AURORA RECORDS                          BELGIUM

Distr.  : BE -
          UK - Piccadilly/Action/
          US - Forced Exposure
Style   : reissue - prog.rock / baroque pop / psych.pop / blues rock / soul jazz /
                    art rock /

AU      5001    FANTASY                 PAINT A PICTURE                 LP.CD   11.2010
                (Note : Brit mellotron prog rock from dec.1973)
AU      5002    SUMMERHILL              SUMMERHILL                      CD      01.2011
                (Note : pop-psych quartet from LA , 1969)

LP      Tetragrammaton  T 114           1969    US
AU      5003    SUGAR CREEK             PLEASE TELL A FRIEND            CD      11.2010

        1       A Million Years                                 2:31
        2       Old House                                       2:36
        3       Who Do You Think You Are                        2:48
        4       Where Do You Find the Answer                    6:43
        5       Woman                                           2:38
        6       Heavenly Road                                   2:50
        7       Memory Tree                                     5:20
        8       Miss You                                        4:24
        9       Lady Linda                                      2:02
        10      Night Flash                                     3:17
                (Note : psych.,rural rock & acid folk from NY , USA)

LP      Metromedia      MD 1020         1969    US
AU      5004    SAPPHIRE THINKERS       FROM WITHIN                     CD      11.2010

        1       Melancholy Baby
        2       I Feel A Bit Strange
        3       Get Along Boy
        4       Blues On You
        5       From Within
        6       I Got You
        7       Not Another Night
        8       Let Her Come In
        9       Please Understand
        10      Blind With A Borrowed Light
        11      There's A Woman
        12      Doin' Alright
                (Note : west-coast psych.pop band from California , '69)

LP      Hobbit          HB 5003         1969    US
AU      5005    FOXX                    THE REVOLTING OF EMILY YOUNG    CD      04.2011
                (Note : psych.from Texas , 05.1970)
AU      5006    FLOATING BRIDGE         FLOATING BRIDGE                 CD      01.2011
                (Note : 60's acid rock band incl. ex.The Wailers Rich
AU      5007    MELCHIOR ALIAS          MELCHIOR ALIAS...               CD      01.2011
                (Note : French-Canadian prog.rock ultra rarity , 1969)

LP      Capitol         SKAO 70.024     1069    CA
AU      5008    GREEN                   TO HELP SOMEBODY                CD      01.2011

        1       All My Bells
        2       To Help Somebody
        3       She Don't Love Me
        4       Mary Magdalena
        5       Can You See Me ?
        6       Teenage Women
        7       Lady, Oh Lady
        8       Big Dipper
        9       High Time
        10      Suzy
        11      Funny Faces
        12      San Fernando Valley Girls
        13      Forest Lawn
                (Note : psych-pop band from Texas , 1969)

LP      Atco            SD 33.366       1971    US
AU      5009    MAHOGANY                MAHOGANY                        CD      01.2011

        1       Coolin'
        2       Best Woman, Best Friend
        3       Live Your Love a Lie
        4       Easy
        5       Two Trains
        6       Armchair Woman
        7       Sweet Home Chicago
        8       For Jane
        9       Keepin' My Cool
        10      Feelin' Good
                (Note : British blues-rock quertet , 1969)

LP      Epic            BN 26498        1970    UK
                DADDY ?

        1       Where's My Daddy                                2:07
        2       Where Money Rules Everything                    1:53
        3       Hup Two! Hup Two!                               1:50
        4       My Dog Back Home                                3:11
        5       Give Me Your Lovething                          3:45
        6       Outside / Inside                                2:23
        7       Everyone's Innocent Daughter                    2:23
        8       Free as a Bird                                  2:00
        9       Not One Bummer                                  1:20
        10      Have You Met My Pet Pig                         2:03
        11      Come of Age in L.A.                             2:38
        12      Two People                                      2:17
                (Note : from California , summer 1969)

