Distr.  : UK - Piccadilly
Style   : acid folk / psych folk /

ASH     101     JACKSON C. FRANK        JACKSON C. FRANK                LP      11.2018

"Jackson C. Frank's eponymous album is the embodiment of folk legend. Issued in late
1965 on the UK Columbia label, it was for many years more famous for its producer
(Paul Simon) and the musicians who would go on to cover its songs (Nick Drake, Bert
Jansch, Sandy Denny) than for the hauntingly beautiful music contained inside.
Frank's backstory certainly adds to the legacy: born in Buffalo, New York, he used
the settlement from a childhood accident to sail to London where he quickly became
a fixture of the bustling folk scene. Performing a mix of blues standards and
originals, he met fellow ex-pat Paul Simon who would put up the money to record
Frank's only LP. For such a sparsely recorded work, Jackson C. Frank covers a lot
of ground. From the rugged, world-weary opener 'Blues Run The Game' to the stunning
melancholy of 'Milk And Honey,' Frank's nimble acoustic guitar and passionate howls
are all that is needed to power such authentic songwriting. Captured in a single-day
session, these ten tracks are stark, gritty and seemingly out-of-place with time.
There may be no '60s folk record that is simultaneously as rare and influential as
Jackson C. Frank's self-titled debut."
ASH     103     SIMON FINN              PASS THE DISTANCE               LP      11.2018

Side A  A1      Very Close Friend 
        A2      The Courtyard 
        A3      What A Day 
        A4      Fades (Pass The Distance) 
        A5      Jerusalem 
Side B  B1      Where's Your Master Gone 
        B2      Laughing 'Til Tomorrow 
        B3      Hiawatha 
        B4      Patrice 
        B5      Big White Car

"Few albums define a genre as succinctly as Simon Finn's Pass The Distance does for
psychedelic folk. Not even landmark recordings by Pearls Before Swine or Skip Spence
can stand up to the sheer madness of Finn's sole LP, originally released in 1970.
After moving to London in 1967, Finn busked around town for a couple years before
entering Camden's Chalk Farm Studios, best known for producing a string of reggae
hits. Pass The Distance, however, would become more than a solo-acoustic project.
Backed by free-improvisation innovators David Toop and Paul Burwell, Finn's dark,
personal songs unravel lysergically over 40 minutes. Toop's sinewy electric guitar
and Burwell's broad percussive palette lift up Finn's ardent strumming and snarling
vocals, making this one wild ride in catharsis, introspection and raw merriment.
As Finn tells journalist Dave Segal in an interview for this vinyl reissue,
'The songs were about alienation and loneliness. 'Jerusalem' came to me in one shot.
I wrote it on mescaline and was playing it over and over and one of my flatmates
wrote it down.' Pass The Distance remains a 'cult record' in the best sense of the
term, possessing a hypnotic beauty all its own."
ASH     301     HERBIE HANCOCK          FAT ALBERT ROTUNDA              LP      04.2019
ASH     302     HERBIE HANCOCK          MWANDISHI                       LP      04.2019
ASH     303     HERBIE HANCOCK          CRISSINGS                       LP      04.2019
ASH     311     ALICE COLTRANE          ETERNITY                        LP      05.2019
ASH     312     ALICE COLTRANE : RADHA-KRSNA NAMA SANKIRTANA            LP      05.2019
ASH     313     ALICE COLTRANE          TRANSCENDENCE                   LP      05.2019
ASH     314     ALICE COLTRANE          TRANSFIGURATION                 2LP     05.2019
ASH     504     CURTIS MAYFIELD         CURTIS/LIVE!                    2LP     11.2018

A fine vinyl reissue of Curtis Mayfield's 1971 live DOUBLE-LP, recorded in 1971 at
the intimate Greenwich Village club The Bitter End. Backed by a small, hard hitting
combo, Mayfield performed a few tunes from his days with The Impressions, a couple
of songs from his 1970 debut-solo psych-funk/soul masterpiece 'Curtis', and more.
This is a a master class in restraint and fearless expression.
ASH     705     THE KINGSTONIANS        SUFFERER                        LP      01.2019
ASH     708     THE UPSETTERS           SCRATCH THE UPSETTER AGAIN      LP      11.2018
ASH     709     THE UPSETTERS           DOUBLE SEVEN                    LP      11.2018