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Distr.  : AU -
          US - Forced Exposure
Style   : reissue / jazz rock /

DEZELA  002     SLOVENSKA GRUDA         PESMI                           LP      11.2014

(Note : originally released in 1983 in former Yugoslavia, this album is a truly
        undiscovered gem of ethereal folk music)
ATLANTIDE  009  PREDMESTJE              BREZ NASLOVA                    CD      05.2015
                (Note : CD , 500 copies)

A reissue of Predmestje's debut album Brez Naslova, originally released in 1977.
ATLANTIDE  011  V / A                   GITARIJADA VOJVODINE KISAC '75  LP        .2015
                (Note : LP , 300 copies)
ATLANTIDE  011  V / A                   GITARIJADA VOJVODINE KISAC '75  CD        .2015

This compilation was originally released by the Yugoslav PGP RTB label in 1975; it
collects tracks by participants in the first official rock competition for bands from
the province of Vojvodina.
ATLANTIDE  012  KOZMETIKA               KOZMETIKA                       LP        .2015
ATLANTIDE  012  KOZMETIKA               KOZMETIKA                       CD        .2015

Yugoslavia had a rich and colorful scene for rock and pop back from the '60s to the
'80s. By 1983, at the peak of new wave and electronic rock, even the Eastern Bloc
countries were hit by this fresh and exciting style. Therefore it is no wonder that
Kozmetika, one of the Yugoslavian forerunners of electronic rock, had several
similarities to Western acts from Germany or England, while singing in their native
tongue and going for it with a quite original approach. There are many elements of
'70s space rock and epic electronic rock to be found within the straightened but
quirky new wave song structures on their sole album, originally released in 1983.
ATLANTIDE  013  KATARINA II             KATARINA II                     LP        .2015
ATLANTIDE  013  KATARINA II             KATARINA II                     CD        .2015

Atlantide present a reissue of Katarina II's self-titled album, originally released
in 1984. Beautiful, 1980s Yugoslavian art pop. First released in 1984, this record
fits well with the epic atmospheres Mike Oldfield once created on his quite successful
mainstream masterpieces Crisis (1983) and Discovery (1984). Ed. of 300 copies.