ASSAULT RECORDS                         Bremen
***************                         GERMANY


Stert   : 2002
Distr.  : GE -
          US - Stickfigure
Style   : hardcore / punk / crust /

Launched in the summer of 2002, ASSAULT Records has been around as an idea for several
years before that. I've been toying with the idea of running a "classic" hardcore label
ever since I've discovered Hardcore for myself.
There always were bands I'd have loved to work with, but for some reason or other, I
never got my act together- until now. When THE SCARLET LETTER asked us to do a record
for them, we decided that it was finally time to put ASSAULT Records on the map.
For me, hardcore was (and still is) more than music, not just another trend. After
actively being involved with this scene for over fifteen years now, I can safely say
that punk and hardcore have become part of my life. The politics and the rage, the
passion and emotion are what "my" hardcore is all about. Over the years, I've been
provoked, challenged and educated through bands, zines and individuals who call
themselves punk or hardcore. ASSAULT Records is my way to support bands that still rock
my world, to say "thank you" for years of inspiration. It's an effort to give back to
a scene that gave me so much. Eventhough I do have musical preferences, I'm not going
to limit the label to a certain sound. But you can be sure that there will only be
records by bands that I can stand behind and support fully.

The inaugural release was a 7" EP by THE SCARLET LETTER from NJ. Ever since their debut
release on Hater Of God, I've been deeply impressed with their work. To have their new 
7" as my first release was an honor.

