Distr.  : UK - Boomkat/Piccadilly/Bleep/
          US - Forced Exposure
Style   : techno / house

OOO 1AD         BOO WILLIAMS            HOME TOWN CHICAGO               2LP     11.2011
000 1AD CD      BOO WILLIAMS            HOME TOWN CHICAGO               CD      11.2011

        A1.     Home Town Chicago
        A2.     Devil Music
        B3.     Make Some Noise
        B4.     Snare Tappin
        C5.     Lazy Mood
        B6.     Old School Flavor
        D7.     Smokiní Acid
        D8.     Evil Ways
OOO 2AD         MOON MAN (BOO WILLIAMS) : LUCKY STAR SHIP               12"     01.2014

A.      1.      Lucky Star Ship
        2.      Moon Patrol
B.      3.      The Great Speech
        4.      Laid Back
000 3A          HOUZ MON                FEAR THA WORLD                  12"     07.2014
OOO 4AD         GEMINI                  IMAGINE-A-NATION                2LP     09.2016

        1.      Native To America
        2.      It's The Inside That Counts
        3.      Don't Look Back
        4.      Falling Leaves
        5.      Stand Up
        6.      How Can I Chill?
        7.      What You're Gonna Do?
        8.      Future Beat I
        9.      Future Beat II
        10.     Future Beat III
AD      005     GEMINI          LE FUSION                               12"     04.2017

        01      Untitled I
        02      Untitled II
        03      Untitled III

Anotherday present a series of the first five releases, lovingly re-mastered, from
the enigma that is Spencer Kincy, AKA Gemini. First up is Le Fusion. Originally
released on Cajual Records in 1995, Le Fusion pairs Gemini's signature edgy techno
tinged house bump with live instrumentation and frantic vocals over three untitled
tracks in one of his most interesting releases.
000     006 AD  DJ BONE                 RIDING THE THIN LINE            12'     06.2017

        A1.     Shut The Lites Off
        B2.     The Funk
        B3.     The Haunting