Distr.  : UK - Norman/
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AHED 12 005     BOGUS ORDER             THE BULLNOSE STEP EP            12"+DLc 09.2016
                (Note : 12" , 500 copies)
AHED 12 014     COLDCUT                 ONLY HEAVEN                     12".DLc 12.2016

Side A  1.      Only Heaven feat. Roots Manuva
        2.      Creative
Side B  3.      Dreamboats feat. Roots Manuva and Roses Gabor
        4.      Donald’s Wig feat. Roses Gabor
        5.      Quality Control feat. Roots Manuva

The record comes in an oversized ‘tabloid’ reverse board sleeve and newspaper insert
featuring bespoke artwork by celebrated multimedia artist Kim Rugg. Heavyweight 180g
black vinyl. Black, poly-lined inner sleeve. MP3 download code included.