Distr.  : UK - Norman
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AS      00046   SONDRE LERCHE           PLEASURE                        CD      10.2017
AS      00047   SONDRE LERCHE           PLEASURE                        LP      10.2017

        1       Soft Feelings
        2       Iím Always Watching You
        3       Serenading In The Trenches
        4       I Know Something Thatís Gonna Break Your Heart
        5       Siamese Twin
        6       Bleeding Out Into The Blue
        7       Reminisce
        8       Hello Stranger
        9       Violent Game
        10      Baby Come To Me

Pleasure is the 10th album by Norwegian singer/songwriter Sondre Lerche. It is part
two of an opus that began with his 2014 well-received break-up album Please. Lerche
is highly regarded in his homeland and well thought of elsewhere by those in the know.