Hailing from NYC, THE DISASTER released their full length CD "Black And White And Red
All Over" on Endwell records. I liked it so much that we asked them to release the
vinyl version of that record. Enter ASSAULT Records number two, probably my favourite
Assault release to this day. Our third release was the European pressing of the
R.A.M.B.O. - Wall of Death the System LP/CD that came out on 625Productions. Drug free
anarchist bikers going wild. We were taken not only by their music, but their lyrics as
well. Thanks to two European tours, the band really took off and sold a bunch of
records. More and more domestic bands came to our attention, so we decided on two
german bands to release next. First up was the "Never Stop Cutting Off Heads 7" from
trash kings M.O.T.U., who unfortunately broke up soon after. We also decided to take a
chance with a new band from Hamburg. Shortly after, the JUST WENT BLACK- "Balancing
Reasons In An Unbalanced World" was released-  the first cooperation between Assault
Records and Just Went Black and the start of a lasting friendship.
We've always been staunch vinyl supporters, but like a sore, the idea of a compilation
CD containing the M.O.T.U. 7" and the JUST WENT BLACK 7" festered. It all fell into
place when we had the chance to add not only the SURF NAZIS MUST DIE 7", but their
entire demo as well. After twisting some arms, JUST WENT BLACK finally authorized the
inclusion of their demo too. The "Raging Assault" compilation CD has all that- 33 songs
of hardcore, including the entire SURF NAZIS MUST DIE discography. The ANOTHER BREATH
debut release was up next. "Not Now, Not Ever" came out in 2004. It contains not only
the songs from the Rivalry CD, but four tracks from their demo as well, exclusive to
the vinyl release. I'm still stoked to have been involved with these guys from the
start and to me this is still their best work so far. A few months later we released a
new BREATHE IN 7". A direct follow-up to their debut on Bridge Nine Records, their new
material was quite a departure, much more raw and punk rock sounding. Everything was
going fine, but towards the end of 2004, label co-founder Markus told me of his plans
to quit Assault Records immediately for personal reasons. Of course, this came as a
shock to me, because I've always seen the two of us running Assault Records together
for a good long time. I've been flying solo since 2005, taking care of Assault Records
and XsentientX Distribution on my own. The first release on my own was "Tides", the
debut LP from JUST WENT BLACK, which (after numerous delays) came out in the summer of
2005. I distinctly remember listening to the recordings for the first time. Expecting
a straight up hardcore record, I was disappointed. But to my surprise the melodies and
their songs steadily grew on me until I've loved every minute. To this day, "Tides"
remains benchmark not only for Assault, but for hardcore from Germany. The CD version
was released by New Age Records from the US. How cool is it to have bands like
OUTSPOKEN, TRIAL and UNBROKEN as your label mates? THE LEGACY asked for help in
repressing their "We Gave It Everything" MCD (which came out on Dead & Gone Records
originally) in time for their euro tour. I've loved the CD, so I did a CD-only release
for the first (and probably last) time. To this day I regret not repressing the 10"
(which was limited to 250 copies) as well. If you get a chance to check out their other
records (CD-only releases as well), by all means, do so. This is a criminally
underrated band! Parallel to the Legacy CD, I was hard at work releasing the SHORT FUSE
– s/t LP /CD. I've been friends with Seb for years, so I jumped at the chance to work
with him and Short Fuse. It took until the summer of 2006 before their record finally
came out, which marks a new record when it comes to delays. A split release with
Underestimated Records from the US made sure that their debut would get exposure
overseas as well and paved the way for the Short Fuse US tour. Delays were the name of
the game for the DAY OF THE DEAD LP "A New Healing Process" as well. The CD version
came out in the US on State Of Mind Records, but problems with the artwork kept
delaying the vinyl version, which finally saw the light of day late 2006. It took so
long for the DOTD LP to come out that the new SHORT FUSE 7" ("Fruitless Efforts") made
it back from the plant way sooner. Underestimated Records did a US press again. 2007
was a big year for Assault Records. January saw the vinyl release of the EMPTY VISION
– The Rise LP. Young and full of promise, EMPTY VISION not only won me over, but
Fields of Hope Records (CD version) and Cobra Records (split label for the vinyl
release) as well. June saw the release of "Embracing Emptiness" by JUST WENT BLACK.
Our first 10" release, this actually met expectations and delivered six new tracks of
passionate and melodic modern hardcore. A CD version is available from Blacktop
Records. Just two weeks later, "Blight", the latest offering from SHORT FUSE returned
from the plant. After a line-up change, you get six new songs of hardcore punk for the
working class. Up next came the COUNTING THE DAYS – Finding A Balance LP. Twelve
tracks and 31 minutes of passionate, aggressive and inspiring modern hardcore straight
from the heart. 'Finding A Balance' is nothing less than a treasure trove of hardcore
anthems filled with tons of sing-along's, passion, and breakdowns. Hailing from Glen
Burnie in the US, they founded their own label Blackjaw Records to co-release the LP.
A CD version is available from Strike First Records. The fall of 2007 saw the release
of the BROTHERS – Black Friday full-length LP. Eleven tracks of modern hardcore and
nothing less than the perfect mix of brutality, energy, and melody! Awesome chorus
parts, great production and great songwriting had me quickly convinced that I had to
have these guys on Assault. A CD version was released ny Saw Her Ghost Records in the
states. Assault is alive and kicking. With releases as varied as the Assault
catalogue, you might wonder about what it is exactly that holds all this together.
I've decided early on that even though I do have musical preferences, I would not
limit (and Assault Records) myself to a certain sound. To me, hardcore was (and still
is) more than music, not just another trend. The politics and the rage, the passion
and emotion are what (for me) hardcore is all about. Over the years, I've been
provoked, challenged and educated through bands, zines and individuals who call
themselves punk or hardcore. ASSAULT Records is my way to support bands that still
rock my world, to say "thank you" for years of inspiration.
To be continued...
[From:] jan.22, 2016


        A1      The Real World: New Brunswick
        A2      Nordberg
        A3      The Individual
        A4      Sunday Social Hour
        B1      Be Sure To Drink Your Ovaltine
        B2      In Todd We Trust
        B3      Where Glances Meet
        B4      A Solitary Love Song
        B5      History Is A Lie
                (Note : 7"/33.3 RPM + 12 p. lyric booklet)
ASR     02      THE DISASTER : BLACK AND WHITE AND RED ALL OVER         LP        .2002

        A1      If Eternal Imprisonment Is The Price Of Marital Bliss,
                I Think I'll Stick To My Blanky
        A2      Dissapointment Is Noting Your Absence From The Obituary
                Section Of The Morning Paper
        A3      Not Just A Women's Issue 	
        A4      Black Is The Color Of My True Love's Heart
        A5      Do You Have Any Business Here?
        A6      An Ode To A Dawn That Will Never Come
        B1      Thank You, Mr. Tennyson
        B2      Let's Hear It For Heroin
        B3      Black And White And Red All Over
        B4      Color Me Colonial
        B5      He Sleeps With The Fishes

