AVANT! RECORDS                  ITALY
**************                  Bologna


Owner   : Andrea Napoli
Distr.  : IT - Agipunk
          UK - Boomkat
          NE - Clear Spot/Shiny Beast/
Style   : industrial / wave / electro / dancefloor / neo folk / noise / dark wave
          / experimental / minimal synth / minimal wave / EBM / synth pop / punk /
          post punk / gothic / garage rock / punk / new wave / post industrial /

AV!     001     HIS ELECTRO BLUE VOICE/NUIT NOIRE : SPLIT               7"      12.2007

        A1      His Electro Blue Voice : Call
        B1      Nuit Noire              Opening The Portal
        B2      Nuit Noire              Faerie Punk
                (Note : 7"/33.3 RPM , 489 copies)
AV!     002     BLACK BUG               I DON'T LIKE YOU                7"        .2008

        A       I Don't Like You                                1:43
        AA      You A Grave                                     3:06
                (Note : 7"/45 RPM , 250 copies on clear vinyl)
AV!     003     LOS LLAMARADA           AGAINST THE DAY EP              7"      10.2008

        A1      Against The Day
        B1      The Last Time
        B2      The Blanket Escape

        A1      Black Caraibi
        A2      Montgomery Clift
        A3      Sad Short Ballad Of A Gun And A Bride
        A4      Whistling
        B1      The Sink Song
        B2      Subliminal Man
        B3      Red Ants Blues
                (Note : 12" , 350 copies)
AV!     005     KRYSMOPOMPAS            GESA                            7"      09.2009

        A       Gesa
        B       Volker
                GET DRUNK

        A       Waiting For The Cheerleaders To Get Drunk
        B       What's Your Name? Who's Your Daddy?
AV!     007     CCCANDY                 LONESOME BERLIN                 LP        .2010

        A1      Bloke Hunt
        A2      Lonesome Berlin
        A3      Woman
        A4      My Demon
        A5      Teacher Of Lust
        A6      I'm A Punk
        B1      Bourgeoisie Nie
        B2      Acid A Go-Go
        B3      She Lied
        B4      Police Offizier
        B5      Boredom
        B6      Blood & Guts
                (Note : LP , 300 copies)
AV!     008     CULT OF YOUTH : FILTHY PLUMAGE IN AN OPEN SEA! EP       12"       .2010

        A1      Lace Up Your Boots
        A2      And the Sky Will Open
        A3      Eihwaz
        B1      Decency
        B2      Traitorous Blood
        B3      Bottomed Out
AV!     009     SCORPION VIOLENTE       UBERSCHLEISS                    LP      04.2011

        A1      Viol et Revanche
        A2      Ray ov Gold
        A3      13 Ans Presque 17
        A4      Uberschleiss
        B1      The Cherrypopper
        B2      Fugue de Pute Mineure
        B3      Christopher Walken
        B4      We Are One
AV!     010     LUST FOR YOUTH          SOLAR FLARE                     LP.CD   04.2011

A.      1       Intro                                           1:32
        2       Dreams                                          3:33
        3       Ruins                                           3:16
        4       Solar Flare                                     3:34
        5       Sickness                                        1:59
        6       Eternity Now                                    5:10
B.      7       Far Away                                        4:11
        8       Black Death                                     2:39
        9       Strings                                         1:08
        10      Falling                                         1:38
        11      Taste Of Skin                                   2:15
        12      Red Lights                                      6:53
AV!     011     CONTREPOISON            UNTIL NEXT MORNING              LP      01.2013

        A1      ...Until Next Morning                           4:33
        A2      The Snake Has Bitten His Tail                   3:56
        B1      Heartbeat                                       3:28
        B2      To Never, Forever                               6:08
                (Note : LP , 500 copies)
AV!     012     DREAM AFFAIR            ENDLESS DAYS                    LP      07.2011

