin Fix Music     AFM 009         2017    FR
LP      Stryckhnine production  ST 011          2017    FR

Jesus & The Groupies is the name of a stripped down electric boogie duo, firmly rooted
in both Delta blues and punk. This is the duo's third full-length, offering dengerously
slick sounds for DJ's and greasers, rockers and dancers.
BR      227     THE MADCAPS             SLOW DOWN                       LP+DLc  03.2017

        A1      No Friend Of Mine                               2:51
        A2      Come                                            3:49
        A3      She's So Hot                                    3:02
        A4      Fair Enough                                     2:21
        A5      Le Passe Muraille                               4:20
        B1      Slow Down                                       3:42
        B2      Silver & Gold                                   2:45
        B3      Chill Pants                                     3:10
        B4      Hold On                                         3:14
        B5      Lost Morning Blues                              3:43
        B6      Devil Money                                     3:17

LP      Bickerton Records       BR014           2017    FR
LP      Howlin' Banana Records  HB031           2017    FR
BR      228     LAME                    CITIES                          LP        .2017

LAME is a blues lo-fi punk combo from Torino Italy,featuring 90s italian garager
Massimo Scocca (Cave Dogs,Two Bo's Maniacs),colombian drummer Maria Mallol Moya and
Stefano Isaia (Movie Star Junkies).
The sound of the band is a weird mix of noise punk madness,lonely ballads,country
sickness and stomping blues, in the vein of bands like the Gories, the Hunches and
Black Time. 
Their first LP "The lame shall enter first" is out  on Alien Snatch Records, cover
artwork by Tim Kerr (Monkeywrench,Jack o' Fire) and mastered by Tim Warren (Crypt
BR      229     JAMES McCANN & THE NEW VINDICTIVES : GOTTA LOTTA        LP        .2017

James McCann's 2017 album with The New Vindictives, 'Gotta Lotta Move-Boom!', sees
him return to the punk rock roots that inspired him as a teenager. Featuring a co-write
with Penny Ikinger ('I Can Control Your Mind') and a cover of Spencer P Jones' 'Life
In Jail', 'Gotta Love Move-Boom!' ofers nine doses of punk-spiked rock'n'roll
guaranteed to kick you into excitement. This is a record awash with the punk attitude
of the Sex Pistols, the rhythmic brutality of Feedtime and the leather-clad
rock'n'roll passion of Motörhead.
BR      230     SLEEPER BILL & MR TOF   s/t                             LP      07.2017
BR      230     SLEEPER BILL & MR TOF   s/t                             CD      07.2017

The acoustic duo of Sleeper Bill (singer-guitarist of Sleepwalkerz) and Mr Tof
(upright bass player for Hudson Maker) blends folk, blues, rockabilly and country
to create a magnetic show of original music, both on stage and - as presented here
- on vinyl!
BR      231     THE SKEPTICS            THE SKEPTICS                    LP        .2017

        A1      Mole People                                     5:54
        A2      Cosmic Balance                                  2:07
        A3      Spare no time                                   2:48
        A4      Skin of green (eyes of red)                     2:33
        A5      Cloud Mountains                                 2:45
        B1      Space Probe                                     1:35
        B2      Walking walls of Rome                           3:12
        B3      Zeeland                                         7:18
        B4      Go mental                                       3:08

LP       Juvenile Delinquent    JD015           2017    FR
BR      232     LE MAMOOTH              BREST BAYWATCH                  LP      06.2017

        A1      So Far So Good                                  03:56
        A2      Waiting For More                                02:35
        A3      Muscle Women                                    02:23
        A4      The Bug                                         02:40
        A5      Lunatic                                         03:44
        B1      Running Out                                     02:37
        B2      Jacky's Drinking All Day                        02:34
        B3      Wine (is old men's milk)                        03:12
        B4      Brest Baywatch                                  02:51
        B5      Cocaine                                         01:49
        B6      Ouessant Sheep                                  04:16

LP      Adrenalin Fix Music     AFM 010         2017    FR
LP      Stryckhnine Recordz     ST 012          2017    FR
BR      233     KIM SALMON              E(A)RNEST                       LP        .2017

        1       Independent Rock
        2       Too Much Music
        3       The Song With No Words
        4       Touche-Moi Rien
        5       Things Have Changed Little Girl
        6       L'Exhumation D'Yves Montand
        7       Diary Entries Over A Major 7
        8       Hey There Little Lightbulb
        9       Cool Fire
        10      Procrastination
        11      (I Was A) Lord Of Darkness
        12      Independent Rock (Reprise)
                (Note : LP , 300 copies)
BR      234     LA BASTARD              TROUBLE                         LP      07.2017

        A1      Do It Again                                     3:53
        A2      Trouble                                         3:15
        A3      Between You And Me                              4:46
        A4      Ali                                             3:25
        A5      Secrets                                         3:45
        A6      Round And Round                                 2:48
        B1      It's Been A Long Time                           4:11
        B2      Madeleine (Restless)                            5:37
        B3      Borderlands                                     3:26
        B4      Man Is The Man                                  4:05
        B5      Wrath Of The Owl                                3:55

LP      Cobra Snake Necktie     CSNT 26         2017    Australia
BR      235     THE BLUES AGAINST YOUTH : GOOD MORNING BAD FEELING      12"       .2017

        1       Good Morning, Bad Feeling
        2       That Reason Why
        3       It's Been A Long Time, Mama
        4       Another Pretty Country Song
        5       Got Blood In My Rhythm
        6       Lonesome road
        7       Records And Fish
BR      236     SIXFTHICK               CANETRASH                       LP      07.2017
                (Note : LP , 500 copies)
BR      237     THE TOXICS              THE TOXICS                      12"       .2017

        A1      Secret
        A2      Close To You
        A3      December
        A4      Talkin' About You
        A5      True Believers
        B1      The Last Train
        B2      Dying Slow
        B3      It Ain't Easy
        B4      Electric
        B5      Long Walk Home
                (Note : 12" , 45 RPM)

LP      Blast Of Silence        BLAST 046       2017    45 RPM
                BEAST SAMPLET VOL.5
BR      238     V / A                   BEAST RECORDS SAMPLER 2017      CD      08.2017

