ANOPHELES RECORDS               P.O.Box  170045
*****************               San Francisco
                                CA 94117

Owner  : Karl Ikola
Distr. : US - Forced Exposure
Style  : reissue / underground / alternative / rock / punk / acid punk /
                 lo-fi / avantgarde / experimental / psych. / garage rock
                 power pop / hard rock

ANOPH   001     VENOM P.STINGER         Live                            LP        .1992
                Inside The Waiting Room / My Hole / Unused / Walking
                About / Turning Green / The Day Will Come / Home Sweet
                Home / P.C.P. Crazy / Jaws / 26 mg. / Precious Little
                Time / Venom P.Stinger
                (Note : LP , green vinyl)
ANOPH   002     JIM SHEPARD             The Songs Of Kim Fowley As      7"        .1996
                Interpreted By Jim Shepard
                Face On The Factory Floor / Animal Man // California
                Hayride / The Trip / Nanm Lamina
                (Note : 7" , 33 1/3 RPM)
ANOPH   003     TWINKEYZ                Aliens In Our Midst             CD
ANOPH   004     DEBRIS                  STATIC DISPOSAL                 CD        .1999

One Way Split / Female Tracks / Witness / Tricia / Boyfriend / Leisurely Waiting / New
Smooth Lunch / Manhattan / Flight Taken / Tell Me / Blue Girls / Zebra Ranch / Other
Things / New Smooth Lunch / Boufriend / Real Cool Time / One Way Split / Gun / Hospital
Boys / Flight Taken / Tell Me

This legendary group from Chickasha, Oklahoma formed in 1975 and self-released their
lone LP in 1976. A dada/punk/psych masterpiece recorded in just under 7 hours in
December '75, the LP and the individuals who created it have long been the subject
of a great deal of mystery and conjecture due to their elusiveness, the mindblowing
quality of the music as well as the provocative negative image 'bondage' LP sleeve
design. This is an updated to 2007, second printing of the original 1999 CD release,
which features the original LP, carefully transferred from the master tapes, plus
40 minutes of unreleased basement recordings from the band's own Subterraneous Static
Disposal office in Chickasha, OK in 1975-6. The detailed 28 page booklet, with
extensive historical notes from the band's own first hand experiences, is updated,
and today still sets an archival standard for "roots of punk" documents, and has
served as a model for such releases that have followed in its wake."
ANOPH   005     VICTORIA VEIN & THE THUNDERPUNKS : Rear Guard Action    7"
ANOPH   006     DEBRIS                  STATIC DISPOSAL                 LP        .2002

One Way Split / Female Tracks / Witness / Tricia / Boyfriend / Leisurely Waiting ////
Blue Girls / Tell Me / Flight Taken / New Smooth Lunch-Manhattan
ANOPH   007
ANOPH   008     HOMESTEAD & WOLFE       Out Times                       CD      10.2004

Originally released in 1975, HOMESTEAD & WOLFE's lone and unknown privately pressed
LP is an artifact so lost in time, it appears in no known catalog. A folk-harmony
group based around the United Methodist Good Samaritan Church in Cupertino, CA with
2 female lead vocalists, 1 male and a chorus of superb harmonies throughout. Rich
melodic folk-rock country style, harmonies and arrangements recalling The Mamas
& The Papas and The Carpenters, though the themes are dark. Top flight studio
musicianship from Hal Blaine, Ben Benay (Goldenrod, Darius), Al Casey, Ray Pohlman
and one of the most renown pedal steel guitar players Jay Dee Maness (Buck Owens,
Byrds' 'Sweetheart Of The Rodeo'). Includes 6 unreleased tracks along with the
original 9, plus 16 page booklet. A highly unusual and strikingly original blend
of talented young vocalists, top quality session players and engineering.
ANOPH   009     GEORGE BRIGMAN          JUNGLE ROT                      LP      07.2005

Jungle Rot / DMT / Don't Bother Me / Schoolgirl / I've Got To Know //// I Feel Alright
/ (T.S.) / Worrying / It's Misery / I'm Married Too
ANOPH   010     TODD TAMANEND CLARK     Nova Psychadelia 1975 - 1985    2CD     10.2005

The complete collection of the entire vinyl output recorded between 1975 and 1985
by underground rock artist TODD TAMANEND CLARK under the group names THE STARS,
THE EYES, TODD CLARK GROUP, and TODD CLARK. You get thirty-three tracks of ambitious,
out-there psychedelic and experimental proto-cyberpunk action, packaged with a 20-page
booklet with history, track notes, photos, and artwork.
ANOPH   011     MAYPOLE                 THE REAL                        LP      11.2006

Glance At The Past / Show Me The Way / Henry Stared / Changes Places / Under A Wave /
Look At Me //// Johnny / Come Back / You Were / In The beginning / Dozy World / Stand