Distr.  : UK - Action/
          NE - Clear Spot/Shiny Beast/
          US - Forced Exposure/
Style   : punk / post punk / new wave / sci-fi techno / electronics /

ARMCOMM 001 CD  CLOCK DVA               POST SIGN                       CD      08.2013

(Note : CD , DVD sized packaging)

'Post Sign' is a collection of material recorded after the release of 'Sign', the
last of the DVA releases on the Italian Label Contempo. Produced and composed by
Adi Newton throughout 1995/1996 in Florence & Milan during a transitional period
in the chronology of Clock DVA. Due to circumstantial events these recordings
remained as primary bases for later development intended as an instrumental
companion album to 'Sign', similar in concept to the 'Instrumental Album Digital
Soundtracks'. This edition includes a 28 page booklet and is the continuation of
the sleeve notes originaly released on the DVA album 'Sign' and explores the occult
and supressed information that surrounds the themes explored on 'Sign' and
ARMCD   2       CLOCK DVA               NEOTERIC                        CD      02.2019

Clock DVA is back! 'Neoteric' is a mini album, released in 2017, in which Adi Newton
retuns with a dark ambient sound. This EP is a prelude to an upcoming full-length
album, the first since 1993's 'Sign'.
ARMCD   3       V / A                   ARMCOMM SAMPLER                 CD      08.2019

        01.     Clock DVA               Endless
        02.     Soon                    PSY-OPS
        03.     The Anti Group          The Tenant (Le Locataire Chimerique )
        04.     Soon                    The Future 4 Solid Coils
        05.     Psychophysicist         Method Of Constant Stimuli
        06.     The Anti Group          Chance Operations 2
        07.     Matar                   Homme Verde
        08.     Psychophysicist         Serial Music
        09.     Adi Newton              Mycology
        10.     Matar                   Archeoacoustics
        11.     Adi Newton              Days And Nights
ARMCD   4       SOON                    NOISE                           CD      08.2019
RMX     4       CLOCK DVA               NEOTERIC RMX4                   12"     04.2019
                (Note : 12" , white vinyl)
x       2       CLOCK DVA               NEOTERIC X2                     2x12"   04.2019