        1       Shifting Sands          Unrelenting Surf        3:06
        2       Gentle Ben & His Sensitive Side : Regret It     2:58
        3       La Bastard              Borderlands             3:29
        4       Harry Howard & The NDE : Criminal Life          2:59
        5       Druids of the Gué Charette : Agartha            3:20
        6       Sixfthick               Nervous Ticks           2:03
        7       Escobar                 Before You Die          2:12
        8       Muscle                  Broken Bots             2:23
        9       Chicken Snake           Walkin' Blues           3:49
        10      Cash Savage & The Last Drinks : 19 Years        4:33
        11      Sleeper Bill & Mr Tof   He Knew The Blues       2:45
        12      Les Volfoni             Good Bye Darling        2:40
        13      The Blues Against Youth : Lonesome Road         3:08
        14      James Mccann And The New Vindictives : I Can
                Control Your Mind                               3:13
        15      Lame                    Cities                  3:11
        16      Walter Daniels & Jesus & The Groupies : Crazy
                Lil Demon                                       2:54
        17      Hipbone Slim & The Knee Tremblers : Ali Mae     2:48
        18      The Madcaps             Fair Enough             2:24
        19      Richmond Sluts          I Wanna Know            3:04
        20      The Flashers            Fille Facile            2:50
        21      Double Cheese           Starting Over Again     2:37
        22      Electric Nettles        Generation Wuss         3:07
        23      The Floors              Pills                   2:01
        24      Bed Bunker              Hit Your Face           2:50
        25      Los Dominados           Motocross               4:26
        26      Kim Salmon              Too Much Music          2:10
BR      239     SAPIN : DARK IS THE NIGHT...ON IS THE PARTY             LP      02.2018

        01.     MH370
        02.     HIROSHIMA
        03.     IN MY HEAD
        04.     THANK GOD
        05.     BREAK THE VAN
        06.     THOSE HANDS
        07.     HAPPY RAIN
        08.     DERAIL THE TRAIN
        09.     TRY
        10.     DEATH CANT BE COOL
        11.     FUCK IT UP
        12.     VALIUM

The third LP by the French band Sapin, hailing from Rennes, contains 12 cuts of
excellent country-garage.
BR      240     CHATTERBOX              CHATTERBOX                      LP      02.2018

        01.     AMY
        02.     SUMMER STRESS GOOD
        03.     7 YEARS
        04.     FEMME FATALE
        05.     LOVE
        06.     LULLABY
        07.     DONT FORGET
        08.     STAY
        09.     SOMETIMES
        10.     THE WALK
        11.     DOWN
        12.     JE NE SAIS PAS QUOI FAIRE

Chatterbox is a French duet born from its passion for Flying Nuns and the Scottish
C88 scene. Their debut LP was recorded at Kerwax by Christophe Chavanon and here
comes a raw and minimalist pop magnified by a delicate and ethereal female voice
reminding of the ghosts of Young Marble Giant, The Vaselines or Rowland S. Howard.

        01.     CLEAN
        02.     NOW YOU KNOW WHY
        03.     THE WOLVES
        04.     FYA
        05.     LOVE
        06.     BLIND
        07.     LIAR
        08.     OUT OF MY WAY
        09.     GET ME OUT
        10.     SMILE

Fuzz guitars, beating drums, sweat and groove! Black Boys On Moped come from Rennes,
France, and play fast and loud. Their garage rock smells oil, gas and beer. Highly
recommended to every fan of Jay Retard, Black Box Revelation and Bass Drum Of Death.
BR      242     BUCK                    LIVE                            LP      02.2018

        01.     BISTROT
        02.     MILKSHAKE BOOBS
        03.     GANGSTER
        04.     THE DEVIL IS A WOMAN
        05.     COME DOWN
        06.     DIG
        07.     YOU DONT GIVE A SHIT
        08.     BLOODY
        09.     LEAVE ME
        10.     OLD BONES
        11.     DRIFTING

Two guys, bass, drums, heavy swampy blues-rock. A Dodge Charger boosted with
amphetamines. A soundtrack that oozes sweat and testosterone. Primitive garage
rock. The duo fronts blues rock as if they'd robb a bank: brutally, without
concessions. Drums beated like a fairground punching ball, a bass (no guitar)
that impels in Lemmy mode, a polished voice to the coarse emery cloth.
BRLP    243     ESCOBAR                 BIGGEST SOUND                   LP      11.2017

        01.     TERRIBLE MAN
        02.     MISBEHAVIOR
        03.     STUCK ON YOU
        04.     PARADISE
        05.     SALVATION
        06.     THE BIGGEST SOUND
        07.     BIG TOWN
        08.     BRAIN OUT
        09.     CHANGEOVER
        10.     STRANGER IN BLOOD
        11.     DUMB FEELINGS
        12.     DRIFTING

Escobar is a duo formed by Remi of Weird Omen and The Anomalys and Charly of the
mythical band of the '90s The Bushmen and Daria who return to the era of lo-fi and
BR      244     DIGGER & THE PUSSYCATS : VS MAGNETIX                    7"      06.2018

        01.     MAGNETIX                A WORD OF
        02.     MAGNETIX                MOVE YOURSELF

To celebrate the anniversary of their first split record released 12 years ago, the
two bands bring you here each 2 brand new unreleased tracks. No need to introduce each
band! The Magnetix are playing around since 20 years and their garage punk style became
a world wide model. The Australian duo Digger and The Pussycats devastated Europe
several times while they toured over here. 5 years after their last tour they're back!
Artwork by Darren Merinuk.
BR      245     KAVIAR SPECIAL          VORTEX                          LP      02.2018

        01.     RUN AWAY
        02.     HOW COME
        03.     BURSTING AT THE SEAMS
        04.     DEAD END
        05.     BACK TO SCHOOL
        06.     BEDROOM
        07.     THE DRAUGR
        08.     VORTEX
        09.     BUSTED
        10.     ROAD HOUSE
        11.     SCATTERED (ALL AROUND)

