ALL GOOD CLEAN RECORDS                  Nonnegata 25
**********************                  7014 Trondheim
(All Good Clean Records Label)          NORWAY


Start   : 2016
Distr.  : NO -
          NE - Clear Spot/Shiny Beast/
Style   : rock / pop / wave / jazz / fusion / metal / stoner / hardcore
          / psychedelic / progressive /

AGCRSW  01      RED MOUNTAINS/RED LAMA : SHAREWAX RED                   7"      02.2016

        A       Red Mountains           Nomads
        B       Red Lama                The World is Yours
                (Note : 7" , 50 numb. copies on clear vinyl)
AGCR7   1601    BOKASSA                 MAKE MUSIC GREAT AGAIN          7"      04.2016

        A1      Here Goes Nothing
        B1      You Bring Party, I Bring Gasoline
                (Note : 7" , 50 numb. copies on clear vinyl)
AGCRLP  1601    RED LAMA                DREAMS ARE FREE                 LP        .2016

        A1      Inca                                            7:39
        A2      Sonic Revolutions                               6:28
        A3      The World Is Yours                              4:08
        A4      Mont Ventoux                                    4:13
        B1      Dar Enteha                                      5:27
        B2      Mekong River                                    6:03
        B3      Dalai Delay                                     9:58
                (Note : LP , 300 copies)
AGCRLP  1602    THE DAILY HUM           TRYPOPHOBIA                     12"     12.2016

        A1      Broken Tiger                                    4:58
        A2      The Fear of Needles                             7:08
        B1      The Ulcer                                       5:39
        B2      Weltschmerz                                     5:14
AGCR7   1701    RED MOUNTAINS           RAT KING                        7"      04.2017

        A1      Rat King
        B1      Nomads (2017 Mix)
                (Note : 7" , 50 numb. copies on clear vinyl)
AGCREP  1701    BARREN WOMB             CROWN CONTROL                   10"     04.2017

        A1      Leaning Tower Of TISA
        A2      Freak Flag
        A3      Telescreen Bible
        B1      Rules... But How To Break Them?
        B2      Enola
                (Note : 10"/45 RPM , 250 copies + postcard + lyric sheet)
AGCRLP  1701    BOKASSA                 DIVIDE AND CONQUER              LP      12.2017

        A1      Impending Doom
        A2      Last Night (Was a Real Massacre)
        A3      Walker Texas Danger
        A4      Crocsodile Dundee
        A5      Genocidal Tendencies
        B1      Five Finger Fuckhead
        B2      Here Goes Nothing
        B3      Retaliation
        B4      Immortal Space Pirate (The Stoner Anthem)
AGCRLP  1702    RED MOUNTAINS           SLOW WANDER                     LP      09.2017

        A1      Home
        A2      Rat King
        A3      Oak
        A4      Endless Ocean
        B1      Stone
        B2      Fog
        B3      Cellar Door
        B4      Acid Wedding
        B5      Returning

Red Mountains' sound is often described as desert tinged, psychedelic stoner rock.
Along the way the band has earned comparisons to other acts such as Dead Meadow,
Electric Wizard, Black Sabbath, and Truckfighters. At the same time Red Mountains
also possess a distinct sound of their own. Ranging from transcendent psychedelic
jams to heavy monolithic riffs, all while retaining a strong sense of melody and
AGCRLP  1703    I LIKE TO SLEEP         BEDMONSTER                      LP+CD   10.2017
AGCRCD  1703    I LIKE TO SLEEP         BEDMONSTER                      CD      10.2017

        A1      11
        A2      Bedstories
        A3      Gentle Storm
        A4      Brute
        B1      I Hagan
        B2      Pause
        B3      Bedmonster
        B4      Happy Traveling
        B5      The Wrong Kind of Bedstories

I Like To Sleep is a young and energetic powerjazz trio from Trondheim, Norway. They
specialise in heavy riffs, extensive improvisation pushed to its limits, and well
-written melodies.
AGCRLP  1704    SPEKTR                  EXCELSIOR                       LP      11.2017

        A1      Coma                                            3:37
        A2      Material Men Of Fortune                         3:27
        A3      Horizontal Free Fall                            3:21
        A4      Candy Rain                                      1:58
        B1      The Stroke To End All Strokes                   3:32
        B2      Where The Wild Went                             3:15
        B3      The Bird & The Bullitt                          3:23
        B4      The Light That Is Not Light                     4:00
AGCRLP  1801    SHORT SKIRTS            FLOWER JUNKIES                  LP      04.2018

        A1      Sam's Shooting
        A2      City Leaks
        A3      Shit Life (Livin' the Life)
        B4      Oh Mama
        B5      Blue Eyed Baby
        B6      Few More Kicks
        B7      Havana Affair

2018 album from this garage band.
AGCRLP  1802    RED LAMA                MOTIONS                         LP      02.2018

        A1      Perfect Strangers
        A2      Awakening
        A3      Post Optimism
        A4      Have A Great Today
        B1      Come What May
        B2      Fular
        B3      Wave
        B4      Elements I
        B5      Elements II

On Red Lama's second album 'Motions', the band maintains the same atmospheric, warm
and rhythmically based soundscape, still strongly rooted in classic rock music, as
also heard on their debut album. 'Motions' is a collection of songs that appear mature
when it comes to songwriting, arrangement and production compared to the debut.
The band has expanded its influences with references to krautrock, British trip hop
and Talk Talk-ish art rock of the 80's.
AGCRLP  1803    1099                    BLINDPASSASJER                  2LP     07.2018

LP 1    A1      Silverdal                                       4:58
        A2      Tundra                                          5:40
        A3      Osiris                                          5:03
        A4      Under Isen                                      5:04
        B1      Blindpassasjer                                  8:11
        B2      For Seg Selv                                    4:54
        B3      En Druknet Verden                               6:44

LP 2    C1      Til Jorden                                      11:21
        C2      Det Britiske Imperiet                           5:31
        D1      Kontinental                                     5:28
        D2      Lausanne                                        7:06
        D3      Vintersovn                                      7:40

Norwegian post rock band 1099 are one of Norway's finest bands in their genre.
Having played together for almost 15 years, this band has a lot of wisdom and great
melodies to share. The group's music is instrumental and combines elements from a
handful of genres into a gloomy cocktail of complex melodies, melancholy and glimpses
of hope. 'Blindpassasjer' is a 77 minutes journey; an emotional journey that leaves
you with a feeling of spinning the record once more, one more trip - to unexplored
territories of your mind.
AGCRLP  1804    JUICER                  MACH IV                         LP      09.2018

        1       Mach IV                                         3:53
        2       Saturday Night OD                               3:06
        3       Catch 25                                        3:07
        4       You Scared Me Straight                          3:43
        5       Unconditional Love                              4:41
        6       Forever Is A Long Time                          4:14
        7       Concussion Machine                              4:32
        8       The Slacker                                     3:46
        9       Burrito                                         3:51
        10      On The Move                                     4:00

Juicer is a five piece orchestra who plays potent and trashy rock. Their debut album
"Mach IV" contains 10 hook based, all killer no filler rock and roll epics. Every
single track has been processed through Juicer's eminent orchestration machinery,
complimented with sharp, well formulated lyrics and recorded in an extremely expensive
recording studio in down town Trondheim. All this done with a large portion of self
-irony and humour that is easy to relate to.

LP 1    A1      Come On In
        A2      's Numbness
        B1      Junior
        B2      Leave It Like That

LP 2    C1      Another Ugly Tune
        C2      Wearing Yr Smell
        C3      Sinful, Wind-Borne
        D       (etched side)
AGCRLP  1901    DONE SEA                DONE SEA                        LP      04.2019

Dune Sea is a power trio who plays stoner rock mixed with shoegaze and space rock.
The Trondheim based group are often compared with bands like Kyuss, Hawkwind, early
Tame Impala and Queens of the Stone Age.