GUIRRE RECORDS                          Klaverstraat 27
***************                         Rotselaar, Flamand
                                        3110 BELGIUM


Sister label of OnderStroom Records.

Owner   : Pieter Eykens
Distr.  : BE -
          UK - Boomkat/Volcanic Tongue/
Style   : electronic / drone / synth noise / post rock / home listening /
          modern electronics / ambient / psychedelic / folk-drone psych. /
          drone / prog. electronics / new age / lo-fi / minimal / experimental
          / free improv. /

ZORN    01      JOSH BURKE              PRANA                           LP        .2010
                                                                        LP      07.2013

        A1      Sea of Miracles
        A2      Gliding
        A3      Crystal Dream
        A4      Surrounded by Data
        A5      Mind Door
        B1      Synchronous Memories
        B2      Omni Bay
        B3      Rotating View
ZORN    02      CABOLADIES              LIVE ANYAHERE                   LP      10.2010

        A       [untitled]
        B       [untitled]

        A1      Diving Into the Pineapple Portal
        A2      It's Raining in Atlantis
        B1      Speaking Whale From My Sea Canoe
        B2      Happy Astronaut
ZORN    04      RED ELECTRIC RAINBOW    DARK DAYS                       LP      03.2011

        A1      Ferris Wheel
        A2      Transluscent Hallicunations
        B1      Pleasure Machine
        B2      Dark Days
                (Note : LP , 200 copies)
ZORN    05      SECRET COLORS           LUNAR + LULLABY                 LP+CS   03.2011

        A       Stretching Out                                  19:43
        B       Zoning Out                                      19:39
                (Note : LP , 300 copies)
ZORN    06      INNERCITY               FUTURE LIFE                     LP+CS   10.2010

                Part One: Simulations
        A1      Untitled 1                                      4:43
        A2      Untitled 2                                      5:41
        A3      Untitled 3                                      2:21
        A4      Untitled 4                                      6:06
                Part Two: Reflections
        B1      Untitled 5                                      5:16
        B2      Untitled 6                                      6:10
        B3      Untitled 7                                      5:36
        B4      Untitled 8                                      2:27
                                                                        LP      07.2013

        A1      Aerial Sapphire Show
        A2      The Vanilla Maiden
        A3      Unfolding Angels
        A4      Star Change
        B1      This Was Nearly Mine
        B2      Swoon

        A       Spirits and Landscapes
        B       The Eternal Hunting Grounds
                (Note : LP/160 g. , 500 copies)
ZORN    09      CLOUDLAND BALLROOM      ILLUSSION CIRCLES               CS      06.2011
ZORN    09      CLOUDLAND BALLROOM      ILLUSSION CIRCLES               DL      06.2011

        A1      Mode Select
        A2      Sender
        A3      Afternoon's Depths
        A4      Time-flight
        A5      Cassidy Bayou
        A6      ESL 204
        B1      Faculty X Phase One
        B2      Faculty X Phase Two
        B3      The Ponds
        B4      Illusion Circles
        B5      Last Seconds of Lucidity
        B6      Crossing the Frontier
ZORN    10      ORPHAN FAIRYTALE        MY FAVOURITE FAIRYTALE          2LP     02.2014

                Neverending Waves
        A       Neverending Waves                               19:34
                Dragons Of The Deep                             (25:36)
        B1      Glacial Meltwater
        B2      Run, Rabbit, Run
        B3      Computer - Human Interface
        B4      White Lillies Lit The Way
        B5      Looming Like A Submarine

lp 2            Abracadabra                                     (20:05)
        C1      For Life In Space Is No Picnic
        C2      Silently Circling Like Swarms Of Small Moons
        C3      You Are My Rainbow
        C4      Send Me To Pluto Please
                Hummingbird City
        D       Nectar Stop                                     21:01
                (Note : beautiful babbling dream sequences pressed on
                double vinyl in gloss full colour jacket. Edition of 500)
ZORN    11      EXPO 70                 INAUDIBLE BICOASTAL TRAJECTORY  LP      06.2011

