ANXIOUS MUSIC                           UK

Distr.  : UK - Norman/
          US - Forced Exposure/
Style   : industrial electronics /

ANXI    001
ANXI    002     COMFORT                 NOT PASSING                     LP      06.2019

        1.      Not Passing
        2.      Calm Of The Crowd
        3.      You're Shaking
        4.      Work Through Fault
        5.      Liberal To All
        6.      …promises to heal divisions
        7.      Together
        8.      Husbands (Get Involved)
        9.      Better Need Assumptions
                (Note : LP , 300 copies with 12 p. booklet)

COMFORT is Natalie (she/her): Electronics and Vocals / Sean: Drums

First physically available album from Glasgow-based brother/sister duo Comfort. By
turns ugly and beautiful, calm and angry, vulnerable yet powerful, Not Passing reflects
its themes of social alienation and outsider-dom in its music that’s maximalist in
delivery but minimalist in construction.