ASTROPOLIS RECORDS                      FRANCE

Distr.  : FR -
          US - Forced Exposure
Style   : techno /

AR      009 LP  MADBEN                  FREQUENCE(S)                    3x12"   03.2018
                (Note : 3x12" version. Includes download code)
AR      009 CD  MADBEN                  FREQUENCE(S)                    CD      04.2018

        01.     Space Bubbles
        02.     Mouvement Circulaire
        03.     Narcotica
        04.     MG's Groove (feat. Laurent Garnier)
        05.     Reminiscence
        06.     Don't Lose The Beat
        07.     Tom & Tom
        08.     Stripes
        09.     The Struggle
        10.     Grief, Dance To Death (feat. Rebeka Warrior & Manu Le Malin)
        11.     Lunar Park

Since his emergence in 2010, Madben's melodic, Detroit-inspired techno evolved, with
various releases on Caduceus, Astropolis Records, Off Recordings, Inflyte, and Bedrock.
Nowadays, the Paris-based artist remains a key figure in France's new generation of
techno producers, with an upcoming debut LP on Astropolis Records.
AR      010     ONIRIS                  ODYSSEUS                        12"     01.2019

        01.     Odysseus
        02.     Raver
        03.     Odyssee (Marc Romboy's Moog Etrangé)
        04.     Borderline

Since his debut track "The Rebirth" released on Bedrock Records, French producer
Oniris has spread up his melodic techno and dark groove on various labels. He's back
on Astropolis imprint with Odysseus, a four tracks EP including a remix from Marc
Romboy. The EP opens with "Odysseus", a deep, classy, and melodic track, while
"Raver" unveils a more shadow side with a rave-y peak time track and a catchy climb
for dancefloors. Romboy's remix of "Odysseus" is a warm and powerful rework with
acid melodies and swinging echoes. "Borderline" ends the EP with a hypnotic and
irresistibly groovy cut.