LP      Amos            AAS 7004        1969    US
AU      5011    JACOBS CREEK            JACOBS CREEK                    CD      01.2011
                (Note : New Jersey band was led by bros. Lon & Derrek
                Van Eaton , 1969)
AU      5012    MARKLEY                 A GROUP                         CD      01.2011

        1       Booker T. & His Electric Shock                  2:17
        2       Next Plane to the Sun                           2:10
        3       Roger the Rocket Ship                           2:40
        4       Elegant Ellen                                   2:15
        5       Little Ruby Rain                                3:03
        6       Message for Miniature
        7       Sarah the Bad Spirit                            2:32
        8       Truck Stop                                      3:10
        9       Zoom! Zoom! Zoom!                               2:14
        10      Sweet Lady Eleven                               2:10
        11      The Magic Cat                                   2:36
        12      Outside/Inside                                  2:58
                (Note :  sole work of The West Coast Pop Art Experimental
                Band frontman Bob Markley , end of 1969)

LP      Forward         ST-F 1007       1970    US
AU      5013    HEAD OVER HEELS         HEAD OVER HEELS                 CD      05.2011
AU      5013    HEAD OVER HEELS         HEAD OVER HEELS                 LP      05.2012

        1       Road Runner                                     3:21
        2       Right Away                                      3:04
        3       Red Rooster                                     7:32
        4       Children of the Mist                            3:30
        5       Question                                        3:00
        6       Tired and Blue / Land, Land                     5:00
        7       In My Woman                                     2:45
        8       Circles                                         7:33
                (Note : proto-metal trion from Detroit ; 06.1971)

LP      Capitol         ST 797          1971    US

        1       The Other Side of Life
        2       (Sittin' On) The Dock of the Bay
        3       Let's All Join Together
        4       Get Back
        5       Angel Baby
        6       The Last Thing on His Mind
        7       I Can't Keep from Cryin' Sometimes
        8       Look in My Face
        9       Magic One
        10      I Go to You
                Bonus Tracks
        11      Turn Around
        12      Children Listen
                (Note : funk-jazz from Philadelphia , 1969)

LP      RCA Victor      LSP 4283        1970    US
AU      5015    BLACKWOOD APOLOGY       THE HOUSE OF LEATHER            CD      04.2011
                (Note : the brainchild of 23 year-old write/guitarist
                Dale Menten , 12.1968 ; rock opera format)
AU      5016    SLEEPY HOLLOW           SLEEPY HOLLOW                   CD      04.2011
                (Note : pop trio from Philadelphia , 1972)
AU      5017    INNER DIALOGUE          INNER DIALOGUE                  CD      03.2012
                (Note : the brainchild of celebrated composer/songwriter
                Gene DiNovi , orig.issued in may 1969)
AU      5018    THE CROME SYRCUS        LOVE CYCLE                      CD      03.2012
                (Note : rock-jazz-classical quintet fro Seattle , 1968)
AU      5019    EARTH ISLAND            WE MUST SURVIVE                 CD      04.2012
                (Note : Canadian psych-sunshine pop quertet ; 06.1970)
AU      5020    THE FORUM QUORUM        THE FORUM QUORUM                CD      06.2012
                (Note : acid rock from Greece , 11.1968)
AU      5021    CURTIS KNIGHT           DOWN IN THE VILLAGE             CD      06.2012
AU      5022    TAX FREE                TAX FREE                        CD      07.2012
                (Note : band formed by Wally Tax & Leender BNusch from
                Dutch legends The Outsiders)
AU      5023    SATAN & DECIPLES        UNDERGROUND                     CD      07.2012
                (Note : orig.released in 1969)
AU      5024    THE FREMONT'S GROUP     THE BEST OF JIMI HENDRIX        CD      08.2012
                (Note : from France , 1971 , the best set of Hendrix
                covers ever recorded)
AU      5025    BOBBY KEYS              BOBBY KEYS                      LP.CD   08.2012
                (Note : The Rolling Stones sideman , 05.1972)
AU      5026    N.S.U.                  TURN ON, YOU TURN ME DOWN       CD      10.2012
                (Note : blues rock querter from Scotland , Stable Rec.
                SLE 8002 ; 02.1969)
AU      5027
AU      5028    GOLIATH                 GOLIATH                         CD        .2012

