Distr.  : US - Forced Exposure
          NE - Shiny Beast
Style   : reissue - hc punk /

ADR7    3       GRIFFITH HARTER UNION   PROGRESS                        7"      09.2012

        A       Progress
        B       A House In The Country

Two forgotten Chicago garage rock classics from the dawn of "long-hair" and the wah-wah
pedal in 1967. Two great PRETTY THINGS covers. Includes photo / bio insert and hand
stamped sleeve. Limited edition of 300 records.
ADR7    4       ESCAVELS                YOU SHOULD NOW                  7"      09.2012

        A       You Should Now
        B       Lonely Sea
ADR7    005     JJ 180                  TALK TALK                       7"      11.2012

        A       Talk Talk
        B       Classroom
ADRC    10      NAVASTRAU               THE NAVASTRAU TAPES             MC      10.2016

Navastrau is the music of Chicago's essential, early dark-wave and psych-punk visionary
Rick Gallo alongside a rotating cast of Chicago's early punk pioneers (ft. members of
The C*nts, Painterband, Ministry, My Life With The Thrill Kill Kult, Meaty Buys, and
more). The band stretches nervous diatribes over pulsating drum beats, punctuated by
buzzed out guitars and heavy analogue synthesizers. This handy cassette release offers
the band's earliest vinyl output with additional unreleased material.
ADR     011     BORED YOUTH             ARE YOU ALIVE?                  LP      04.2014

(Note : Bored Youth unleashing their unique blend of UK-inspired midwest hardcore punk
        across ten tracks originally engineered by then-Necros bassist and Touch and Go
        Records honcho Corey Rusk in 1982; 500 numb. copies, hand-screened sleeve)
ADR7    12      RIGHTS OF THE ACCUSED   INNOCENCE EP                    7"      09.2014

Reissue of the classic debut EP by legendary Chicago hardcore punks Rights Of The
Accused (featuring J. Yuenger, later of White Zombie). Cut originally in 1984.
ADR7    13      EVEL KNIEVEL RICE       MR. GROVER'S ROOM               7"      08.2015
ADR12   14      ENERGY GOWN             EVENING MOLASSES                LP      08.2014

After too long of a wait, the debut LP from Chicago psych punks Energy Gown sees
release. Acid soundscapes and melt your face guitar combine with pulsing rhythms and
distorted voices to envelope you in layers of pure psychedelic energy. This record is
a psych rock gem, filled with a finely honed vibe that rewards repeated auditory
examinations with aural enlightenment.

Recorded in 1983-1984, this album collects the entire recorded output of Chicago punk
legends Savage Beliefs, including their long out of print 7-inch EP from 1983 'The
Moral Efficiency Of Savage Beliefs', and the group's two 1984 sessions, both of which
were recorded by Iain Burgess.
ADR12   17      SILVER ABUSE            CONSIDER THE PIGEON             LP      06.2016

The band's second full-length on vinyl. Despite the fact that Silver Abuse has shared
its distinctive style of punk, noise and no-wave resonance in Chicago since 1977, it
remains a modern outfit making now sounds.
ADR7    18      ABANDON                 BLUES TOMORROW                  7"      08.2016

        A       Blues Tomorrow
        B       Gotta Have It
ADR12   19      REMEDY : THE GOLDEN VOICE SESSIONS 1970-1974            LP      10.2016
ADRCD   19      REMEDY : THE GOLDEN VOICE SESSIONS 1970-1974            CD      10.2016

Straight from the vaults of the legendary Golden Voice Recording Co. comes Remedy's
funky hard-rock boogie sound. Remedy was one of the top live rock bands in Illinois in
the early 1970s with a recorded legacy that has remained largely unheard until now.
This previously unreleased album was puzzled together from the restored four-track
masters. The LP includes a full-colour insert with an in-depth bio and previously
unseen pictures of this nearly forgotten outfit from Pekin, Illinois.
ADR12   20      NEGATIVE ELEMENT : SHOUTS OF REBELLION 1982-1983        LP      12.2016
ADRCD   20      NEGATIVE ELEMENT : SHOUTS OF REBELLION 1982-1983        CD      12.2016

Classic Chicago punk from Negative Element. This 18-track release collects the band's
previously unheard 1982 demo cassette and the 1983 masterpiece, the 'Yes, We Have No
Bananas' EP.
ADR12   21      THE CONTENTS ARE        FOUR EACH OTHER                 LP      05.2017
                (Note : LP , black vinyl)
ADR12   21      THE CONTENTS ARE        FOUR EACH OTHER                 CD      05.2017

The Contents Are was a psychedelic rock unit from Iowa that cut the now legendary LP
'Through You' in 1967. Recorded at Golden Voice Recording Co. South Pekin, Illinois,
in 1969, now here is the band's lost album, available to the world for the very first
time! This recently dicovered gem was produced by studio legend Jerry Milam!