Distr.  : NE - Shiny Beast/Clear Spot/
style   : funk / soul /

MRW     1       PAUL ZAZA               LE PAYBACK                      CD      05.2014

A compelling slice of Canadian funk from the late '70s, inspired by the righteous
power of James Brown's famous 'Payback' album, but who come across here with a warmer,
clubbier feel overall. There's a nice degree of boogie in the mix, but the overall
approach is definitely funk, with bumping basslines underneath tight horns, including
plenty of sweet Fred Wesley-styled trombone. Originally from 1977.
MRW     2       PAUL ZAZA               HOT IN HERE                     CD      05.2014

Plenty hot in here, thanks to some great grooves from this obscure clubby combo, one
who work here with some tight disco arrangements from Paul Zaza! The approach is
definitely on the warmer side of the disco style of the time: lots of great earthy
rhythms at the core, and tight live instrumentation that riffs along nicely with the
grooves, and almost gives the record the feel of late 70s gems on Prelude or TK!
Originally from 1977.
MRW     3       PAUL ZAZA               JUST A LITTLE BIT               CD      05.2014

Great clubby grooves from maestro Paul Zaza, a set that's got plenty of electric
jazzy touches, and which almost feels like a lost bit of sound library funk at times!
Unlike some of Zaza's other disco work, this set's all instrumental and has a great
focus on the keyboards, which get kind of cool and groovy in many parts, adding in
a moogy element that you don't normally find in work of this nature. The approach is
a bit like the records that Bebu Silvetti issued for Salsoul - but with more keyboard
 overall. Originally from 1977.