        1       Port and Lemon Lady
        2       Festival of Light
        3       No More Trash
        4       Hunters Song
        5       Men
        6       I Heard About a Friend
        7       Prism
        8       Emerge, Breath, Sunshine, Dandelion
        9       Maajun (A Taste of Tangier)

LP      CBS             64229           1970    UK
AU      5029    HEAD MACHINE            ORGASM                          CD      05.2013
                                                                        LP      10.2013

                (Note : LP , pre Uriah Heep ; Major Minor SMLP 79 , 1970)
AU      5030    MIDNIGHT SUN            MIDNIGHT SUN                    CD      09.2013
                (Note : leg.Danish prog rock-jazz quintet, MCA Rec. 
                MKPS 2019 , 1972)
AU      5031
AU      5032    SWEET SLAG              TRACKING WITH CLOSE-UPS         CD      10.2013

        1       Specific
        2       Milk Train
        3       Rain Again
        4       Patience
        5       Twisted Trip Woman
        6       World of Ice
        7       Babyi Ar

LP      President       PTLS 1042       1971    UK
AU      5033    MIDNIGHT SUN            WALKING CIRCLES                 CD      01.2014
AU      5034    FEAR ITSELF             FEAR IT SELF                    CD      01.2014
AU      5035    EUCLID                  HEAVY EQUIPMENT                 CD      03.2014

(Note : comprising former members of The Cobras and Lazy Smoke, this hard-hitting New
        England quartet formed in 1970, and feat. no fewer than three lead guitarists)
AU      5036    YESTERDAY'S CHILDREN    YESTERDAY'S CHILDREN            CD      03.2014

        1       Paranoia                                        4:39
        2       Sad Born Loser                                  4:28
        3       What of I                                       4:00
        4       She's Easy                                      6:48
        5       Sailing                                         7:33
        6       Providence Bummer                               3:42
        7       Evil Woman                                      3:19
        8       Hunter's Moon                                   6:08

(Note : hard-rocking Connecticut quintet comprised vocalist Dennis Croce, his brother
        Richard on rhythm guitar, ferocious lead guitarist Reggie Wright, bassist Chuck
        Maher and drummer Ralph Muscatelli. Though they'd been together since 1966, the
        quintet didn't have an album out until September of 1970, and by then their
        brand of raucous psychedelic rock was out of fashion -- but in recent years
        their reputation has grown and grown)

LP      Map City        MAP 3012        1970    US
AU      5037    WILD BUTTER             WILD BUTTER                     CD      09.2014

(Note : Ohio quartet's sole album spans hard rock and dreamy ballads, with psychedelic
        flourishes sprinkled throughout featuring a superb wah-wah guitar solo from 15
        year-old Mark Price)
AU      5038    JUNCO PARTNERS          JUNCO PARTNERS                  CD      04.2014

(Note : this superb organ-driven blues-rock band formed in 1964 in Newcastle, where
        their local success rivaled that of The Animals. Having gigged widely and made
        several singles, their sole album was recorded in London in 1969. Produced by
        Fritz Fryer (who also worked with the Open Mind, Harsh Reality, Steamhammer and
        others), it's a superb set of soul-tinged prog, featuring a number of fine
        originals by leader Bob Sergeant, as well as covers of numbers by Joe Cocker
        and Earth Opera. Unfortunately, it wasn't released until the start of 1971, by
        which time they'd split)
AU      5039    MANU DIBANGO            AFRICADELIC                     CD      04.2014

(Note : born in Cameroon in 1933, Manu Dibango is best-known for his 1972 disco classic
        "Soul Makossa." This legendary library funk LP was issued the following year in
        France only, and has it all -- fuzz guitar, horns, bongos, breaks, and -- of
        course -- Dibango's awesome sax and vibes work)
AU      5040    AQUILA                  AQUILA                          CD      05.2014