The third full-length delivery by this French garage-band, adding psychedelic flashes
and sweet bits of bubblegum stickiness to the mix.
BR      246     MIDNIGHT SCAVENGERS     ANGA VALE                       LP      03.2018

        01.     SAINT JOAN
        02.     MOURNING GLORY
        03.     ALLS SAID AND DONE
        04.     THATS HIM
        05.     THE GOLDEN AGE OF RAGE
        07.     CHICKEN HEARTS
        08.     ONETWOTHREE

Moody, dirty underground pop/rock from Melbourne. The current 5-piece line-up of
Midnight Scavengers revolves around singer-songwriters Johanna Brockman and her
partner Dimitri Kucharzewski.
BR      247     JET REACTIONS           FLYING OVER                     7"      06.2018

        01.     MORE REACTION
        02.     POTS TOUR DEPRESSION
        03.     I HATE THE SCENE

After 20 years under perfusion of Garage and 77 Punk, more than 500 concerts, 3 albums,
1 live, several singles and compilations released in Europe, Japan and USA, FLYING OVER
stopped to play in June 2015. In November 2017, after 2 years of cryogenisations, the
regeneration is complete, Jet Boy & Jet Girl are back with the 2009 original members
Flying Over, under the name JET REACTIONS, with Jet X - Bass (Hero -X, Jakes,
Complications), Jet Beeps - Guitar (Heartbeeps, TV Killers) and a new drummer: Jet
Gardener (Darlings, Videodrome). Debut Ep 45T out on May 10 2018 on Adrenalin Fix
Music, Stryckhnine recordz, Beast Records, Wanda Records, Beluga Records, artwork by
Darren Merinuk.

7"      Beluga Music            Beluga 064      2018    Sweden
7"      Stryckhnine Recordz     ST 017          2018    FR
7"      Adrenalin Fix Music     Fix 006         2018    Sweden
7"      Wanda Records           WR 0113         2018    GE
BR      248     CHICKEN DIAMOND         SKELETON COAST                  LP      02.2018
BRCD    248     CHICKEN DIAMOND         SKELETON COAST                  CD      02.2018

        01.     12AX7
        02.     DEEP BLACK HOLE
        03.     OUTSIDER
        04.     HYPERION
        05.     CRACKED ACTOR
        06.     DOWN ON THE STREET
        07.     GGG LAND
        08.     SKELETON COAST
        09.     A LITTLE HELL OF MY OWN
        10.     UNDER THE GROUND

The 2018 full-length by the acclaimed French primal blues screamer, who sounds like
he's haunted by the ghosts of dead rock'n'roll heroes.
BR      249     CATL.                   RIDE MY TIME UNTIL I DIE        LP      04.2018

        01.     DRIVE
        02.     BABY, YOU ALL WRONG
        03.     COCAINE BLUES
        04.     SUPERFLY LADY
        05.     SUNDOWN AND SLOW
        06.     DO THE MONEKY RAT
        07.     MISUNDERSTAND
        09.     IM ON
        10.     KEYS TO THE KINGDOM

        01.     BACK TO THE GU CHARETTE
        02.     CHEESECAKE AND WATER
        03.     ALL THE DARKNESS
        04.     UNTIL WE FALL
        05.     FANTAGHIRO
        06.     FEEL SOMETHING
        07.     DEVIL IS REAL
        08.     SHE DOESNT BELIEVE
        09.     SHAMAN BOOGIE
        10.     IN THE BEGINNING
BR      251     HUMMINGBIRD             HUMMINGBIRD                     LP      03.2018

        01.     BLACK COLOR
        02.     RYLLET
        03.     DEAD IN ME
        04.     DARK THOUGHTS
        05.     NOTHING COME
        06.     MIRACLE
        07.     MARTŠLE
        08.     SHADOW BLUES
BR      252     THE BRAVES              CARRY ON THE CON                LP      03.2018

        01.     HANGING CHURCH
        02.     LIFTING ON THE VEIL
        03.     SIDE BY SIDE
        04.     BIG SLEEP
        05.     HOW THE MONEY ROLLS IN
        06.     PEOPLE
        07.     GILDA
        08.     BEHIND THE RED DOOR

he third album by the Aussie garage-rock outcasts.
BRLP    253     RHYECE O'NEILL          UBERMENSCH BLUES                LP      11.2018

        01.     THE FIRE IN YOU
        03.     ONE MORE BOTTLE OF PLONK
        04.     RUN TO THE DUST
        05.     HIS BURNING CHAIR

Ubermensch Blues was recorded in an old community hall in the rainforest in Northern
NSW in late 2015 early 2016. Rhyece ONeill wrote most of these songs at night in his
cabin while working 12 hour days on a huge construction site in the remote desert
plains of western New South Wales. Think Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds meets the old school
sounds of The Veils meets Mark Lanegan... Filled with tension and drunken swagger with
a deliciously complementing haunting violin. Rhyece ONeills songwriting talent has
received praise from Tex Perkins (The Cruel Sea/Beasts of Bourbon), Spencer P. Jones
(Beasts of Bourbon/Gun Club), Brian Hooper (Beasts of Bourbon/Roland S. Howard),
Richard Kingsmill (Triple J Music director) & Steven Walker (The Ghost Triple R Radio).
He has toured and performed with The Beasts of Bourbon, The Ape, The Brian Jonestown
Massacre, Spencer P. Jones, Hanni El Khatib & White Denim. Steeped in the blues,
rock & roll and country his influences range from Iggy Pop, W.H. Auden, PJ Harvey,
The Cramps, Nick Cave, Mark Lanegan, Sylvia Plath, David Lynch, Rowland S. Howard, 
Patti Smith, Henry Miller, Townes Van Zandt, Dostoyevsky, Lightnin Hopkins & Dylan.

