ANALOG LOVE RECORDS                     Yaragoza
*******************                     Aragon


Distr.  : SP -
          NE - Shiny Beast
Style   : psychedelic / noise / shoegaze / garage rock /


        A1      We Are Stardust
        A2      Wake Me Up
        A3      Always
        A4      I Had A Dream
        A5      Keep On Dancing
        B1      Mr. Bambo
        B2      Release Yourself
        B3      Hey You!
        B4      Can't Wait
        B5      Circles
ALR     002     V.V.A.A. : SPANISH NEO-PSYCH COLLECTION                 LP        .2015

        A1      G.D.D.L.F.              Enantyum
        A2      My Expansive Awareness : Always
        A3      Puma Pumku              A Window In Time
        A4      Celica XX               Amelia
        A5      The Zephyr Bones : Let's Spitur Bones Into The Sea
        B1      Celestial Bums          A Spanish Trip
        B2      The Folie Diamond       Coup Of Grace
        B3      Tercer Sol              Cueva
        B4      Fogbound                Whispering Corridors
        B5      Holy Science            Jaula De Oro
                (Note : LP , white vinyl)
ALR     03      MY EXPANSIVE AWARENESS : DO YOU WANNA BE RICH?          7"      01.2016

        A       Do You Wanna Be Rich?
        B       I'm Dead
ALR     04      CELICA XX               ULTRAVIOLENCIA                  CD      09.2016

        A1      La Noche De Los Cristales Rotos                 3:30
        A2      Las Innombrables                                4:02
        A3      Autodestructiva                                 7:18
        A4      Espectros                                       2:48
        A5      En Tu Sangre                                    4:52
        B1      El Paseo De Los Tristes                         7:25
        B2      Rey Hielo                                       2:12
        B3      Nuevo Amanecer                                  4:48
        B4      Tumba Abierta                                   7:34
ALR     5       EXNOVIOS                EXNOVIOS                        LP      10.2016

        A1      Viaje De Ida
        A2      Gatos Cósmicos
        A3      Todo Va A Cambiar
        A4      Quizás
        A5      Odio
        B1      Magia Blanca
        B2      No Voy A Esperar
        B3      Si No Me Quieres
        B4      Vete Si No Bebes
        B5      Viaje Al Averno

Exnovios from Pamplona, Spain, plays pop music with garage hints and flashes of neo
psychedelia. The music is a mix of influences that range from The Beatles, Byrds and
Velvet Underground to more recent and spacy-noise sounds like Spacemen 3 and The Jesus
& Mary Chain.