(Note : led by Blonde On Blonde's guitarist Ralph Denyer and produced by Patrick
        Campbell-Lyons of ('60s) Nirvana, Aquila added sax and flute to their rock base
        to create some spellbinding music. Originally issued in August 1970, their sole
        album is a lost progressive classic that has been compared to the work of
        Audience, Family, Gravy Train and Raw Material, and makes its long-awaited
        return to CD here)
AU      5041    LANDSLIDE               TWO-SIDED FACTORY               CD      05.2014

(Note : this New York quintet had split up by the time their sole album crept out in
        September 1972. It's a shame, as Landslide's combination of hard rock, catchy
        ballads and lengthy progressive-style jamming could well have translated into
        commercial success. It makes its long-overdue return to CD here, complete with
        background notes)
AU      5042    VICTOR BRADY            BROWN RAIN                      CD      06.2014

(Note : having been raised in the Caribbean, Victor Brady came to New York and became
        a popular draw in 1960s Greenwich Village with his revolutionary approach to
        the steel drum. By the end of the decade he was a familiar sight in Central
        Park, and he got the chance to make a record in 1970. Backed by a taut psych.
        rock band, the resulting album is one of the more unusual and distinctive
        underground relics of the era. Includes background notes)
AU      5043    HAYSTACKS BALBOA        HAYSTACKS BALBOA                CD      07.2014

(Note : formed in 1969 and closely connected to Mountain, this superb New York rock
        quintet gigged with Jethro Tull, the Faces, Black Sabbath, Ten Years After and
        many others, but never had the commercial breakthrough they deserved. Their
        sole album appeared in September 1970, and is a lost heavy rock classic)
AU      5044    HAMMER                  HAMMER                          CD      08.2014

(Note : formed in New York in 1969, this talented quintet touched on rock, jazz and
        even classical music. Their album was produced by David Rubinson (Moby Grape,
        Taj Mahal, the Chambers Brothers) and appeared in October 1970, but they split
        in early 1971)
AU      5045    CHARLEE                 CHARLEE                         CD      08.2014

(Note : cult guitar legend Walter Rossi, this Canadian band's sole album appeared in
        their homeland only in 1972)
AU      5046    BANCHEE                 BANCHEE                         CD      09.2014

(Note : Italian-American hard rock quartet came together in New York in the late '60s,
        and soon earned a strong live reputation in the city's clubs. Their debut album
        was released in the fall of 1969. A superb collection of acid-tinged pop metal
        and ballads)
AU      5047    DAKILA                  DAKILA                          CD      10.2014

(Note : Filipino-American septet released their sole album of psychedelic funk in 1972.
        Digitally remastered for superior sound quality)
AU      5048    BANCHEE                 THINKIN'                        CD      11.2014

(Note : these Italian-American hard-rockers coalesced in the late '60s New York,
        quickly earning a strong reputation in the city's clubs. Their classic debut
        appeared in the fall of 1969, after which they continued gigging, eventually
        attracting the attention of Jimi Hendrix's manager Michael Jeffrey, with whom
        they made this superb follow-up)
AU      5049    PROPELLER               LET US LIVE TOGETHER            CD      11.2014

(Note : formed in 1971 by legendary guitarist Achim Reichel, this short-lived trio also
        featured Herbert Hildebrandt and Dicky Tarrach. All three had formerly played
        with German beat heroes The Rattles, and their sole album as Propeller consists
        of catchy hard rock with elements of psychedelia and glam, and features guest
        appearances from members of Lucifer's Friend. It's presented here complete with
        a rare non-album bonus track. Includes detailed liner notes and images. Digit.
        remastered for superior sound quality)
AU      5050    GOSPEL OAK              GOSPEL OAK                      CD      01.2015