        01.     HASENHEIDE BLUES
        04.     THE LYNCHIAN METHOD
        05.     THE SEVENTH SUN
        06.     BIGFOOT BLUES
        07.     DADDY WAS A NARC
        08.     DEATH OF A GRINGO
        10.     HOW THEY ROARED

Death of a Gringo was recorded in a week live to tape: vocals, guitar, drums and bass
all recorded live. Rhyece O'Neill taught Rick (bass) the songs a couple of weeks prior
though Danny (drums) had never heard any of them until the day of the session.
BRLP    255     DIGGER & THE PUSSYCATS : WATCH YR BACK                  LP      10.2018

        01.     CATCH US IF YOU CAN
        02.     SERGI
        03.     PICKUP AT PONY
        04.     FASHION VICTIM
        05.     NO VACANCY
        06.     COMING TO GET YOU
        07.     WORKING AT A DESK
        08.     WHY WONT SHE MARRY ME
        09.     THANKS A LOT
        10.     WHERE DID YOU GO?

Beast Records are proud to reissue "Watch Yr Back" (initialy released on P Trash Rds
in 2005)!
BR      256     HOA QUEEN               HOA QUEEN                       LP      06.2018
BRCD    256     HOA QUEEN               HOA QUEEN                       CD      06.2018

        01.     MARJORIE
        02.     JUNE
        03.     AILEEN
        04.     BETTY
        05.     WILLOW
        06.     LIZZIE
        07.     NORMA JEAN
        08.     LUCIA

Dark swamp blues songs about murder and love.
BR      257     V / A                   CAJUN STOMPS VOL.1               LP     04.2018

SIDE 1: 1.      Lawrence Walker         Allons Rock And Roll
        2.      The Rambling Aces       Two Step De Vieux Temps
        3.      Franchie Martin & Eddie Shuler's Reveliers : Boogie
                Woogie Tout Le Temps
        4.      Jay Stutes              Coming Home
        5.      Adam Herbert & The Country Playboys : Open The Door
        6.      Adam Herbert & The Country Playboys : North Side Door
        7.      Cleveland Crochet & His Band Of Sugar Bee's : Hound Dog Baby
SIDE 2: 1.      Badeaux & Louisiana Aces : The Back Door
        2.      Lawrence Walker         Opelousas Two Step
        3.      Cleveland Crochet & His Band Of Sugar Bee's : Sweet Thing
        4.      The Cajun Trio          Cajun Twist "Le Tortillage"
        5.      Nathan Abshire & His Pinegrove Playboys : Lemonade Song
        6.      Nathan Abshire          Pine Grove Blues
        7.      Cleveland Crochet & His Band Of Sugar Bee's : Come Back Little Girl

A houserocking collection of Cajun party killers from the '50s and '60s. Originally
released in 1999.
BR      258     MR. AIRPLANE MAN        JACARANDA BLUE                  LP      08.2018

        01.     I'M IN LOVE
        02.     BLOOD FROM A STONE
        03.     DEEP BLUE
        04.     DO YOU WANNA (HANG OU)
        05.     SWEET LIKE A
        06.     BLUE AS I CAN BE
        07.     GOOD TIME
        08.     BELIEVE
        09.     NEVER BREAK
        10.     ANGELS BETWEEN US (FOR MARK)
        11.     INOUBLIABLE DAY
        12.     WHERE I BELONG
        13.     NO PLACE TO GO

After a 13-year break from the road, the legendary two-woman garage Blues combo MR.
AIRPLANE MAN is back with their sexiest, most sublime, soul-bending grooves yet brand
new long-player, JACARANDA BLUE. Recorded in a magical shack right on the beach north
of San Francisco JACARANDA BLUE is full of ocean California sunshine and MR. AIRPLANE
MAN's unique dark sounds. The first song explodes on the A-side with the crackling
ALAN VEGA slash JOHN LEE HOOKER inspired freak-out of Blues and lust "I'm In Love"
and weaves through MORPHINE-ish atmospheres, swampy DR. JOHN type hoodoo, dark JESSE
MAE HEMPHILL inspired trance Blues and dance floor Soul rockers. Deep Blues and garage
Punk fans will delight in this latest adult dose of sex and magic conjured from earthly
rhythms and ethereal desire. MR. AIRPLANE MAN is back, and more powerful than ever
before. Available in the USA on Sympathy For The Record Industry, Beast Records make
"Jacaranda Blue" available for Europe ** The album comes with a different sleeve as
well as a slightly different tracklisting.
BRLP    259     MR. AIRPLANE MAN/GRAVEL ROUTE : GIVE TO THE SUN         LP      07.2018

        01.     NEW KIND OF LOVE
        02.     SPIRIT CHILD
        03.     WINDOW BLUES
        04.     LET ME KNOW
        06.     SILVER MOUNTAINS
        07.     GIVE TO THE SUN

Side project band mixing members from Mr Airplane Man and Gravel Route.
BRLP    260     MR. AIRPLANE MAN        COMPILATIONS                    LP      08.2018
BRCD    260     MR. AIRPLANE MAN        COMPILATIONS                    CD      08.2018

        01.     RED LIGHT
        02.     SHAKIN AROUND
        03.     UP IN THE ROOM
        04.     WAIT FOR YOUR LOVE
        05.     DONT KNOW WHY
        06.     LIKE THAT
        07.     SUN SINKING LOW
        08.     MOANIN
        09.     CMON DJ
        10.     JESUS ON THE MAINLINE
        11.     VERY BAD FEELING
        12.     HOW LONG

Hard to grab an original vinyl album of Mr Airplane Man out on Sympathy For The Records
Industry back in the days, right? Beast Records are hopefully here to release this must
have compilation including tunes from Mr Airplane Man first self-titled LP, "Moanin"
(SFTRI, 2002), "CMon DJ" (SFTRI, 2004) and so on.

