Distr.  : US - Forced Exposure
Style   : jazz / blues / bluegrass / calypso / gospel /

ASH     001     LEE MORSE               Sweeping The Cobwebs            LP      02.2017
                [Selected Recordings, 1924-1930]

Lee Morse (born Lena Corinne Taylor on Nov. 30, 1897 in Cove, Oregon, and she died
without much fanfare in 1954 at the age of 57. ) is perhaps best remembered as a torch
singer and performer on the jazz and bluegrass circuits of the Pre-War era.
ASH     007     ROARING LION            CAIRI CALYPSO 1930-1939         LP      02.2017

"Roaring Lion was born Rafael Arius Cairi Llama Deleon on February 22,1908 in Aroquita,
Trinidad, an area in the northern hills of the island country. 'Cairi,' where this
compilation gets its title, was another name for Trinidad in the indigenous tongue of
the island.
ASH     009     REVEREND SAM DIXON      MY SOUL SAYS YES                LP      03.2017
ASH     009     REVEREND SAM DIXON      MY SOUL SAYS YES                CD      03.2017

"DIY gospel, privately emitted from Ozone Park, Brooklyn sometime in the late 1970's!
Luckily for us, Rev. Samuel Dixon's Samdy label stayed in business long enough to get
a few copies of this deep soul children's choir treasure into the atmosphere. Buried
for 40 years, finally aloft for a new generation of homemade music fans"
Rob Sevier, Numero Group