        A       Hypnotic Brain Cloud Float
        B       Mystical Bamboo Garden Cultivation
                (Note : LP/140 g. , 400 copies)
ZORN    12      STELLAR OM SOURCE       HEARTLANDS SUITE                LP      06.2011
                                                                        LP      07.2013

        A1      Grace I                                         1:53
        A2      Sequentia                                       3:56
        A3      Latin Sirens                                    3:10
        A4      Lux Refulget                                    2:38
        B1      Xlandia                                         4:28
        B2      Glow Fear                                       1:40
        B3      Detachment Prelude                              0:54
        B4      Devotion                                        3:15
        B5      Grace II                                        1:26
                (Note : LP/160 g. , 500 copies)
ZORN    13      CHARLATAN               EQUINOX                         LP      07.2011

        A1      Titans                                          9:40
        A2      Pyramids                                        6:36
        A3      Tetrahedron                                     4:49
        B1      Delta                                           7:02
        B2      Seed & Light                                    2:57
        B3      Minus Ten                                       7:06
        B4      From Dust                                       5:03
                (Note : LP , 300 copies , 1st 50 copies with a bonus CDR)

        A1.     Morning Worship                                 5:26
        A2.     Midday Attunement                               12:33
        B1.     Evening Devotional                              7:12
        B2.     Midnight Meditation                             10:27
                (Note : LP/160 g , 400 copies)

Created between 1981 and 1985 by JD Emmanuel, a new age composer who has received a lot
of praise from people like Lieven Martens and John. Recorded using three Sequential
Circuits Pro-One synthesizers and a Yamaha SK-20 Poly-Synthesizer. 100% analog sound.
Mastered by JD Emmanuel.

        A       Nova Scotian Arms       Navigation (Devotional) 16:54
        B1      Motion Sickness Of Time Travel  : Censer        3:50
        B2      Motion Sickness Of Time Travel  : Lotus Flower  12:58
                (Note : LP , 300 copies)
ZORN    16      JAMES FERRARO           REREX                           3LP     06.2016

LP 1    A       Untitled                                        32:08
        B       Untitled                                        30:22

LP 2    C       Untitled                                        15:10
        D       Untitled                                        28:25

LP 3    E       Untitled                                        27:59
        F       Untitled                                        16:02
                (Note : triple LP , 500 copies)
ZORN    17      PULSE EMITTER           AEONS                           LP      02.2012
                                                                        LP      07.2013

        A1      Hermits
        A2      Spaceship
        B1      Pangaea
        B2      Immortality
                (Note : LP , 400 copies)
ZORN    18      PANABRITE               SUB-AQUATIC MEDITATIONS         LP      02.2012

        A1      Slipping Into the Deep                          2:57
        A2      Atoll                                           2:31
        A3      Whirlpool                                       2:53
        A4      Fissures                                        4:07
        A5      Neptune Visions in the Crystal Rift             4:14
        A6      These Are Barnacles                             2:10
        B1      Octopus in Your Dreams                          4:07
        B2      Sunlight Dive                                   2:53
        B3      Memory Tank                                     2:26
        B4      Acquario                                        3:20
        B5      Siphonophore                                    3:07
        B6      Lullaby of the Abyss                            2:39
                (Note : LP/180 g. , 300 copies)
ZORN    19      JOEL VANDROOGENBROECK   BIOMECHANOID                    LP      02.2014

        A1      Dark Plasma                                     4:30
        A2      Elements                                        4:55
        A3      Sing From Space                                 4:30
        A4      Strange Lady                                    3:00
        A5      Plastic Gnome                                   2:05
        B1      Voices                                          1:46
        B2      Metallic Agony                                  5:40
        B3      Lost Planet                                     5:30
        B4      Asteroids                                       2:20
        B5      Interstellar Insects                            2:28
        B6      Galaxy Recall                                   2:07

