ANSIA                                   UK

Distr.  : UK -
          US - Forced Exposure
Style   : jungle / breaks /

ANSIA   001     PIEZO                   GATTOMATTO/CALA                 12"     02.2017

ANSIA   003     V / A                   ANSIA 003                       12"     01.2019

        1.      FyeRRR!                                         04:43
        2.      OiOiOi                                          05:09
        3.      Ligeti                                          04:18
        4.      Not Now                                         05:51

The latest episode on Piezo's no nonsense, hand-stamped, and heart-warmed Ansia label.
StabUdown Productions (James Donadio, aka Prostitutes) kicks it off with "FyeRRR!",
a deadly burst of blown out ragga replete with an arsenal of kicks and vocal cut up
shrapnel. Piezo drops "OiOiOi", a masterwork of electro-gated basslines, jungle breaks,
and absurd delay feedbacks. Kreggo delivers "Ligeti", a flat-out mover with its
skittering percussion and deep haunted stabs hovering around the supernatural subs.
Bristol's Facta offers "Not Now", an elastic, low gravity heavy-hitter that snakes
through bass bins and wraps you up.