LP      Alone           ALR 037         2002    US
LP      Endwell         EWR 002         2002    US
ASR     03      R.A.M.B.O.              WALL OF DEATH THE SYSTEM        LP        .2003
ASR     03      R.A.M.B.O.              WALL OF DEATH THE SYSTEM        CD        .2003

        A1      Wall Of Death The System
        A2      U-Lock Justice
        A3      Job Stoppers
        A4      Trued 'til Death
        A5      Circle That A Motherfucker
        A6      No Circle Pits In Heaven
        A7      Bike, Skate, Mosh
        A8      Your Apathy Makes This An Institution
        A9      I'll Wrecl You Old Man
        A10     Hero's Call
        A11     Guienea Pig Pride
        B1      Jesus' Middle Initial Does Not Stand For Hardcore
        B2      Avenge The Anarchy Moose
        B3      Lipless Bastard
        B4      Ian MacKaye Is My Savior, Not Jesus
        B5      Rockin With Kropotkin
        B6      Honorable Discharge
        B7      Smack The State
        B8      Rock Out With Your Black Bloc Out
        B9      Mariano Vs. The Blue Demon
        B10     What Doesn't Kill Us Makes Us Mosh Harder
ASR     04      M.O.T.U. : NEVER STOP CUTTING OFF HEADS                 7"        .2003

        A1      Trash Ridden Society
        A2      Decisions
        A3      G.B. Junior
        B1      M.E.T.A.L.
        B2      Mental Diarrhea
        B3      M.O.T.U.
                (Note : 7"/45 RPM , black or red vinyl)

        A1      The Hardest Lesson To Learn
        A2      Not Quite As Bright
        B1      Between The Lines
        B2      Once
        B3      An Arsonist's Flame
ASR     06      V / A : JUST WENT BLACK/M.O.T.U./SURF NAZIS MUST DIE    CD        .2004

                M.O.T.U. - Never Stop Cutting Off Heads - 7" 2003
        1       M.O.T.U.                Trash Ridden Society
        2       M.O.T.U.                Decisions
        3       M.O.T.U.                G.B. Junior
        4       M.O.T.U.                M.E.T.A.L.
        5       M.O.T.U.                Mental Diarrhea
        6       M.O.T.U.                M.O.T.U.
                Just Went Black - Balancing Reasons In An Unbalanced World - 7" 2003
        7       Just Went Black         The Hardest Lesson To Learn
        8       Just Went Black         Not Quite As Bright
        9       Just Went Black         Between The Lines
        10      Just Went Black         Once
        11      Just Went Black         An Arsonists Flame
                Just Went Black - Demo January 2002
        12      Just Went Black         All Is Lost
        13      Just Went Black         What Fades Away
        14      Just Went Black         Carved In My Face
        15      Just Went Black         Once
                Surf Nazis Must Die - Anti-Everything - 7" 2003
        16      Surf Nazis Must Die : I Am Angry
        17      Surf Nazis Must Die : Emo Kids Blown To Shit
        18      Surf Nazis Must Die : Jimmy
        19      Surf Nazis Must Die : No One Likes Me
        20      Surf Nazis Must Die : Theme Song
        21      Surf Nazis Must Die : I'm Not Anti-Girls, Girls Are Anti-Me!
        22      Surf Nazis Must Die : Worthless Sunday
        23      Surf Nazis Must Die : The Clan Pt. 2
                Surf Nazis Must Die - Previously Unreleased - Recording Date Lost
        24      Surf Nazis Must Die : Schooltime Song
                Surf Nazis Must Die - Demo April 2002
        25      Surf Nazis Must Die : Fuck Osnabrück
        26      Surf Nazis Must Die : Fuck My Fucking Future
        27      Surf Nazis Must Die : Isabella
        28      Surf Nazis Must Die : I Hate My World
        29      Surf Nazis Must Die : Why Has Every Str8 Edger To Be A Tuff Guy?
        30      Surf Nazis Must Die : No Friends! No Crew!
        31      Surf Nazis Must Die : I'm Not Anti-Girls, Girls Are Anti-Me!
        32      Surf Nazis Must Die : Your Music Sucks
        33      Surf Nazis Must Die : Be Like Me And Mr.T
                (Note : CD + 16 p. booklet)
ASR     007     ANOTHER BREATH          NOT NOW, NOT EVER               12"       .2004