(Note : formed in London in 1969, Gospel Oak, a band of American expats (incl. future
        Kingfish leader Matthew Kelly), was unable to gig in the UK due to work permit
        issues, so the group focused instead on rehearsing and writing an album. Gospel
        Oak appeared in the autumn of 1970, by which time the band had returned to the
        US. A superb blend of folk, pop, blues, rock, and country influences, it has
        a growing cult reputation and makes its long-awaited CD debut here, complete
        with detailed background notes and images. Digitally remastered)

LP      UNI             UNLS 113        1970    UK
AU      5051    RICH MOUNTAIN TOWER     RICH MOUNTAIN TOWER             CD      01.2015

(Note : Rich Mountain Tower's debut self-titled album, released in the fall of 1971,
        combines southern rock with acoustic ballads and psychedelic flourishes to
        create a sound well ahead of its time. Originally issued in quadrophonic sound,
        it's a superb recording that shows just what a fine and underrated band this
        Tennessee quintet was, now reissued on CD for the first time. Includes detailed
        liner notes and images. Digitally remastered)
AU      5052    PHLUPH                  PHLUPH                          CD      01.2015

(Note : the back cover of Phluph's sole album described them as "the first Boston group
        recorded by a major recording company." Released in early 1968, this self
        -titled album certainly was among the earliest LPs to put forth the so-called
        Bosstown sound, combining catchy melodies with trippy organ and psychedelic
        guitar. The album makes its long-awaited debut on CD here, with detailed liner
        notes and images. Digitally remastered)
AU      5053    V / A                   LSD                             CD      01.2015

(Note : originally issued by Capitol Records in July 1966 and subtitled a documentary
        report on the current psychedelic drug controversy!, this notorious album
        offers both a background report into the new phenomenon of lysergic acid
        diethylamide and a recording of an actual trip)
AU      5054    RASPUTIN'S STASH        RASPUTIN'S STASH                CD      04.2015

(Note : Chicago psychedelic soul octet call to mind Funkadelic and Sly & the Family
        Stone on their superb debut LP, which was originally issued in September 1971.
        Digitally remastered; includes detailed liner notes and images)
AU      5055    CATHY YOUNG             A SPOONFUL OF                   CD      04.2015

(Note : The debut album by this Toronto teenager appeared in the spring of 1969, and
        makes its long overdue return to CD here. Apart from a stunning psychedelic
        rendition of the title-track, it's a lost singer-songwriter gem, calling to
        mind the work of Joni Mitchell, Laura Nyro, and Melanie, with backing from
        noted musicians who also played with Bob Dylan, Tim Hardin, Steely Dan, and
        others. Digitally remastered; includes detailed liner notes and images)
AU      5056    THE LEMON PIPERS        JUNGLE MARMALADE                CD      06.2015

(Note : originally issued in the summer of 1968 -- this chart-topping Ohio quintet
        incorporated elements of psychedelia, garage rock, and sunshine pop to create
        a rich, satisfying brew. It makes its long-awaited CD debut here, complete with
        digitally remastered sound, detailed background notes, and rare images)
AU      5057    H.Y.SLEDGE              BOOTLEG MUSIC                   CD      06.2015

(Note : this Tampa, Florida-based band formed at the dawn of the 1970s. Ft. Richard
        "Dickie" Porter (formerly of the superb Wilkinson Tri-Cycle), and Billy Jones
        and Monte Yoho (later to play with Southern rock legends Outlaws), their sole
        album spans hard rock, psychedelic pop, and gentle ballads. Originally issued
        in the summer of 1971, this is its first-ever reissue. Digitally remastered
        sound; includes detailed liner notes and images)
AR      3001    MISS NELSON & BRUCE HAACK : DANCE SING AND LISTEN       LP      08.2016

Aurora Rising present a reissue of Miss Nelson & Bruce Haack's Dance Sing And Listen,
originally released in 1963. Let go of all spiritual chains and float away with the
tape looped rhythms and all the hissing and buzzing and chirping upon which Esther
Nelson, actually a children's dance teacher, and Bruce Haack, a composer and pioneer
of electronic music, recite poems, give dance instructions or play melodies on
primitive synthesizers. Dance Sing And Listen is meant to fire the imagination of
children and due to its musical quality and weird mood, it may do the same with
adults. From this pioneering piece came the sound bands like Kraftwerk and Neu! would
head for about ten years later. Enjoyable children's music that's far out enough to
make souls travel.
AR      3002    PIERRE HENRY/MICHEL VITOLD & SILVIA MONFORT : L'Occident LP     08.2016
                Est Bleu/L'An Cinquante-Six 

