Distr.  : NE - Shiny Beast
Style   : garage rock / r&r /

ALT     2       TREE                    TREE                            LP+DLc  12.2015
                (Note : LP , 600 hand-numb. copies)

Psych outfit from Israel, influenced by the US west-coast sounds of the '60s as well as
the members' own Middle Eastern roots
ALT     3       THE BOGEYMEN            INTRODUCING...THE BOGEYMEN      LP+DLc  12.2015
ALT     004     TEO AZEVEDO             GRITO SELVAGEM                  LP      10.2017
ALT     005     AGUSTIN PEREYRA LUCENA : BRASILIANA                     LP      10.2017

        A1.     Amazonas
        A2.     Madrugada
        A3.     La Chica De Ipanema
        A4.     Reproche
        A5.     Viento Que Va
        A6.     Maritma
        B1.     Guayabas
        B2.     Mujer Latina
        B3.     Ultimo Aviso
        B4.     Ese Dia Va A LLegar
ALT     006     RAG I RYGGEN            RAG I RYGGEN                    LP      11.2017

Widely regarded as a milestone in Swedish hard-rock history, 'Rag I Ryggen' is the
homonymous debut-album released by six youngsters from Stockholm back in 1975.
ALT     007     WERTHER                 WERTHER                         LP      06.2019
ALTCD   007     WERTHER                 WERTHER                         CD      06.2019

1970's best kept bossa nova secret. Surrounded by mystery for nearly 50 years due to
its obscurity, this is one of the most honest, personal and unpretentious albums of
its genre. A selection of 12 exquisitely crafted songs supported by measured, subtle
arrangements. It was only in the 1990s that Werther's album was rediscovered by a
handful of collectors and Brazilian music enthusiasts, who recognized its purity that
had already vanished from the mainstream Bossa Nova recordings. But due to the haziness
around the original release and the relative anonymity of its instigators, many
questions surrounding these recordings were left unanswered. Finally record collectors
are able to disclose the full story behind Werther's short-lived contribution to
Brazilian music.
ALT     008     CARIOCA & DEVAS         MISTERIOS DA AMAZONIA           LP      06.2019
ALTCD   008     CARIOCA & DEVAS         MISTERIOS DA AMAZONIA           CD      06.2019

Underground musician Carioca left behind his electrical past in progressive rock in
order to search for new expressions in Brazilian music. His first album is a fully
acoustic, introspective voyage into the world's greatest rainforest, featuring
12-string guitar, mandolin, zither, tabla, flute and self-made percussion instruments.
Drawing inspiration from the folklore of the Amazon and Brazil's north eastern regions,
the six compositions on the album shape an introspective voyage into the Amazon. Along
with percussionists Sergio Otanazetra and Zé Nazário, who made their contributions to
the album.