                Not Now, Not Ever
        A1      Racing A Fading Image
        A2      Token
        A3      Rotting
        A4      Clio
        A5      Passing The Torch
        A6      Surfacing
        A7      17 Minutes
        A8      Truth In The Television
        B1      Programmed In Yellow (Demo)
        B2      Eighty-Five (Demo)
        B3      Choke (Demo)
        B4      Lost August (Demo)
ASR     08      BREATHE IN              BREATHE IN                      7"        .2005

        A1      No Title
        A2      Dying Days
        B1      No Faith
        B2      Xpiration Date
        B3      The Fade
ASR     009     JUST WENT BLACK         TIDES                           LP      09.2005

        A1      Scars Define Me
        A2      Some Little Tragedy
        A3      Crusted Ink
        A4      Rain
        A5      Escape, Escape (How Things Are Getting Serious)
        A6      At Low Tide
        B1      The Killing Glance
        B2      Far From Home
        B3      To Twist And To Bleed
        B4      Behind Bars
        B5      The Emptiness

CD      New Age         NA 047          2005    GE
ASR     10      THE LEGACY              WE GAVE IT EVERYTHING           CDEP      .2004

        1       Sinking Fast
        2       Watered Down And Drowning
        3       Coming Of Age
        4       Running On Empty
        5       After Dark
        6       Man Overboard

10".CD  Dead And Gone   D&G 10          2004    UK
ASR     11      SHORT FUSE              SHORT FUSE                      LP        .2005
ASR     11      SHORT FUSE              SHORT FUSE                      CD        .2005

        A1      Remain Steadfast
        A2      Scene 17
        A3      Commando
        A4      I´m Fading Fast
        A5      My Famous Punk Rock Life
        A6      Should I Stay Or Should I Go
        A7      Turbojugend Sucks
        A8      Lack Of Ambition
        A9      Family Business
        B1      Irresistible
        B2      Flying Fists
        B3      Anything Anywhere
        B4      Ten More Years
        B5      Born To Lose
        B6      Confused
        B7      Bigmouth
        B8      Tear It Apart
        B9      Close The Door
ASR     12      DAY OF THE DEAD         A NEW HEALING PROCESS           LP        .2005

        A1      Back To Square One
        A2      Unleash The Dogs
        A3      Your Status Quo Means Nothing
        A4      Writing On The Wall
        A5      We Couldn't Care Less
        A6      For The Love
        B1      Interlude
        B2      Choke On Your Own Tongue
        B3      It Can't Be Reversed
        B4      One More Cross To Bear
        B5      A New Healing Process
        B6      Forever Is Today

CD      State Of Mind   SOM 014         2005    US

ASR     12      DAY OF THE DEAD : NORTH DESIGN CAN SUCK IT              LP        .2005

(Note : LP , same track details , 110 copies, tour ed.)
#       13      SHORT FUSE              FRUITLESS EFFORTS               7"        .2006

        A1      8 Days A Week
        A2      Split
        B1      Shit Job
        B2      Fruitless Efforts
                (Note : 7"/45 RPM , 900 copies on black vinyl)
ASR     014     EMPTY VISION            THE RISE                        LP      06.2007

        A1      The Rise
        A2      Unbreakable
        A3      We Are The Change
        A4      In Our Hands
        A5      The Challenge
        A6      Slipping Away
        B1      The Shape
        B2      Bloody Knees
        B3      Where It Will Remain
        B4      New Intentions
        B5      Sundown

#       16      SHORT FUSE              BLIGHT                          7"      06.2007

        A1      Blight
        A2      Self-Abuse
        A3      Or Anyone Like You
        B1      Terminology
        B2      Smug
        B3      You Already Stank Yesterday
ASR     017     COUNTING THE DAYS       FINDING A BALANCE               LP        .2007

