Distr.  : UK - Piccadilly
Style   : techno / house /

Bakk Heia Records has evolved outta the celebrated Manchester / Salford based club
night of the same name. The label appears to mirror the clubnight's ethos - 'blurring
the lines between ambient drones, performance, abstraction, hedonism and dance music.'
Add to that a keen ear for the cutting edge and brand new sounds and you've got, in
our humble opinion, a recipe for success! The clubnight, currently based at the White
Hotel, has brought over a who's who of underground modern music players (Toulouse Low
Trax, Radioactive Man & Intergalactic Gary amongst others) and if this first record's
anything to go by, they're gonna present a who's who of modern music MAKERS!
Johnny Phethean aka Shuttle was born in Newcastle and currently resides in Mancunia
(alongside label head Jack Tomson) and heads up this killer first release. "Grade 1"
deconstructs B-boy and electro references into a angular, jaunty trip into the inner
workings of the mainframe. Add some eerie, AFX-indebted keys and you've got a haunting
and skeletal midnight dance ritual for broken hearts. "Speke" is beautifully stripped
back and poised. Elegant, slightly Detroitian, synthesized rhythms jostle against
delicate melodic flutters as a steady kick keeps time. march 4, 2019

BH      001     SCHUTTLE                BH 001                          12"     03.2019

        A1.     Grade 1
        A2.     Speke
        B1.     Utensil
        B2.     Grade 2