        A1      Endless Days
        A2      Silent Story
        A3      Drifting
        A4      405
        A5      Apology
        B1      Lucid
        B2      No Use Hiding
        B3      Until the Fall
        B4      Parting
AV!     013     KING DUDE               TONIGHYT'S SPECIAL DEATH        LP      09.2011

        A1      My Everlasting Life II                          2:58
        A2      Witch's Hammer                                  2:02
        A3      River Of Gold                                   3:05
        A4      Born In Blood                                   2:14
        A5      Slaves                                          2:20
        B1      White Hands                                     2:47
        B2      Design                                          1:34
        B3      Love All Around You                             1:47
        B4      No One Is Here                                  2:05
        B5      Day Of The Night                                3:30
AV      014     Father Murphy / How Much Wood Would a Woodchuck         7"      09.2011
                Chuck if a Woodchuck Could Chuck Wood? : SPLIT

        A.      Jesus
        B.      Humpty Dumpty
AV!     015     FUNK POLICE             HOT WE ARE FUNK WE PLAY         LP      11.2011

        A1      Back Inside You
        A2      Coco Dance
        A3      Horsefag
        A4      Immigrant Pekin Mambo Love Song
        A5      Now I Can Funk
        B1      Red Blood Black Boobs
        B2      You Always Win
        B3      Sugar
        B4      Why Do I Always Have to Live in the Same Fucking Song
        B5      Sorry Angel
AV!     016     LFY/WAR                 THE GLASS HOUSE ETIQUETTE       7"      04.2012

        A       Lust for Youth          Denial, Veronica        5:51
        B       VAR                     Somme, Maggio           5:10
AV!     017     LFY                     GROWING SEEDS                   LP      01.2012

        A1      Behind Curtains
        A2      It's You
        A3      We Planted a Seed
        A4      Champagne
        A5      La Rouge
        B1      Cover Their Faces
        B2      Always Changing
        B3      Modern Life
        B4      We Got Lust
        B5      Neon Lights Appear
AV!     018     WHITE HEX               HEAT                            LP      07.2012

        A1      Stranger Love
        A2      Holiday
        A3      Nothing Comes
        B1      Desperate Heat
        B2      Waves
        B3      Ice Cold
AV!     019     NATURAL ASSEMBLY        ARMS OF DEPARTURE EP            12"     07.2012

        A1      Nightfall
        A2      19.03.12
        A3      Sunrise
        B1      Wretched Burden
        B2      The Figures Absolved of All Compulsion
        B3      Ruination
AV!     020     NIGHT SINS              NEW GRAVE                       LP      10.2012

        A1      Playing Dead
        A2      Shoot Me Up
        A3      Spectral Bliss
        A4      The Stranger
        A5      Knell
        B1      The Eternal Giver
        B2      Wild Eyes
        B3      Winged Thing
        B4      Knife to the Sky
AV!     021     HORROR VACUI : IN DARKNESS YOU WILL FEEL ALRIGHT        LP      10.2012

        A1.1    Intro
        A1.2    Black Rivers
        A2      I Like It When A Soldier Dies
        A3      Corvus Corax
        A4      Everytime
        B1      In Darkness You Will Feel Alright
        B2      Yersinia
        B3      Arabian Spring
        B4      Leave Me Alone
        B5      Outro
AV!     022      how much wood would a woodchuck chuck if a woodchuck   LP      11.2012
                could chuck wood? : s/t                         

        A1      For Nobody
        A2      Joy And Rebellion
        A3      Save Us
        B1      In Aria
        B2      Oh Dark
        B3      The Rock
                (Note : LP , 350 copies on black vinyl)
AV!     023     LFY                     SALUTING ROME EP                12"     12.2012

        A1      Saluting Rome                                   4:19
        A2      Virgins Hold Hands                              1:43
        A3      First Touch                                     2:22
        B1      OSK                                             5:23
        B2      Ecstasy                                         4:09
                (Note : 12" , white vinyl)
AV!     024     LAKES                   BLOOD ON THE GROVE              LP      06.2013