        A1      What's The Point?
        A2      Dedicated To Doing Nothing
        A3      On The Outside Lookin' In
        A4      Things Never Seemed So Meaningless
        A5      Nowhere To Turn
        A6      Growing Is Giving Up
        B1      Cold Nights And Weary Heads
        B2      Flatline
        B3      We Remain
        B4      Finding A Balance
        B5      Widespread Panic: Age Is An Epidemic
        B6      Feeling Blue Never Felt So Right
ASR     018     BROTHERS                BLACK FRIDAY                    LP      02.2008

        A1      Beginning
        A2      War At Home
        A3      Trapped
        A4      Black Friday
        A5      Day One
        A6      So Sincere
        B1      Never Again
        B2      Strength In Numbers
        B3      Hand Of Judgement
        B4      The Destroyer
        B5      Is Anyone Listening?
                (Note : LP , 393 green/106 orange + 12 test press.)
ASR     019     BROTHERS                TRAGEDY                         7"        .2009
ASR     019     BROTHERS                TRAGEDY                         7"+CD     .2009

        A1      Tragedy
        A2      Peace Over Power
        A3      Party Time!!
        B1      All Equal
        B2      Relentless
ASR     020     TALL SHIPS              VOYAGES                         LP        .2009

        A1      Light It Up
        A2      Desperation
        A3      HCP
        A4      The Outcome
        A5      Pouring Down
        A6      Masking Identity
        B1      A Change Of Heart
        B2      Voyages
        B3      Not Letting Go
        B4      Where We Left Off
        B5      Stories Of Genocide
ASR     021     AT HALF-MAST            FATHERS AND SONS                LP        .2009

        A1      Solitude                                        0:43
        A2      A Million Nights                                3:17
        A3      Auto Annihilate                                 3:09
        A4      Monotony                                        1:45
        A5      Hands Held In Hopes Of                          4:46
        B1      The Longest Day This Year                       2:37
        B2      AD Infinitum                                    2:19
        B3      Stasis                                          3:31
        B4      Questions                                       4:10
        B5      Without Answers                                 1:49
        B6      Temporal World                                  3:16
ASR     022     DAY OF THE DEAD         PERSPECTIVES                    LP        .2009

        A1      Intro
        A2      Unberable
        A3      We’re Not Speaking The Same Language
        A4      Fighting Crusades With Golden Swords
        A5      Don’t Talk The Talk If You Can’t Walk The Walk
        B1      Drive North
        B2      Perspectives
        B3      Remembering The Dead
        B4      His Eyes A Thorn In My Side
ASR     023     JUST WENT BACK          CROSSROADS                      7"        .2009

        A1      The Middle Of Nowhere
        A2      Stolen Years
        B1      Blank Pages
        B2      ...Black Lines
                (Note : 7" , 727 black/141 clear/99 silver-numbered)
ASR     024     ANOTHER BREATH          THE GOD COMPLEX                 LP        .2010

        A1      No God
        A2      Sin Eater
        A3      Nausea
        A4      I Want To Live
        A5      God Complex
        B1      Belly Of A Whale
        B2      Dogtown
        B3      Weight
        B4      Makyo
        B5      I Am The Messiah
        B6      Eleventh Hour
ASR     025     PUNCH                   PUNCH                           LP        .2009

        A1      Don't Start                                     0:57
        A2      Fuming                                          0:58
        A3      Get Back                                        1:00
        A4      Ol' Factory                                     0:49
        A5      Right Of Way                                    0:49
        A6      If Not Me                                       0:58
        A7      Been Here Before                                1:02
        A8      We're Not In This Together                      1:47
        A9      The Bad Times                                   1:46
        B1      Make The Good Times That Much Better            1:35
        B2      If You Can't Now, You Never Could               0:57
        B3      Break A Leg                                     1:35
        B4      Rewrite                                         1:11
        B5      Mending Is Better Than Ending                   1:23
        B6      Not So Posi After All                           1:06
        B7      Feminists, Don't Have A Cow                     2:19
ASR     026     REMISSION               ACCEPT                          LP        .2010

