Distr.  : NE - Sonic Rendezvous
Style   : Americana / roots /

BDLPLP  5       THE SMOKING FLOWERS     LET'S DIE TOGETHER              CD      03.2019
BDLPLP  6       THE SMOKING FLOWERS     LET'S DIE TOGETHER              LP      03.2019

        01.     YOUNG & BRAVE
        02.     RIP IT OFF
        03.     HERE 4 U NOW
        04.     WOODLAND AVE.
        05.     OUTLIVE ME
        06.     SUNSET, MO
        07.     STREET FIGHT
        08.     ONE FRIEND
        09.     ONE HORSE TOWN
        10.     LET'S DIE TOGETHER
        11.     HEART B 4 THE HEAD

Multi-instrumentalists Kim and Scott Collins are The Smoking Flowers, and together
the duo have a strong affinity for alt-rock and alt-country on this third album.
Kims triumphant bout with cancer certainly hasnt slowed down their approach,
especially on the anthemic and charged riffs of the early songs here, though later
on Americana and folk influences seep into the strong songwriting. As the album
progresses, the pair dig deep and get dusty, bluesy, warm, and sweet, particularly
on the duet "Street Fight," which is about as brilliant as youd expect from Ryan
Adams in his heyday, and certainly complements the earlier fuzzed out rock well.
This is an album that has a unique ability to fuse loud, thriving 90s rock guitars
with a vintage feeling akin to their Nashville home. While some would call what the
husband and wife team have chemistry, on this phenomenal album it seems pretty close
to magic. Tom Haugen (new noise).