        A1      Blood Of The Grove                              2:14
        A2      The Oldest Place                                3:16
        A3      Crossed With Leaves                             3:54
        A4      Night Lark                                      2:45
        A5      Wingless & Earthbound                           2:43
        B1      Visitation Dawn                                 3:49
        B2      All The Waking Dreams                           2:43
        B3      The Longest Reign                               3:32
        B4      Ashes Black                                     2:26
        B5      Painted Wreath                                  3:19
AV!     025     KINIT HER : THE POET & THE BLUE FLOWER                  LP.CD   11.2013
                (Note : LP , grey vinyl)

        1       Feast Of Death I                                1:39
        2       The Poet & The Blue Flower                      7:20
        3       Reconcile                                       4:46
        4       Silence, My Song I                              2:32
        5       Feast Of Death II                               2:00
        6       As Old As Day and Night Together                6:31
        7       A Dome Surrounds                                6:04
        8       Silence, My Song II                             2:29
AV!     026     NIGHT SINS              TO LONDON OR THE LAKE           LP      01.2014

        A1      Air Dance
        A2      To London or the Lake
        A3      Evangeline
        A4      Rain
        B1      Bound 'Round the World
        B2      Heaven in the Snow
        B3      Dear Marquis
        B4      Neon Light Intoxicants
                (Note : LP , 500 copies)
AV!     027     SANGRE DE MUERDADO/NOVEMTHREE : BRAIDED PATHS           LP      03.2014

        A1      Sangre De Muerdago      A Xustiza Pola Man      7:14
        A2      Sangre De Muerdago      Saudades                4:10
        A3      Sangre De Muerdago      Unha Ofrenta De Ósos    6:31
        A4      Sangre De Muerdago      53°40,6"N 008°06,3"E    4:09
        B1      Novemthree              Embracing The Storm     5:04
        B2      Novemthree              Need                    3:22
        B3      Novemthree              This Is My Home         3:48
        B4      Novemthree              Othala                  5:21
        B5      Novemthree              The Serpent's Skin      3:31
AV!     028     CONTREPOISON            I KEEP ON SEARCHING             12"     05.2014

        A1      Every Dream I Have Is About You                 1:46
        A2      I Keep On Searching                             2:33
        B1      No Need To Dream                                3:13
        B2      Nectar Of Destiny                               4:54

(Note : 12" , one-time pressing of 500 copies. Includes lyric sheet insert)
AV1     029     NUN                     NUN                             LP      04.2014

        A1      Immersion II
        A2      Evoke The Sleep
        A3      Kino
        A4      Suppress Electricity
        A5      Subway
        B1      Uri Geller
        B2      Cronenberg
        B3      Lost Souls
        B4      Terror Maze
        B5      In Blood
AV!     030     PHASE FATALE            SKYSCRAPER                      12"     08.2014

        A1      Skyscraper
        A2      Waveguide
        B1      Untitled
        B2      Vacuum
                (Note : LP , 33.3 RPM)
AV!     031     HAND OF DUST            WALK THE WHITE                  7"      08.2014

        A1      Walk In White                                   4:42
        B1      A Sight For The Living                          1:38
                (Note : 7" , 500 copies)
AV!     032     HOT GUTS                WILDS                           LP      11.2014

        A1      All Suns                                        4:43
        A2      Will Carry                                      5:11
        A3      Kite And Shadow                                 4:01
        A4      Gold Silent                                     1:11
        B1      Fires                                           3:51
        B2      The Name Of The World                           4:05
        B3      Drift                                           4:33
        B4      A Kindness                                      3:54
AV!     033     LOST TRIBE              SOLACE                          LP        .2014
AV!     033     LOST TRIBE              SOLACE                          8DL       .2014