        A1      Remission
        A2      Love
        A3      Indifference
        A4      Controlled
        A5      Burden Of Shame
        B1      Reach Out
        B2      Imaginery
        B3      Mistaken
        B4      Accept
ASR     027     PUNCH                   PUSH PULL                       LP        .2010

        A1      Stay Afloat
        A2      Second Chance
        A3      No Remorse
        A4      Give It A Name
        A5      White Noise
        A6      Fixation
        B1      Realist
        B2      Sour Grapes
        B3      Two Feet On The Ground
        B4      Microcausm
        B5      Let Me Forget
        B6      Don't Need You
        B7      Positively God Free
ASR     028     MAN THE CHANGE          FORGIVER                        LP      11.2010

        A1      A Scene Celebrates Itself
        A2      Deons
        A3      Lose Hope, Feel Free
        A4      Marks Of Desperation
        A5      Nameless Cults...
        B1      Dying Eyes
        B2      Crusade Of The Innocent
        B3      Fix Of Gasoline
        B4      Schade, Dass Beton Nicht Brennt
        B5      Them Knives
        B6      ...Unspeakable Cults
                (Notre : LP , 400 blue/100 blue-clear splatter)
ASR     029
ASR     030     ACCEPT THE CHANGE       ESCAPISM IS A DYING ART         LP        .2011

        A1      Escapism Is A Dying Art
        A2      Placebo
        A3      Anvers
        A4      Nameless Boys
        B1      The European Dream
        B2      Numb
        B3      Black Dog
        B4      Inhibition
ASR     031     ENOUGH                  SOMETHING WE CAN BUILD          7"      09.2011

        A1      Never Alone
        A2      Stop The Hate
        A3      Greed
        B1      The Message
        B2      Misery
ASR     032     OLD GHOSTS              CASKETS                         LP        .2012

        A1      Invocation
        A2      Scapegoat
        A3      Sermon
        A4      Dear Faith
        A5      Matrimony
        A6      Familiar
        B1      Lucifer
        B2      The Devil You Know
        B3      Gods And Ghosts
        B4      Caskets
        B5      Side Show Demon
                (Note : LP , black or white vinyl + insert)

LP      State Of Mind   SOM 035         2012    US
ASR     033     ENOUGH                  COMMON VISIONS                  LP        .2012

        A1      Intro
        A2      Common Visions
        A3      What's Come To Be
        A4      Focus
        A5      Time Stops
        B1      Untitled
        B2      Tell Me How
        B3      Consumption
        B4      Free
        B5      Look Around
        B6      Make Amends
ASR     034     OLD GHOSTS              DROWNING                        LP      07.2012

        A1      Drowning                                        2:27
        A2      Dear Washington                                 2:26
        B1      The Cost Of Doing Business                      2:19
        B2      The Wheels Of Progress                          3:00
                (Note : LP , 100 blue/100 white/100 black copies)

LP      State Of Mind   SOM 036         2012    US
LP      Press Gang      PGR 01          2012    US
ASR     035     GIVE                    SINGLES GOING CONFETTI          LP      10.2012

        A1      I Am Love
        A2      Petal Pushing
        A3      Heaven Is Waiting
        A4      Going Confetti
        A5      Solid White
        A6      One
        B1      Boots Of Faith
        B2      Flowerhead
        B3      Kiss The Flame
        B4      Taste Of Smile
        B5      Pat Weird
ASR     036     HOUNDS OF HATE          HOUNDS OF HATE                  LP        .2013

        A1      Hello Cruel World
        A2      Secret Knowledge
        A3      Pound Of Flesh
        A4      Don´t Push Your Luck
        A5      Untouchable
        A6      Pride
        B1      Guilt Trip
        B2      End Game
        B3      Clean Today
        B4      Blind Lead The Blind
        B5      Thirty Pieces Of Silver
                (Note : LP/180 g.-100 black;LP/140 g.-400 black)
ASR     037     ENOUGH                  DISCONTENT                      7"        .2013

        A1      Testify
        A2      Motionless
        B1      Discontent
        B2      Refuse To Let
ASR     038     xSaboteurx              DEMONSTRATION                   CS        .2013

        A1      Reaction
        A2      Silenced
        A3      Unjustified
                (Note : 1-sided cassette , 100 copies)
ASR     039     BRIDGES LEFT BURNING    BYSTANDERS                      LP        .2013

