Distr.  : UK - Piccadilly/Norman/
Style   : indie / lo-fi pop / punk /

AF      001     BOYS FOREVER            POISONOUS                       7"+DLc  01.2016

        A       Poisonous
        B       They Don't Know
                (Note : 7" , 300 numb. copies)
FOO     TWO     BOYS FOREVER            LIVE                            CS        .2016

                Live In Glasgow
        A1      Things
        A2      Underground
        A3      Poisonous
        A4      Cold Is The Colour
        A5      Falling Apart
        A6      Brian
        A7      Voice In My Head
        A8      Sharon
                Live In London
        B1      Things
        B2      Underground
        B3      Poisonous
        B4      Cold Is The Colour
        B5      Falling Apart
        B6      Brian
        B7      Voice In My Head
        B8      They Don't Know
        B9      Sharon
AF      THREE   BOYS FOREVER            BOYS FOREVER                    LP+CD   08.2016
                (Note : LP+CD + free tote bag)
AF      THREE   BOYS FOREVER            BOYS FOREVER                    CD      08.2016

A.      1       Poisonous
        2       Falling Apart
        3       Voice In My Head
        4       I Don't Remember Your Name
        5       Cold Is The Colour
B.      6       Things
        7       Brian
        8       If You Don't Mind
        9       I'll Remember You
        10      Underground

CD      1       Poisonous                                       3:04
        2       Falling Apart                                   1:53
        3       Voice In My Head                                2:21
        4       I Don't Remember Your Name                      3:23
        5       Cold Is The Colour                              3:32
        6       Things                                          3:27
        7       Brian                                           2:23
        8       If You Don't Mind                               3:09
        9       I'll Remember You                               4:05
        10      Underground                                     2:30

AF      FIVE    BREAKFAST MUFF          EURGH!                          LP+DLc  07.2017
AF      FIVE CD BREAKFAST MUFF          EURGH!                          CD      07.2017

        1.      Lunch Money
        2.      Arms Brains
        3.      R U A Feminist
        4.      Birthday Party
        5.      Feast
        6.      Magic Carpet
        7.      Baby Boomers
        8.      I Like To
        9.      Clam
        10.     Duvet
        11.     Raspberry Pavlova
        12.     Stinky Goodbyes

LP      format includes an A5 8-page Risograph-printed lyric booklet and digital
        download card.
CD      packaged in digipak with 4 page lyric booklet.
        Barcode: 5051083118545

From Glasgow’s fertile DIY punk scene come Breakfast Muff, a thrillingly uncompromising
pop trio who will be releasing their latest album ‘Eurgh!’ on Amour Foo Records.

The songs are about sexuality, feminism and feelings and are an all-round giant dose
of fun.

Bandmates Eilidh McMillan (Rapid Tan, Joanna Gruesome), Simone Wilson (Hairband,
Mary Column) and Cal Donnelly (Spinning Coin, Rapid Tan) switch between guitar, bass
and drums in a cacophony of anxiety, celebration and creativity.
FOO     SIX     BREAKFAST MUFF          BABYBOOMERS                     7"+DLc  05.2017

        A       Babyboomers
        B       R U A Feminist
                (Note : 7" , 300 copies on pink vinyl)