Boston two-piece Mr. Airplane Man, who include no men whatsoever among their ranks,
take their inspiration from The Velvet Underground, The Stooges, and garage rock.
Their debut self-titled album was self released with the two that followed, Moanin’
and C’mon DJ being released on Sympathy For The Record Industry (the original home of
The White Stripes). Compilation brings together the best tracks from their first three
hard-to-get albums. LP and CD on Beast Records.
BRLP    261     HUDSON MAKER            HUDSON MAKER                    LP      10.2018
BRCD    261     HUDSON MAKER            HUDSON MAKER                    CD      10.2018

        01.     MEN OF LAW
        02.     ROOW BILLY BOP
        03.     JOHN HURT
        04.     MISS BETTIE
        05.     DAMN CRAFTY
        06.     DING! DONG!
        07.     KING OF THE ROAD
        08.     SPEED RACER LEGEND
        09.     JUNGLE BIG BOOBS
        10.     OVNI
        11.     I WANT TO SCREAM
        12.     CAN YOU HELP ME

Hudson Maker is a rockabilly trio from Brittany. Think about Hot Boogie Chillun and
you've got the idea of how good is their record!
BRLP    262     HARLAN T. BOBO          A HISTORY OF VIOLENCE           LP      10.2018

        01.     HUMAN
        02.     SPIDERS
        03.     NADINE
        04.     SIRENS
        05.     GHOST
        06.     STORIED
        07.     TOWN
        08.     PAULA
        09.     WIFE

Beast Records and Goner Records are proud to join their force to release Harlan
T. Bobos "A History of Violence" LP.

        02.     THE SPACESHIP PART 2: MATSUMOTO999
        03.     THE KILLING JOKE
        05.     AN ELECTRIC PRAYER
        06.     MEXICAN SPACE GODS
        08.     NAZIS ON THE MOON
        09.     THE ROBOTS

Do you remember The Druids of The Gu Charette? The Electric Nettles share one side
of a split record with them ("Electric Druidism", Beast Records BR217). Pretty sure
you also enjoyed "All the Darkness Looks Alive" (Druids of The Gu Charette, Beast
Records, BR250). So who the fuck are The Electric Nettles? Easy: theyre also the
Druids of The Gu Charette. Are you ready for a heavy fuzz psych garage trip?
BRLP    264     WHODUNIT                MEMORIES FROM A SH*T HOLE       LP      09.2018

        01.     THE PRICE
        02.     LOVE ME
        03.     COME ON
        04.     DEVIL BLUES
        05.     NUN ON THE RUN
        06.     JUNGLE FEVER
        07.     YOU FUCK MY WINE
        08.     BECAUSE YOURE MINE
        09.     ROOM 204
        10.     WAITING
        11.     REDRUM
        12.     SALVATION
        13.     ALL OVER AGAIN

"Memories From a Sh*t Hole" is the Whodunits 4th album. Recorded and produced by
Jim Diamond himself! 13 songs full of Jeffrey Lee Pierce and Lux Interiors ghosts
as well as The New Christs, Nomads, James Leg and Tow Waits influences. Garage
anthems, pure punk songs, tortured boogie blues tunes, thats Whodunit!
BRLP    265     TALLY HO!               ADAM'S ASTHMA                   LP      09.2018

        01.     KIDS
        03.     YOUR SISTER
        04.     ADAMS ASTHMA
        05.     RIVERPOOL
        06.     THE LEE KONG
        07.     IM ON A LEASH
        08.     IT KEEPS ME III
        09.     ASHLEY
        11.     BOOMARANG

Tally-ho is a very old traditional cry made by the huntsman to tell others the quarry
has been sighted. Its also a band from Rennes, France. Think about Pavement and Parquet
Courts, youve got the deal. Instead of letting the dogs loose on the songs, Tally Ho!
dominate the electric horses, pulling on the bridle of controlled rhythms and stroking
them with pure tunes.

        02.     THE SPACESHIP PART 2: MATSUMOTO999
        03.     THE KILLING JOKE
        05.     AN ELECTRIC PRAYER
        06.     MEXICAN SPACE GODS
        08.     NAZIS ON THE MOON
        09.     THE ROBOTS

Do you remember The Druids of The Gu Charette? The Electric Nettles share one side
of a split record with them ("Electric Druidism", Beast Records BR217). Pretty sure
you also enjoyed "All the Darkness Looks Alive" (Druids of The Gu Charette, Beast
Records, BR250). So who the fuck are The Electric Nettles? Easy: theyre also the
Druids of The Gu Charette. Are you ready for a heavy fuzz psych garage trip?
BRCD    267     WOLFONI                 LETTER FROM LUCIFER             CD      11.2018

        01.     LETTER FROM LUCIFER
        02.     I CAN TELL
        03.     BROTHER TWANG
        04.     TEAR FOR JESSE
        05.     STOOD UP
        06.     GOODBYE DARLING
        07.     WOLF ON ICE
        08.     JUNGLE QUEEN
        09.     F.I.A.T.
        10.     JUNKO PARTNER
        11.     BRAND NEW CADILLAC
        12.     FIVE DAYS ON THE MOON

Rock'n'roll trio, punchy, twangy, swing and electric.
BRLP    268     JOHNNY CASINO           TRADE WINDS                     LP      10.2018

        01.     GHOSTS IN YOUR MIND
        02.     YOU CANT GIVE IT AWAY
        03.     THE TRADE WINDS
        04.     PÀJAROS DEL MAR
        05.     OH NIGHT
        06.     TEMPTATION
        07.     ANYTIME
        08.     SOMEWHERE LOST IN TIME

The album began its life after a phone call from Johnnys great friend and former
member of Asteroid B612 Kenny Killer Watt, Kenny asked Johnny if he had any new ideas
or songs hed like to record in Fremantle Western Australia. The answer was yes!!
And Kenny set about putting a band together to record these ideas.
WARREN HALL (Drums)(The Volcanics/Datura 4/The Drones) has been playing with Johnny
for many years either playing live in Western Australia or in the recording studio
on many of Johnnys songs over the years , Warren is such a great organic musician so
he was onboard from the start, Kenny then approached MARTYN P CASEY (Bass Guitar)
(Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds/The Triffids/Grinderman) whom Johnny had met a few times
in his travels, Kenny played Martyn some of Johnnys acoustic sketches of the songs
and Marty was impressed, so there in lies the core of the band for this album, add
in some of Fremantles locals including DOM MARIANI (the Stems/DM3/Datura 4)-GREG
HITCHCOCK (the Bamboos/You Am I/the Neptunes)-JOHNNY PHATOUROS (The Volcanics)-RICHARD
LANE (The Stems) and Sydneys singing sisters CARRIE and JODI PHILLIS (The Clouds
/The Boobytraps) and you have Johnny Casino trade winds.
BRLP    269     V / A                   LA NEF D FOUX                   LP      11.2018

