Distr.  : UK - Piccadilly
          US - Darla
Style   : soundscape / synth pop /

AAR     001
AAR     002     SCISSORGUN              ASSAULT TWO                     10"+CD  05.2017

10"     A1.     Bastard Son
        A2.     Dusting For Zika
        B1.     Caballero
        B2.     Sahara Dream
        B3.     The Searching

CD      1.      Caballero
        2.      Bastard Son
        3.      Dusting For Zika
        4.      Sahara Dream
        5.      The Searching
        6.      Kahutek
        7.      Sahara Night Flight

Scissorgun are a two-piece soundscape project from Manchester: Alan Hempsall
(of Crispy Ambulance) on treated guitars, vocals, prose and trumpet and David
Clarkson (formerly of Triclops and Illuminati) on synths, keyboards, drum
programming, rhythms and percussion.

The duo came together in the summer of 2016 with a view to creating spontaneous
music, and by November had laid the foundations of Assault Two, their debut release,
so named because it is the second release on Aural Assault Records, whose first
outing was the debut single by Crispy Ambulance way back in April 1980.

This special 10 and CD package is released in a limited edition of 500 copies.
The extended CD features longer versions of the five tracks on the vinyl as well
as two bonus cuts. The artwork is by Pascal Blua.