LP      A1      Disease
        A2      Rise Or Fall
        A3      Century
        B1      Midnight Rain
        B2      Conquer
        B3      Dungeon Of Stones

DL      1       Disease                                         5:28
        2       Rise Or Fall                                    4:13
        3       Century                                         4:57
        4       Untitled                                        1:20
        5       Untitled                                        0:57
        6       Midnight Rain                                   3:18
        7       Conquer                                         4:06
        8       Dungeon Of Stones                               3:26

LP      Mass Media      MMR 25          2014    US
AV!     034     HORROR VACUI            RETURN OF THE EMPIRE            LP      06.2015

        A1      Return Of The Empire
        A2      5000
        A3      The Right Cure
        A4      Till The Last Drop
        B1      Light Of Darkness
        B2      Time
        B3      Opus Tenebris
        B4      Desperate Adelia
AV!     035     QUAL                    SABLE                           LP      05.2015
AV!     035     QUAL                    SABLE                           CD      05.2015
AV!     035     QUAL                    SABLE                           10DL    05.2015

LP      A1      Sable
        A2      Spit On Me
        A3      Flay
        A4      Benevolent Technologies
        A5      O' Ornate Spade
        B1      The Geometry Of Wounds
        B2      Luxurious Bleedings
        B3      Putrid Perfumes
        B4      Desolate Discotheque
        B5      Rip Doth Thy Scarlet Claws

CD      1       Sable                                           4:12
        2       Spit On Me                                      3:18
        3       Flay                                            4:10
        4       Benevolent Technologies                         4:10
        5       O' Ornate Spade                                 4:07
        6       The Geometry Of Wounds                          4:11
        7       Luxurious Bleedings                             4:37
        8       Putrid Perfumes                                 4:33
        9       Desolate Discotheque                            4:48
        10      Rip Doth Thy Scarlet Claws                      4:41
AV!     036     BLACK BUG               FROZEN ENERGY                   7"      06.2015

        A       Frozen Energy
        B       Push You
                (Note : 7" , 300 copies)
AV!     037     PURE GROUND             STANDARD OF LIVING              LP      06.2015

        A1      Second Skin                                     4:16
        A2      Watch The Lines Grow                            4:38
        A3      War In Every House                              4:45
        A4      In Silence                                      4:38
        B1      L'Image                                         1:59
        B2      Poison                                          4:29
        B3      The Glory Of Absense                            3:23
        B4      Centuries In Gold                               3:57
        B5      Tides                                           4:56
                (Note : LP , 300 copies)
AV!     038     HAND OF DUST : LIKE BREATH BENEATH A VEIL               LP      10.2015
AV!     038     HAND OF DUST : LIKE BREATH BENEATH A VEIL               10DL    10.2015

        A1      Feast Of Tails
        A2      Lighthouse
        A3      Born In The Summer
        A4      Clearly
        A5      Hollow
        B1      Roses In The Sawmill
        B2      Encased In Amber
        B3      Dip Your Tongues In Slaughter
        B4      Sex Never Sleeps
        B5      Nothing Was Ever The Same Again
AV!     039     DRIFT                   BLACK DEVOTION                  12"     11.2015
AV!     039     DRIFT                   BLACK DEVOTION                  6DL     11.2015

12"     A1      Grave
        A2      Mirage
        A3      Dreams In Silkscreen
        B1      Say It Right
        B2      Hard To Accept
        B3      Never Let Go

DL      1       Grave                                           3:23
        2       Mirage                                          3:14
        3       Dreams In Silkscreen                            4:16
        4       Say It Right                                    3:21
        5       Hard To Accept                                  3:37
        6       Never Let Go                                    4:24
AV!     040     KOBAN                   ABJECT OBSESSION                LP      04.2016