        05.     MR AIRPLANE MAN "DEEP BLUE"
        06.     HARLAN T. BOBO "GHOST"
        07.     HITS "NEVER SING A SONG AGAIN"
BR      270     THE BUXOM BLADE         THE BUXOM BLADE                 LP      11.2018

        01.     AND THE RAIN DID COME
        02.     HOLE
        03.     IF WE CAN MAKE IT BETTER
        05.     MY LOVE IS REAL
        06.     GOSPEL GUN
        07.     ALL THE PEOPLE
        08.     IN A FRIGHT
        09.     TAKE ME ALL IN TWO WORDS
        10.     MY HEART IS PERFECT
                TO STAND ON

        01.     AINT GOT A LEG TO STAND ON
        02.     BAD DUMPLINGS
        03.     ONE MORE SHOT
        04.     YOU MAKE MY BLOOD BOIL
        05.     DISTANT LOVE
        06.     GENIE IN THE LAMP
        07.     SQUARE PEG IN A ROUND HOLE"
        08.     HAVANA CADILLAC
        09.     ICING ON THE CAKE
        10.     SLOW BURN
        11.     THE EYES HAVE IT
        12.     TREMBLIN
        13.     VOODOO LOVE
        14.     WHERE DO I GO FROM HERE?

Hipbone Slim and The Kneetremblers are a most prolific and versatile musical
combination. Prolific in that they have previously recorded and released ten albums
of highly regarded, critically acclaimed, greatly sought-after and collectable music.
Versatil in that they are able to perform music in many style, such as rocknroll,
surf, beat, rockabilly, zydeco and of course both blues and rhythm and blues.
Whatever the musical genre in which the Kneetremblers choose to play, at the heart
of their music is always rocknroll!
BRLP    272     CHICKEN SNAKES          YOU MUST BE THE DEVIL           LP      11.2018

        01.     TROUBLE
        02.     YOU MUST BE THE DEVIL
        03.     SICK
        04.     BLIND MAN BLUES
        05.     FIRE AND BRIMSTONE
        06.     BLACK WATER BLUES
        07.     MIDNIGHT CALL
        08.     FORTUNE TELLER BLUES
        09.     WORRIED BLUES
        10.     HONKY TONK BLUES

CHICKEN SNAKES sound is likened to old rusty train wheels, screeching down a lonesome
track at midnight... Or a Gris-Gris charm made of dirty swamp water, a pinch of
graveyard dirt, a few bottles of Whisky & Gin, The Devil and Sin, stirred with a
handful of rooster feathers- until mixed well... CHICKEN SNAKE was founded in 2009
by Jerry Teel ( Honeymoon Killers, Boss Hog, Chrome Cranks, Knoxville Girls, Jerry
Teel & The Big City Stompers ) and his wife and songwriting partner, Pauline Teel
( Jerry Teel & The Big City Stompers ). The band has included many musicians along
the way, as The Teels have wandered through the big cities and waded through the
backwoods swamps, while longing to return to New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina.
"You Must Be The Devil" is Chicken Snake 5th album, you need to get yourself a copy!
BRLP    273     V / A                   CAJUN STOMPS, VOL.2             LP      02.2019

        05.     LAWRENCE WALKER "LENA MAE"
        10.     VIN BRUCE "BIG TEXAS"
        11.     THE CAJUN TRIO "LA CRAVATE"
BRLP    274     GIL RIOT                WHISKY ON YOUR MINDS            LP      03.2019
BRLP    274     GIL RIOT                WHISKY ON YOUR MINDS            CD      03.2019

        01.     WE NEED ANGELS
        02.     BAD MOON
        03.     AS THE LEAVES TURN TO GOLD
        04.     THE MUDDY WATERS SHOW
        05.     DIAMOND
        06.     THERES SOME WORDS
        07.     A HORSE TO RIDE
        08.     THE LAST LADY
        09.     THE AWFUL NIGHT
BR      275     PETE ROSS AND THE SAPPHIRE : LOVE LIVE DARK MATTER      7"      11.2018

        01.     LOVE LIKE DARK MATTER
        02.     WORTHY OF LOVE

The elegant folk rock group Pete Ross & The Sapphire (AUS/NZ) is back with a new
BRLP    276     V / A                   RENNES CITY ROCKERS             LP      11.2018

        01.     WOLFONI "WOLF ON ICE"
        04.     KAVIAR SPECIAL "BUSTED"
        06.     BOKKASSA "OLD DIRTY CUNT"
        07.     BLACK BOYS ON MOPED "FYA"
        08.     SAPIN "THANK GOD"
        09.     TALLY HO! "KIDS"
        12.     BED BUNKER "HIT YOUR FACE"
        13.     CHATTERBOX "DONT FORGET"
        14.     GIL RIOT "A HORSE TO RIDE"
        16.     SLEEPER BILL & MR TOF "I FOUND A NAME"
BRLP    277     TEXAS TEA               TEXAS TEA                       LP      03.2019

        02.     THE SPACESHIP PART 2: MATSUMOTO999
        03.     THE KILLING JOKE
        05.     AN ELECTRIC PRAYER
        06.     MEXICAN SPACE GODS
        08.     NAZIS ON THE MOON
        09.     THE ROBOTS
BRLP    278     SKIN A BUCK : MAKE SKIN A BUCK GREAT AGAIN              LP      12.2018

        01.     BUFFY (THE VAMPIRE SLAYER)
        03.     VANISHING POINT
        04.     (IVE GOT) A BROKEN NAIL
        05.     WHITE LINE FEVER
        06.     APPLE ON MY EYE
        07.     PYRAMID
        08.     MY MUM IS MY SISTER

Imagine if you can, two outer space rednecks, two freaks halfway between the spirit
of Deliverance and Two Thousand Maniacs! who decided to replace ultra-violence by
injecting right through their carburators a great dose of humor directly influenced
by B movies and cheap comic books. Bipolar duo from Lorient, Brittany, Skin a Buck
distils his own "Barn Rock" mixing influences from 90s grunge, punk rock and dirty
blues musics.
BRLP    279     THE FLOORS              COME UNSTUCK                    LP      05.2019