(Note : Biomechanoid is the classic 1980 album by composer and flutist Joel 
        Vandroogenbroeck(ex.Swiss early 70's acid psych Brainticket). It's
        1980, in Munich, Germany ; 500 copies)
ZORN    20      INNERCITY               TERRESTREALITY                  LP      10.2011

        A1      The Lil Green Builders Carry On                 2:28
        A2      Opiate Vague                                    4:22
        A3      Perception                                      2:11
        A4      Pai Apnap / Pai Non                             6:46
        A5      Grind At Heart                                  4:18
        B6      Anti-Earth                                      1:11
        B7      The Fruits Have Left Your Baskets And Gone Home
                To Feed The Apes                                2:01
        B8      Morphea                                         1:49
        B9      Overworld                                       2:18
        B10     Cross Stone-Desert 23 Eagle-Headed And -Feathered
                Humanoid Skeletons Head For Lunar Lake          2:14
        B11     Baby Food                                       9:16
        B12     The Eschaton Is Being Reset                     2:40
                (Note : LP , 300 copies for the world)
ZORN    21      JE SUIS LE PETIT CHEVALIES : L'ENFANT SAUVAGE           LP      11.2011

        A       No Talisman                                     14:22
        B       Love                                            14:46
                (Note : LP , 300 copies)
ZORN    22      MPALA GAROO             OU DU MONDE                     LP      06.2012

        A1      Open Way Up High                                2:24
        A2      Kid Island                                      4:10
        A3      Primitiitii                                     3:34
        A4      Magic Fiesta                                    4:23
        A5      Toto Waca                                       3:11
        A6      Summer's Always Coming                          3:15
        A7      Advaita Vedanta                                 2:32
        B1      Vive L'Immensite                                10:05
        B2      Fatu Hiva Feeling                               8:17
        B3      Invisible Dolphins                              2:09
                (Note : LP , 300 copies)

C24     Sweat Lodge Guru  SLG 012       2010    US
ZORN    23      BLACK SKY CHANT : I'LL SLEEP UNTIL I SEE THE MOON       CS        .2012

        A1      67km of Capricorn
        A2      Z-Boys
        B1      Phoenix Blast
        B2      Strobe Glide
ZORN    24      CVLTS                   REALISER                        LP.DL   06.2012

        A1      Realiser
        A2      Brahma Weapons
        A3      Dead Peasants
        A4      Time Debt II
        A5      Wamego Fluff
        A6      Velvet Dreams
        B1      Virtual Cage
        B2      Sandstone Retreat
        B3      Freecasting
        B4      Atm City
        B5      Suki
                (Note : LP , 150 hand-numbered copies)
ZORN    25      JD EMMANUEL             TIME TRAVELLER                  2LP     02.2013

LP 1    A1      Path Inward
        A2      Focusing Within
        B1      Deep Trance States
        B2      Journey Into Infinity
        B3      Illusions

LP 2    C1      Adrift in the Gamma Quadrant
        C2      At-One-Ment
        D1      Ghost Emanations From Seti Alpha 6
        D2      Inside a Tesla Generator
        D3      Rain Forest
                (Note : double LP , 500 copies)
ZORN    26      QUIET EVENINGS          IMPRESSIONS                     LP      02.2013

        1       Blue Dream                                      20:12
        2       Telepathic Heart                                22:25
                (Note : LP , 200 copies)
ZORN    27      MIND OVER MIRRORS       HIGH & UPON                     LP.DL   06.2012

        A       I'm Willing to Stagger                          20:04
        B1      Harmattan Morning                               4:22
        B2      Mountain Convalescence                          15:14
ZORN    28      GNOD                    THE SOMNAMBULIST'S TALE         LP      02.2014