First vinyl reissue of L'Occident Est Bleu/L'An Cinquante-Six, originally released
in 1958.
L'Occident Est Bleu/L'An Cinquante-Six features sound contributions by Pierre Henry,
and spoken word performances by popular French actors Michel Vitold and Silvia Montfort
based on two texts by fellow actor and singer Claude Pascal. It can be seen as an audio
book rather than a regular music record backed with sounds. All the texts are performed
in French and they focus on dark themes. The musical part of this album is also quite
intense with a haunting atmosphere, droning and disturbing at times. The drone and
musique concrete aspects show the roots of what should become cosmic music in the late
'60s and early '70s performed mostly by artists such as Tangerine Dream. And indeed
there are a few moments here that remind me of the classic Zeit (1972) by Edgar Froese
and his mates. A sound experiment, a twisted and creepy manifestation of weird thoughts
in something that is loosely connected to music. A challenge for sure, but if you love
the obscure and have a heart for avant garde music you are welcome to this first ever
reissue of a long time vanished record. Includes two bonus tracks.
AR      3003    LUENING/USSACHEVSKY/BERGSMA A Poem In Cycles And Bells  LP      08.2016
                & Other Music For Tape Recorder

Aurora Rising present a reissue of A Poem In Cycles And Bells & Other Music For Tape
Recorder, originally released in 1957. This record is a relic of electronic music that
happened before anybody even spoke about rock music. In 1957, this compilation of
electronic and orchestral compositions by the three masterminds Otto Luening, Vladimir
Ussachevsky and William Bergsma saw the light of the stars for the first time and has
become a cult piece among lovers of electronic space music since then, despite the fact
that only the first side features the so called tape compositions of Luening and
Ussachevsky from the '50s while Bergsma's lengthy piece from the B side gets performed
by a regular orchestra consisting of living beings. Lay back and drift away upon this
stream of sound, a very human effort all-in-all. All instruments are real and even
though this piece of music moves within the narrow borderlines of classic orchestral
music patterns, there is a warm and gentle flow of energy pouring out of it and
reaching out. Luening and Ussachevsky, on the other hand, work with sounds of
undefined origin recorded on tape reels which are their main instruments, creating
something new out of everything. The result is dark and gloomy. It pulls the listener
away from an earthly existence and drags them out into space, to the furthest corners
of the cosmos. This is the right music for all lovers of spaced out sounds from the
days before the synthesizer. For lovers of all the late '60s and '70s stuff like early
Tangerine Dream, Kraftwerk, Organisation and Cluster. These compositions, are on par
with all the newer and now legendary cosmic music acts but created ten to twenty years
prior. This long out of print gem is one of the important steps towards every kind of
electronic music that was successful ever since.
AURLP   21      BENNETT WILSON POOLE    BENNET WILSON POOLE             LP      04.2018
AURCD   21      BENNETT WILSON POOLE    BENNET WILSON POOLE             CD      04.2018

        1       Soon Enough
        2       Ask Me Anything
        3       Funny Guys
        4       Hide Behind A Smile
        5       Wilson General Store
        6       Hate Won't Win
        7       The Other Side Of The Sky
        8       That Thing That You Called Love
        9       Not Forgetting (Just Not Remembering)
        10      Find Your Own Truth
        11      Lifeboat (Take A Picture Of Yourself)

Danny Wilson (Danny And The Champions Of The World, Grand Drive), and Robin Bennett
(The Dreaming Spires, Goldrush, Saint Etienne) join forces with Tony Poole (Starry
Eyed And Laughing), producer extraordinaire, and king of the electric twelve-string
(all notes taken from: