Distr.  : NE - Shiny Beast/Clear Spot/
Style   : garage rock / psychedelic /

Alley Club Records was set up in 2017 as an "offshoot" of The Alley Club in Cambridge
(established 2000).

AC      2       V / A                   BEAT SCENE '65                  CD      08.2018
                [THE SPIRIT OF 65 - THE SOUND OF NOW!]

        01.     The Face                Morning Time
        02.     The Frantics            Gotta Move
        03.     The Galileo 7           Orangery Lane
        04.     King Mojo               No Turning Back
        05.     The Baron Four          I'll Be With You
        06.     The See No Evils        Hooked On The Buzz
        07.     The Dying Breed         Whatever Happened To The Roxy?
        08.     The Sons Of Mod         Ghost Train
        09.     The Sha La La's         Can't Stop Losing You
        10.     Small World             Don't Make Me Feel
        11.     The Mynd Set            Tick Tock
        12.     The Embrooks            Helen
        13.     Mr. Bridger             Shockin' Daddy
        14.     The Threads             With Ourselves (Live)
        15.     The Smokestack Shakers  Rock Shock Steady Roll (Live)
        16.     The Beatpack            If I Look Outside