        1.      Untitled
        2.      Untitled
                (Note : LP , 500 copies)
ZORN    29      TIDAL/RAMBUTAN          SPLIT                           LP      06.2012

        1       Tidal                   Sounds of the Future    20:01
        2       Rambutan                Trapdoor to Infinity    19:22
ZORN    30      TRANSMUTEO              TRANSMUTEO                      LP      02.2013

        A       Motivational Holography Suite                   21:26
                i. Prosper With Integrity
                ii. Clubmed Vortex
                iii. Pyramid Power: End Titles
                iv. Pathways to Clear
                v. Dream Swim
                vi. Corporate Lotus
        B       Earth Plane Frequency Hub                       21:47
                i. 12th Dimensional Light Shield
                ii. Memory Gate
                iii. Hacking the Akasha
                iv. Utopia 3.0
                (Note : LP , 200 copies)
ZORN    31      TULUUM SHIMMERING       ULAU-TAU-SPIRIT OF THE SUN      LP      07.2013

        A       [untitled]
        B       [untitled]
ZORN    32      XIPHIIDAE               QUAKING MYTH                    LP      07.2013

        A       Untitled
        B       Untitled
ZORN    33      XIPHIIDAE               PASS HIDINGLY SEEK              LP      07.2013

        A       Untitled
        B       Untitled
ZORN    34      JOEL VANDROOGENBROECK : MEDITATIONS VOL.1               LP      09.2014

        A1      Group Meditation                                14:30
        A2      Summer Clouds                                   3:00
        B1      Sand And Wind                                   7:25
        B2      Various Reflections                             5:22
        B3      A Mantra                                        5:50
                (Note : LP/180 g , 500 copies)
ZORN    35      JOEL VANDROOGENBROECK : MEDITATIONS VOL.2               LP      09.2014

        A1      Contemplation                                   17:00
        A2      Gongs                                           4:00
        B1      Meditative Contemplation                        12:30
        B2      Meditation                                      7:40
                (Note : LP/180 g. , 500 copies)

(Note : reissue of a gorgeous new age session originally composed and produced by Joėl
        Vandroogenbroeck for the Colorsound Library in 1980)
ZORN    036     KOMODO HAUNTS           SUIJIN                          LP      03.2015

        A1      Lemurs Like The Rain                            2:40
        A2      Goliath Breached The Heavy Clouds               13:03
        B1      Dream Drifts Dream Drifts                       11:26
        B2      Beetles Don't Like The Rain                     4:57

(Note : Komodo Haunts is the psychedelic drone solo project of Ollie Tutty (aka Mt.
        Tjhris), from Lincolnshire, UK. With his music he explores drone structure,
        sonic textures, meditative zones, and personal fictions. Making use of analog
        and digital technologies; tape jams playing on human familiarity, natural
        ambiances, faux-exotica, mythologies, "reality therapy.". Ed.of 250 copies)
ZORN    037     TIM ROBERTSON : OUTER PLANETARY CHURCH MUSIC            LP      04.2015

        A1      Untitled                                        5:39
        A2      Untitled                                        1:37
        A3      Untitled                                        5:35
        A4      Untitled                                        2:50
        B1      Untitled                                        7:57
        B2      Untitled                                        6:06
        B3      Untitled                                        2:56

A friend of Aguirre recalls meeting Tim Robertson by chance in a thrift store in
Barcelona, while eyeing a dusty Hammond organ: "He was born in Honduras, but moved out
of there at a young age to several other countries such as Perś, France, and Norway.
Recorded in 1993. Remastered from the original tapes by Anders Peterson. Pressed on
milky white vinyl. Artwork by Tim Robertson. Layout by Jeroen Wille. Limited to 300
copies on white vinyl
ZORN    038     LICHEN GUMBO            BOILIN'                         LP      03.2017