        A1      This Pursuit                                    4:35
        A2      Instinct of Ego                                 3:12
        A3      Lesser                                          3:03
        A4      Elias See's                                     2:30
        A5      Between the Differences                         4:08
        B1      Illusion                                        3:05
        B2      Certain Tears                                   2:18
        B3      Maladie                                         3:33
        B4      Le Cauchemar                                    3:46
        B5      We Run Red Lights                               3:20
AV!     041     RENDEZ-VOUS             DISTANCE                        12"     04.2016

        A1      Distance
        A2      Workout
        A3      Foreseen Death
        B1      Euroshima
        B2      Demian
        B3      Ignorance & Cruelty
AV!     042     YOU.                    BOUQUET                         LP      06.2016

        A1      Taste Lies
        A2      Bouquet
        A3      Dont
        A4      Graveyard Method Actor
        A5      Hagion
        B1      The Chase
        B2      Lost Mines
        B3      White Curtains .
        B4      Space Flower
AV!     043     PURE GROUND             GIFTGARTEN                      LP      09.2016

        A1      Before Us                                       3:51
        A2      No Passage                                      4:14
        A3      The Great Becoming                              2:52
        A4      The Silent Age                                  3:33
        A5      No Voice Of Angels                              3:00
        B1      Still                                           3:00
        B2      Omission                                        3:48
        B3      Meager Arms Of Sleep                            3:30
        B4      By The Grace Of God                             6:27
        B5      Flood                                           3:03
                (Note : LP , 300 copies)
AV!     044     PLEASURE SYMBOLS        PLEASURE SYMBOLS                12"     09.2016

        A1      Underneath Your Skin                            5:45
        A2      Above All Else                                  3:24
        B1      Ultra Violence                                  3:30
        B2      Control                                         4:02
                (Note : 12" , 500 copies)
AV!     045     AGNES CIRCLE            SOME VAGUE DESIRE               LP      11.2016
AV!     045     AGNES CIRCLE            SOME VAGUE DESIRE               CD      11.2016

        A1      White Gate
        A2      Porcelain
        A3      Monument
        A4      Martial Love
        B1      Underneath The Ivy
        B2      Law of Angels
        B3      The Crystal Flowers
        B4      Under Reason



AV      049     DRIFT.                  GENDERLAND                      12"     09.2017

        A1.     Paradise
        A2.     Lines
        A3.     Genderland
        B1.     ****
        B2.     Social Front
        B3.     Calculations
AV      050     SALLY DIGE              HOLDING ON                      LP      09.2017

        A1      Holding On
        A2      Emptiness
        A3      Be Gone A4 Sail to Me
        B1      I Can‘t Be
        B2      This Life
        B3      No Need to Pretend
        B4      Holding On (Forces extended mix)
                (Note : LP comes in printed innersleeve with lyrics)

Sally Dige, a poet, musician, visual artist and filmmaker recorded Holding On with
one synth and her voice.
AV      051     QUAL                    ULTIMATE CLIMAX                 LP      03.2018
AV      051     QUAL                    ULTIMATE CLIMAX                 CD      03.2018
AV      052     HOLIDAY IN              TORBIDO                         LP      04.2018

A collaboration between Gabor (Aktion, Metro Crowd) on voice and Frenchman Bob Junior
(Trans Upper Egypt, Bobsleigh Baby, Hiss) on synth and drum machine, they leave their
best on stage, live shows have cemented their ill reputation: Gabor is a lanky dude
and struts on stage with a boxer's pre match ritual dance, ready to vomit words in
your face while Bob's composure never fails to spread misery and mystery through his
vintage noise assault setup.
AV      053     FATHER MURPHY : RISING. A REQUIEM FOR FATHER MURPHY     2x12"   04.2018

(Note : 45 RPM black vinyl double LP, comes in gatefold sleeve!)

AV      055     DEATH BELLS : STANDING AT THE EDGE OF THE WORLD         LP      04.2018

European edition of the marvellous debut album by the Sydney-based romantic post-punk
six-piece Death Bells. Black vinyl LP limited to 250 copies, comes with new artwork
and insert.

