ANNIBALE                                ITALY
********                                Firenze


Start   : 2015.07
Found   :  Luca Landi and Mattia Biagiotti (Go!Zilla members)
Distr.  : IT -
          NE - Shiny Beast/Clear Spot/
Style   : garage rock / r&r / psychadelic / prog. rock / surf /

ANNBL   001     THE SHIVAS              YOU MAKE ME WANNA DIE           7"      09.2015

        1       You Make Me Wanna Die
        2       Whipeout
        3       So Far Out Of Control
ANNBL   002     KIM & THE CREATED       GET GO                          12"     11.2015

        A1      Get Go                                          2:28
        A2      Only In Your Dreams                             2:53
        B1      Dead To Me                                      3:14
        B2      Never Again                                     2:25
                (Note : 12" , 300 copies)
ANNBL   003     DEAD COAST              SHAMBOLIC                       LP      03.2016
ANNBLCD 003     DEAD COAST              SHAMBOLIC                       CD      03.2016
                (Note : CD , 100 copies)

        A1      Flutro
        A2      Jenny Loves The Sun
        A3      Just Don't Give Yourself
        A4      Ask The Dust
        A5      ESP
        A6      Overcome
        B1      Hills Made Of Sand
        B2      Bossa For Stanley
        B3      Good In Her Blues
        B4      Our Sorrow
        B5      Why Are We Still Together?
        B6      Some Sinking Notes
        B7      Because I know You
ANNBL   004     SCOTT YODER             LOOKING BACK IN BLUE            LP      03.2016

        A1      Silver Boy
        A2      Ribbon Of Hate
        A3      Songs To Strangers
        A4      Where Does She Go?
        A5      Alien
        B1      Looking Back In Blue
        B2      Who Am I?
        B3      Children's Games
        B4      Paint Her Picture
ANNBL   005     THE ABIGAILS            TUNDRA                          LP      05.2016

        A1      Twenty Nine
        A2      Calm Before The Storm
        A3      The One That Let Me Go
        A4      Always
        A5      The Maze
        A6      No Jesus
        B1      It's Nothing To Me
        B2      The Story Of Pain
        B3      Medication
        B4      For You
        B5      Ooh La Lay
                (Note : LP + 8 p. booklet)

LP.CS   Burger          BRGR 498        2013    US
ANNBL   006     UNDISCO KIDD            HUBBLE BUBBLE                   LP      06.2016

        1       Lady Slime                                      5:16
        2       Interstellar                                    2:17
        3       Every Day                                       2:04
        4       Wakey                                           3:03
        5       Maggie's Closet                                 3:29
        6       She Called Me                                   2:27
        7       Onanism                                         5:06
ANNBL   7       STEAL SHIT DO DRUGS     STEAL SHIT DO DRUGS             LP      11.2016

        A1      Whiting Tennis                                  2:28
        A2      Action                                          4:06
        A3      Trash Man                                       4:00
        A4      Royal                                           2:15
        A5      Organdie                                        5:56
        B1      Eye Sore                                        0:51
        B2      ITCH                                            3:16
        B3      15mg                                            3:14
        B4      Michelle                                        2:16
        B5      Shake                                           3:20
        B6      Leather                                         4:15
ANNBL   8       BIG MOUNTAIN COUNTY/LAME : SPLIT                        LP      12.2016

        A1      Big Mountain County     Fun Fun Boogie          3:11
        A2      Big Mountain County     Breakable               6:35
        B1      Lame                    What Have I Done        3:16
        B2      Lame                    Sixteen                 1:46
ANNBL   009     PUSSYWARMERS & REKA     NIGHTRIDE                       12"     04.2017

        A1      Ride into the Night                             4:11
        A2      Summer Breeze                                   4:06
        B1      Third from the Sun                              3:24
        B2      Horserace                                       5:16

'Sounding Aquarium' is the second studio work by Plastic Man, an album that contains
multiple contaminations from rock music of the past, especially from the '60s and '70s,
and adds a more contemporary attitude to the psychedelic component already found on
the previous work 'Do Not Look At The Moon', both in arrangements and the sounds.
ANNBL   010     PLASTIC MAN             SOUNDING AQUARIUM               LP        .2017

        A1      Bad'a Boom
        A2      Don't Say Anybody What I Told You
        A3      Joy And Sorrow
        A4      Tod The Wolf
        A5      Neon Shoals
        A6      Staring At A Different Feeling
        B1      Sounding Aquarium
        B2      Storm Or Sun
        B3      Brain Ribbon
        B4      It's Morning Yet
        B5      Forecast Trend
                (Note : LP + booklet)

        13      THE SHIVAS              TURN ME ON                      12"       .2017

        A1      Turn Me On
        A2      Honey
        A3      So Cold
        B1      I Hear You Screaming
        B2      Every Day

CS      Burger                  BRGR 1152       2017    US

ANNBL   15      ELIUS INFERNO And The Magic Octagram : RAT IN SPACE     LP      03.2018
ANNBL   16      SCOTT YODER             A FOOL ALOOF                    LP      08.2018

'A Fool Aloof' is the 2018 artistic metamorphosis of Scott Yoder, Seattle musician,
formerly The Pharmacy.