Owner   : Johnwayne
Distr.  : UK - Norman/
Style   :

ARC     001
ARC     002 LP  JOHNWAYME               RAP ALBUM TWO                   LP      07.2017
ARC     002 CD  JOHNWAYME               RAP ALBUM TWO                   CD      07.2017

        1.      Ted Talk
        2.      Live From The Fuck You
        3.      Human Condition
        4.      Out Of Sight
        5.      The Single
        6.      Paper ft. Shango
        7.      City Lights
        8.      Rainbow
        9.      Afraid Of Us
        10.     Blue Green
        11.     Hills
        12.     These Words Are Everything

Rap Album Two is the latest offering of music from the California based MC and
producer, releasing the album on his label Authors Recording Company. Rap Album
Two follows up on four maxi-singles released over the last twelve months, further
entrenching the archives and material available through his new imprint.