Radioactive Man's highly, highly acclaimed imprint, Asking For Trouble...Victor Valiant
is the pseudonym of the label head, Keith Tenniswood and Suade Bergemann working in
collaboration and recorded in the latter's 'mega studio' deep in the Northeast of

Owner   : Radioactive Man's label head Keith Tenniswood and Suede Bergemann
Distr.  : UK - Norman/Bleep/Piccadilly/
Style   : electro / bass music /

AFT     001     RADIOACTIVE MAN         LUXURY SKY GARDEN               2LP     04.2017

LP 1    A1.     Steve Chop
        A2.     Deep Space Habitat
        B1.     Ism Schism
        B2.     Bonnet Bee

LP 2    C1.     Sonic Portal
        C2.     Jommtones
        D1.     Fountain of Wine
        D2.     Serving Suggestion

Keith Tenniswood’s main alias Radioactive Man makes a major statement with this
release, his first full-length in about five years. Luxury Sky Garden stretches
over two vinyl LPs, with a total of eight tracks. The classic Radioactive sound is
in full effect, mixing slick-jacking electro with breaks-style percussion.
AFT     002     RADIOACTIVE MAN : LUXURY SKY GARDEN REMIXES             12"     11.2017

        A1.     Sonic Portal (Dexorcist Remix)
        A2.     Sonic Portal (Ben Pest Remix)
        B1.     Blast Furnace (Pain Struck Stanley Dumb Remix)
        B2.     Deep Space Habitat (BiggaBush Remix)
AFT     003     VICTOR VALIANT          V IS FOR VICTOR                 2x12"   08.2018

12"/1   A1.     Fylingdales
        A2.     Dragonfly
        B1.     Olympus
        B2.     Anti-Flash

12"/2   C1.     Tanker
        D1.     Conway

Recorded in two intense three-day sessions at Suada Bergemann’s techno hut somewhere
near Newcastle, V Is For Victor is the first collaborative release as Victor Valiant
by old mates Bergemann and Keith Tenniswood (Radioactive Man). The six tunes here are
fun, frisky, slightly retrograde electro-funk/bleep and bass workouts that could have
ended up on Central Processing Unit, but have in fact come out via Asking For Trouble.
AFT     004     L=R                     THE RAMBLER EP                  12"     02.2019

        A1.     Rings
        A2.     Doctor Dark
        B1.     Where Them Lights Are
        B2.     Dinky's Tone

Recorded in Curve Pusher’s former Hackney premises over a series of sessions during
2016-2017, L-R is the name for the sounds that have emerged from the collaboration
of friends Simon Lynch (London Modular Alliance), Monoak (Freerotation) and Radioactive
Man. Oscillating modular sequences from the units Simon brought to sessions, multi-MPC
powered beat programming, and TB 303 patterns being fed to a MiniMoog is the backbone
of this record, some of the last sessions at Curvepusher studio, London, before its
move to Hastings. Where we get the best out of these three singular producers.
AFT     005     ARA-U/RADIOACTIVE MAN : PLASTIK ATTACK                  12"     07.2019

        1       Datatheft
        2       Daytime Robbery
        3       Failure To Communicate
        4       The Last Waltz