        1.      Your Right Hand                                 03:52
        2.      The Scent                                       05:09
        3.      Tell Them                                       03:23
        4.      I Mean                                          07:32
        5.      Guilty And Gifted                               03:10
        6.      She Uncovers Before Me                          04:54
        7.      What Did I Come For?                            03:42
        8.      Static Moment                                   04:04

Two key figures of the synth-wave/industrial scene of Barcelona, Andrea P. Latorre
and Sergi Algiz, release the self-titled debut-LP from their joint venture. The eight
tracks are driven by sinuous synth lines, steady beats and Andrea's sensual, nocturnal
AV      057     RITUAL VEIL             WOLF IN THE NIGHT               12"     06.2018

        1.      Gray Filter                                     03:12
        2.      All Black                                       03:29
        3.      Wolf In The Night                               03:05
        4.      Favorite Toy                                    04:02
        5.      Surface                                         03:10
        6.      Time Again                                      03:22

Presented on 12-inch vinyl is a six-track EP by the Portland-based post-punk/goth
/synthwave outfit formed by : A. Alexander Wolfe (vocals)
                              Tim Iserman (synth and programming)
                              Wolfgang Williams (guitar).
AV      058     HORD                    PARALLELS                       LP      09.2018

        1.      Get Into It                                     05:39
        2.      No Eyes For                                     04:56
        3.      Night Out                                       06:01
        4.      Lrn                                             04:49
        5.      Silence                                         04:49
        6.      Land                                            04:44
        7.      Tearwave                                        04:35
        8.      Parallels                                       04:49

Hord is the solo project of Bordeaux-based synthwave producer Sebastien Carl.
AV      059     BUZZ KULL               NEW KIND OF CROSS               LP      11.2018
AV      060     QUAL                    CYBER CARE                      12"     03.2019

Qual is the solo project of William Maybelline, one half of the Lebanon Hanover duo.
When William first stepped into the scene as an individual artist, he had the intention
to explore the very grimmest areas in synth-based music, like '90s EBM with the more
aggressive sensibilities of industrial techno without ever diluting the intensity of
either. This 4-track EP is the perfect synthesis of both these aspects.
AV      061     PROFIT PRISON           SIX STRANGE EP                  12"     04.2019

Profit Prison is the solo work of Seattle-based Parker Lautenschlager, previously
member in the hardcore band Marrow, power electronics act Anteinferno, and black
metal cult band Bhereg. Conceived in 2016, Profit Prison explores lyrical themes of
isolation, estrangement, deprivation and paranoia against an aural backdrop of
synthpop, post-punk and abstract industrial music. Inspired by Franz Kafka as much
as Kraftwerk, Profit Prison achieves a cold minimalism that speaks to the nightmarish
dystopia in which it was created.
AV      062     VEIL OP LIGHT           INFLICT                         LP      05.2019

After their release of the "Front Teeth" LP, the Zürich-based duo Veil Of Light returns
with the album "Inflict". This is their fourth full-length and their industrial-tinged,
synth-based post-punk has improved once again. In these eight tracks their sound has
gotten heavier, bulkier, even more beat-driven. Drums pounding like noises from a rusty
machinery, and melodies from an abandoned industrial district of a ghost town.
AV      063     PLEASURE SYMBOLS        CLOSER AND CLOSER EP            LP      05.2019

Three years after the release of their debut, self-titled EP through Avant!, the
Australian duo Pleasure Symbols began the push towards a more '80s inspired post-punk
sound with a 'pop noir' twist. Deciding to record and produce the album themselves,
it gave the freedom to take time to grow and explore their new direction as a
songwriting duo. Despite current trends in popular music, Pleasure Symbols continues
to focus on a more guitar based post punk, dream-pop sound, while slowly diverging
from a previous minimal wave, synth based musical output.



All notes taken from: www.shinybeast.nl