        A1      Country Boy                                     3:10
        A2      Let Me Low                                      1:12
        A3      Lavender                                        7:14
        A4      Hours Later                                     2:40
        A5      Lowrider Stomp                                  4:06
        B1      Silver Dream                                    3:24
        B2      If I Needed You Too                             5:20
        B3      Rice Slinger                                    3:41
        B4      Death Ahead                                     6:35

Lichen Gumbo is a lo-fi underground rock band from Finland. 150 copies.
ZORN    39      BRANNTEN SCHNURE        SOMMER IM PFIRSICHHAIN          LP      11.2015

        A1      Vom Baum Im Hof                                 02:23
        A2      Schweiss                                        04:05
        A3      Urwald Auf Verkehrsinseln                       03:58
        A4      Feldweg                                         03:20
        A5      Lichter Am Weiher                               03:32
        A6      Auf Dem Hohen Meissner                          02:21
        B1      Nachtmittagsschwole                             03:24
        B2      Die Verwunschene Quelle                         02:25
        B3      Mithra Im Jardin Botanique                      05:37
        B4      Broderchen und Schwesterchen                    03:01
        B5      Der Seegeist                                    03:43
        B6      Pfirsiche                                       03:01

Brannten Schnure is an experimental dark folk group out of Wurzburg, Germany.
Ed. of 300.
ZORN    40      OGON BATTO              HEDORO                          LP      06.2018

The second full-length by Belgian electronic artist Ögon Batto, who is massively
influenced by Japanese soundtracks and '90s adveture-gaming.
Remastered by Kris Delacourt. High-glossy sleeve; Edition of 300.
ZORN    41      TAROTPLANE              FIRST                           LP      11.2015

                Excursions 1 - Formless Projections Of Inner Light
        A1      Flowing Devotion
        A2      Sleeping Harmony
        A3      Illusion Time
        A4      Temple Of Nature
        A5      Consciousness
                Excursions 2 - Sacramental Circles & Liquid Dreams
        B1      Garden Of Dreams
        B2      Alchemical Forces
        B3      Arcanum
        B4      Trance
        B5      Retourner Au Soleil
        B6      The Inevitable Omission

Tarotplane is the solo project of Baltimore-based musician PJ Dorsey. First, his full
-length debut, is a tremendous album etched on the great krautrock and experimental
psychedelic records from the '70s. Vintage electronic sounds are mixed with effected
guitar parts. Ed. of 300.
                (Note : 2LP , 500 copies)

        A       Across Clouds Of Distant Past                   20:30
        B       Mountain Fragrance                              20:42

Originally a 1983 cassette release, these two tracks recently resurfaced as part of
a tape boxset on Sun Araw’s Sun Ark label, and appear here on vinyl for the first
time. McClellan employs Moog synths and a rigorous compositional process in these
immersive long-form pieces, designed for therapy and meditation. This isn’t massage
parlour, crystals and incense guff, but New Age at its most potent and time-bending,
to rank alongside the works of Steve Roach, Laraaji and Pauline Anna Strom.

Randall McClellan - synthesizers and voice
Instrumentation - Moog Prodigy, Micromoog synthesizer
Remastered by Kris Delacourt
ZORN    43      IAN WILLIAM CRAIG : MEANING TURNS TO WHISPERS           LP      06.2016

        A1      Lovers; Cascading (Part I)                      8:11
        A2      Lovers; Cascading (Part II)                     7:32
        A3      Wherever Two Circles Can Be Drawn               5:53
        B1      Open Passage, Closed Passage, Hidden Passage    7:50
        B2      Expanding Hope into Caverns                     10:58
        B3      Everything and Tired                            3:26

Meaning Turns To Whispers' presents a combination of piano improvisations and FM
feedback loops, recorded over various winters in the period 2009-2011. The discreet
piano layers mixed with waves of white noise keep on intriguing and will have you
longing for more. Limited to 500 copies.
ZORN    044     FRANCE                  OCCITANIE                       LP      10.2017