Perth's most spectacular performers deliver another album of inward-looking, outwardly
rockin' tunes, jammed full of fiery riffs, powerful bass and relentless drum lines.
"Come Unstuck" sounds and feels like a steam train running through your chest.
BR      280     THE KILL DEVIL HILLS    PAST AND FUTURE GHOSTS          LP      07.2019

The Kill Devil Hills is a multi-award-winning West Australian 5-piece rock band formed
in 2003.
The diverse textures of the band’s sound ranges from mournful heart-heavy ballads to
screeching, visceral jungle punk.
"Past and Future Ghosts" was recorded live in March 2013 at the Fremantle Arts
Centre. The album contained songs from their first three albums "Heathen Songs",
"The Drought" and "Man, You Should Explode".
BRLP    281     BURN IN HELL            A COMEDY OF HORRORS             LP      07.2019

        02.     GUNSLINGER
        03.     THE DROUGHT
        04.     THE BENDS
        06.     THE NETS
        07.     COOL MY DESIRE
        08.     LUCY-ON-ALL-FOURS
BRLP    282     ST. MORRIS SINNERS : THE VERY BEST OF 2012-2019         LP      07.2019

        01.     FOR LEASE
        02.     BALLAD OF THE SHERIFF
        03.     MAMA MORPHINE
        04.     TALL PUPA SYNDROME
        05.     DISTANCE
        06.     HATS OFF
        07.     BFBF
        08.     80 HOURS A WEEK
        09.     PRAYING MANTIS SALLY
        10.     TOO CLOSE TO HOME

"...deliriously unhinged rock n roll that has been flooring Adelaide audiences...
It seems counter-intuitive to say a band is "perfecting" a sound so loose and
visceral, but by the beard of Zeus theyre really nailing it..." - Walter Marsh
RIPitUP St. Morris Sinners formed in late 2011. They soon made a name for themselves
around Adelaide as an exciting live band, drawing influence from artists such as:
Nick Cave, Jonathan Richman and The Triffids (Just to name a few.)-They have blended
a cocktail of musical genres into their own style of dirty alternative rock.
Their live shows have attracted crowds not only with their music, but also their
raucous energy. St. Morris Sinners debut EP (2013) was well received by fans, it
gained national airplay through independent radio stations. Since then, they have
released 2 albums, For Lease (2014) and Songs About Insects (2016) and have performed
with a host of bands including King Khan & BBQ Show (Canada), Kid Congo & the Pink
Monkey Birds (USA), The Monkey Wrench (USA), Kim Salmon (Melb), The Ape (Melb),
Spencer P Jones (Melb) and The Creases (Brisbane). St. Morris Sinners recently
produced a film clip for their song Hats Off To You My Lord, directed by Harrison
Gilbertson and was released on Halloween.
BRLP    283     CANNON FODDER           CANNON FODDER                   LP      07.2019

        01.     ALONE
        02.     TRY ME
        03.     SUPERSTAR
        04.     SOMETHING COLD
        05.     A GIRL LIKE YOU
        06.     STUPID FIGHT
        07.     TWO ANGELS
        08.     UP AND DOWN
        09.     IN YOUR PAIN
        10.     DEATHLY

Cannon Fodder is a power trio lead by Chris Martini (from Head On). Swamp rock in the
vein of Spencer P. Jones and the Beasts of Bourbon, blues rock under the influence of
Memphis Greg Cartwright. Cannon Fodder is a V12 made in Le Mans Motor City, a nervous
and powerful engine which stuck listeners to their sit from the first song to the end
of the album!
BRLP    284     CELLOPHANE SUCKERS      GHOSTRIDERS B.R.D.              LP      07.2019

        01.     RISING
        02.     TAKE IT OUT
        03.     OUT OF GRACE
        04.     OVER THE EDGE
        05.     ALREADY FUCKED UP
        06.     F.Y. BLUES
        07.     SOULFOOD
        08.     WER DU BIST
        09.     DEATH MONKEY

Who the fuck are the CELLOPHANE SUCKERS? The 5 pals rumbling all but unwatched now
more than 25 years. And whenever you thought you get rid of them, one of those damn
posters hangs around announcing the next SUCKERS show. And probably youll find them
drinking in good company at the bar. And its now 2019, the earth stumbles and shakes,
and the SUCKERS like undead hellions get out their next piece of wax, black and
running on 45 rpm, 9 songs, soul soakers, swamp rollers, mean punshers, filled up
with 2 covers of their choice to proof good taste (BORED!s "Take it out on you" and
"Over the edge" of the WIPERS).
BR      285     DRAUGHT DODGERS         DRAUGHT DODGERS                 LP      06.2019

        01.     FLEABIT BOOGIE
        02.     DICK SWINGIN
        03.     SLEAZY
        04.     SHEENA
        05.     DOOM-WHOP
        06.     DEAD SPIT
        07.     HO GOLD

Straight out of the swamplands, Melbourne's new rose, the Draught Dodgers have a
first LP on Beast Records! Even if you don't know the band you know their members
: Jack Davies (Bitter Sweet Kicks) on vocals, Tim Rogers (You Am I) on guitars, Mick
Sayers on the bass and Evan Richards (Burn in Hell) on drums. The Draught Dodgers
are a super band!
BRLP    286     THE LIZARDS             INSIDE YOUR HEAD                LP      09.2019
        01.     WHAT I AM
        02.     EVERYBODY SUCKS
        03.     PSYCHIC VAMPIRE
        04.     GOING ON
        05.     THE HURRICANE
        06.     NO GUTS NO GLORY
        07.     A REASON
        08.     YOU SAY NOTHING
        09.     ROCKERS HATE SUMMER
        10.     ARE YOU READY
        11.     STATE OF SHAME
        12.     DAILY STRANGERS	