        A1      A New Day's Dawn
        A2      This Is Not What It Said In The Brochure
        A3      "Gratitude Shouldn't Be The Reaction To Someone Else Being
                Slaughtered First" (No Money, No Funny)
        A4      The Way Of The World
        A5      Holy Shit, The Atheist Suicide Bombers Are Coming To Fly
                Planes Into Jesus Camp!!!
        A6      One Slice Of The Occupie, Please
        B1      Taken By Storm - Even The Mona Lisa Decays
        B2      A Colossal Stockroom Full Of Big Fat 'Fuck Yous' Just For
                You (Only Limited Amount Avaible, So Call Quick And Get An
                Ass-Kick For Free)
        B3      Residenzpflicht Im Lagerland - Part 1: A Mediterranean Sea
                Cruise On A Swimming Door
        B4      Residenzpflicht Im Lagerland - Part 2: From Tragedy To Disaster
        B5      Residenzpflicht Im Lagerland - Part 3: Swept Under The Carpet 
                But Free At Last
        B6      Eulogy
                (Note : LP , 413 red/110 white-numb. copies)
ASR     040     IRON                    SEX POSITIVE HARDCORE           7"      07.2013

        A1      Societies Of Control                            1:05
        A2      No Heart                                        2:10
        A3      Mark My Hand                                    2:26
        B1      Quick Fix                                       1:20
        B2      Cum Out And Play                                2:09
                (Note : 7"/33.3 RPM , 500 black copies)

7"      Judas Cradle    TORTYR 002      2013    GE
        Instigate       ISG 37          2013    GE
ASR     041     DEATH INJECTION         DEATH INJECTION                 7"      02.2014

        A1      Veins
        A2      Nightlife
        A3      Worthless
        B1      Carry The Torch
        B2      Give In
        B3      Rope
                (Note : 7" , 292 black/124 clear/103 splatter copies)
ASR     042     IRON                    DESPERATE FIGHT                 LP      05.2014

        A1      Get Out!
        A2      Break New Ground
        A3      The Beauty Of Science
        A4      Never Again
        A5      NMA
        B1      Songs Of War
        B2      Förevigt Och Alltid
        B3      Apparent Horizon
        B4      No Return
        B5      New Aryans
                (Note : LP , 1000 copies)
ASR     043     HOUNDS OF HATE          HATE SPRINGS ETERNAL            12"     10.2014

        A1      The World Turns
        A2      Violent Dreams
        A3      Teenage Blues
        A4      Made Your Bed
        A5      First World Justice
        B1      Wages Of Sin
        B2      Axe To Grind
        B3      Watch You Fall
        B4      Washed Out
        B5      Dime
                (Note : 12"/45 RPM , 300 black/120 clear copies)
ASR     044     EMPOWERMENT/ABFUKK      SPLIT                           7"      03.2015

        A1      Empowerment             Viva Lebenszeit
        A2      Empowerment             Trash Ridden Society
        B1      Abfukk                  Schalt Aus
        B2      Abfukk                  Depriphasenfrustsong
ASR     045     SPINE                   TIME HAS GONE                   12"     01.2015

        A1      Unraveled
        A2      Hall Of Death
        A3      Take It Easy
        A4      Grave
        A5      Counterfeit
        A6      I'm Spent
        A7      Fading Fast
        B1      Swine
        B2      Enough
        B3      Nomad
        B4      Intolerance
        B5      Se Acabe
        B6      Mind So Gone
        B7      Known/Unknown
                (Note : LP , 412 red/103 clear copies)
ASR     046     IRON                    MIDNIGHT RAIDS                  7"        .2015

        A1      Intro Mosh/Money Is A Sign Of Poverty
        A2      Drugfree Resistance
        A3      The Flood
        B1      Perv Pride
        B2      Will To Power
                (Note : 7" , 33.3 RPM)

7"      Lösa Boliner                    LB 002
        Mosh Potatoes                   MXP 013
        The Underground Fraction        TUF 006
        Monument Records                MON 052
        Angry Music Records             AMR 006
        Epidemic Records                EPID 026