The Lizards are a power trio from Barcelona formed in 2007 that are characterized by
their singable melodies and a strong sound influenced by bands such as Joan Jett,
Motorhead, and Misfits. In 2011, they sign with Kaiowas Records, a subsidiary of
Roadrunner Records and release their first album "Stalking the Prey." Their second
album "Road To Anywhere" is released in 2015 by the French label Adrenalin Fix Music.
Both albums are recorded and produced at La Atlantida studio in Barcelona, with Edgar
Beltri (current drummer of the band) as producer. They play shows for over ten years,
including various tours in France and Germany, and they receive great acceptance from
the public and the music press. They share stage with bands like Nashville Pussy
(Resurrection Tour), Peter Pan Speedrock, The Last Vegas, Cavalera Conspiracy
(Kaiowas Fest), The Hangmen, The Sisters of Mercy, Nelson Can (Low Festival),
The Flaming Sideburns, The Dickies, The Avengers and many others. In 2018 they make
a Route Resurrection Tour opening for Nashville Pussy across Spain and got very good
reviews. In 2019 they join Black Izar management agency (El Drugs, L.A.M.O.D.A.,
Travellin Brothers). Their third album "Inside Your Head" is recorded at La Atlantida
Estudio and released by the french labels Beast Records and Adrenalin Fix in 2019.
They are currently playing all over Spain and other countries.
BRLP    287     MOD CON/MOODY BEACHES   SPLIT                           LP      07.2019

        01.     MOD CON                 MIRROR OF VENUS
        02.     MOD CON                 NEIGHBOURHOOD
        03.     MOD CON                 SUBMIT
        04.     MOODY BEACHES           GUNS
        05.     MOODY BEACHES           WEIRD FRIENDS
        06.     MOODY BEACHES           MODES	

Two sides, two bands, both from Melbourne, both all girl bands, both released records
on Poison City Records in Australia. Mod Con is led by Erica Dunn (from Tropical Fuck
Storm) - vocals and guitar - Sara Retallick (bass) and Raquel Solier (drums). Moody
Beaches are a post-punk grunge project featuring members of La Bastard, Hot Wings,
& millennia teen dreams Sugarfiend.
BRLP    288     V / A                   LA NEF D FOUX                   LP      08.2019

        01.     DRAUGHT DODGERS         FLEABIT BOOGIE
        02.     GRINDHOUSE              SHIT COCAINE
        03.     THE FLOORS              HANG IT ON A LINE
        04.     BURN IN HELL            SPANISH BANANA
        07.     TEXAS TEA               OLD AT HEART
        08.     BENCH PRESS             RESPITE
        09.     MOODY BEACHES           GUNS
        10.     MOD CON                 MIRRORS OF VENUS
        11.     SHIFTING SANDS          TREES

Binic is a small seaside town in Brittany, with a population of almost 4000, and it
hosts a free rock festival every summer. It's called the Binic Folks Blues Festival
(BFBF), but leans much more towards loud rock'n'roll than folk or blues. It runs for
three days, and people come from far and wide - this year there were about 60,000.
This year the festival was in its 10th years! As Beast Records provide most of the
bands playing there, the label released this special vinyl compilation that features
some of the most remarkable rocknroll outfits like Grindhouse, Mod Con, The Kill
Devil Hills, The Floors, Burn in Hell, Bench Press, Shifting Sands and so on.
                TAKE CHARITY

        01.     ALIVE AND WELL
        02.     PONTIAC
        03.     CRYING
        04.     ANCHOR
        05.     CLOSING TIME
        06.     IM WATCHING YOU
        07.     TODAY RIDE DOWN
        08.     HER COMES JOHNNY
        09.     SILVER TRAIN

"Kim Volkman has led an interesting musical life. Guitarist with Ian Rilen and the
Love Addicts - one of the most underrated, raw and real bands to appear on Australian
stages in the last 30 years - hes also had three stints filling his late ex-band
leaders bass spot in X. Volkmans played with many lesser-known bands - including his
own very good Whiskey Priests. Unlike Justin Bieber, hes never had notable success.
Thats probably a good thing in Kims case - on his own admission, it might have killed
him. Kim Volkmans childhood was scarred by abuse, hes had a couple of runs of smack
addiction. Hes been a functioning alcoholic, ridden out a number of car crash
relationships and, of course, has lived, eaten and breathed rock and roll. Musics
been both his salvation and his downfall, at times. Even being a "rock star" in a
relatively small pool (that would be Melbourne) brings pressures to live up to the
name. If catharsis is character building, Kim Volkman is one of Australias most
resilient characters."

BR      290
                OF INDUSTRY

Margaret Airplaneman is the guitar/singing half of the duo Mr. Airplane Man—a band
that blends hypnotic blues, haunting slide guitar, and idiosyncratic rock and roll
with dreamy girlgroup melodies.
Mr. Airplane Man has toured with bands like Holly Golightly, Reigning Sound, JSBX,
Detroit Cobras, White Stripes, The Gories, Morphine and Kid Congo. 
Mr. Airplane Man’s music has also been featured in a variety of TV shows, films,
and skate videos, including multiple episodes of The L Word and the film Crazy Eyes. 
A few years ago, Margaret moved to the West Coast and began exploring solo
performance, experimenting with a loop pedal to create layered melodies over which
she could play leads on her cigar box guitar. 
A mishmosh of drone blues in the tradition of Jessie Mae Hemphill and Fred McDowell,
the fuzzy rock n roll of the Velvets and Stooges, and love of Tuareg and Gnawa music,
Margaret Airplaneman is at once a continuation of and new direction for Mr. Airplane
Man’s sound, taking listeners on a dreamy journey propelled by gritty psych blues



BR      295




BR      300

IR      003     I AM A BAND             RUINS OF SOUTH                  CD      03.2012
BR      110                                                             LP      03.2012

        1       (Since I Don't) Believe In God
        2       Mine Mine Mine
        3       Take Me Back From Calais
        4       I Can't Stand
        5       As Long
        6       Tucson
        7       The Shelter
        8       Behind Bars
        9       The End Of The Day
        10      Jackson
        11      The Ballad Of Johnny Flash
        12      Wayfaring Stranger

        01.     CRUMBLING CASTLE
        02.     POLYGONDWANALAND
        03.     THE CASTLE IN THE AIR
        05.     INNER CELL
        06.     LOYALTY
        07.     HOROLOGY
        08.     TETRACHROMACY
        09.     SEARCHING
        10.     THE FOURTH COLOUR