        01      Untitled                                        25:06

Savage pulsating drone-rock from France (the country as well as the band!), featuring
Jeremie Sauvage on electric bass, Mathieu Tilly on drums and Yann Gourdon on amplified
hurdy-gurdy. Their one-note/one-rhythm approach leads to energetic performances
reminiscent of the early collaborations between Faust and Tony Conrad. Loud, straight
forward and trance-inducing, their music is now captured perfectly on this release.
ZORN    45      VARKENSHOND             HARGAWAAN POR SHAIL             LP      10.2017

        01      Kanta Pitsi                                     01:37
        02      Yabane Nempela Longaye                          03:05
        03      Bapado Mahihkos (Doopceremonie In De Ki'ixhe    00:53
        04      Egrakkan Pakur Qéfelni                          06:34
        05      Phopa Pajrra                                    02:28

With hard-to-define instruments, Varkenshond creates ritual and tribal madness in the
vein of early Silvester Anfang and Zero Kama. Varkenshond was founded in 2006 in
Antwerp, Belgium while the to-be members were studying Maggergorian spiritual
philosophy. 'Hargawaan Por Shail' is a collaboration with animal communicator,
flute player and percussionist Yori Yoki. It consists of Tįmoldut and Maggergorian
vocal and instrumental music from Asia, Africa, South America and Europe. This ed.
is limited to 150 copies, presented in hand-assembled glossy sleeves.
ZORN    46      MAGGI PAYNE             CRYSTAL                         LP      06.2017

A.      1.      White Night                                     09:58
        2.      Sirocco                                         10:20
B.      3.      Crystal                                         09:54
        4.      Solar Wind                                      09:45

Gatefold jacket with new artwork by Atelier Brenda. Liner notes by Maggi Payne.
Remastered and cut at 45rpm by Rashad Becker. Edition of 500, pressed on 180gm Vinyl.
An absolutely essential, first ever vinyl edition of Maggi Payne’s hugely immersive
and mind-expanding Crystal [Lovely Music, 1986] - an outstanding example of the
crossover between West Coast American new age thought, computer synthesis and
electro-acoustic composition in the mid ‘80s, remastered and cut by Rashad Becker
to make for one of the standout archival releases of 2017, bar none.
ZORN    47      JD EMMANUEL             RAIN FOREST MUSIC               LP      05.2017

        01      Rain Forest Music                               22 :01
        02      Visions During Movement                         20 :45

Aguirre Records present a reissue of the 1981 debut album by new age pioneer JD
Emmanuel, Rain Forest Music. Texan musician JD Emmanuel's career story is, in a way,
a story about how the passion of fans can make a difference and about a gifted
musician whose music may have been lost to the ages.
The album cover is from an original water color created for the LP in 1981 by Houston
artist, Molly Khan. 180 gram vinyl; Printed inner sleeve; Remastered by Rashad Becker;
Lacquer cut by Rashad Becker; Cover reconstruction by Jeroen Wille; Edition of 1000.
ZORN    48      FIFTY FOOT HOSE         CAULDRON                        LP      10.2017

        01      And After                                       02:07
        02      If Not This Time                                03:39
        03      Opus 777                                        00:21
        04      The Things That Concern You                     03:30
        05      Opus 11                                         00:26
        06      Red The Sign Post                               02:58
        07      For Paula                                       00:28
        08      Rose                                            05:07

The first ever official vinyl reissue of 'Cauldron', the legendary psychedelic jazzy
rock and electronic album by Californian band Fifty Foot Hose, sees the light of day.
Fans of flowery, psychedelic '60s music must beware of this odd gem, as Fifty Foot
Hose's music leans more towards White Noise, Silver Apples and especially The United
States Of America than to the flower power movement. The LP was originally issued in
ZORN    49      ENHET FUR FRI MUSIK : IN NOM DIG IN NOM MIG             LP      03.2017

        A1      Innersta Rummet                                 1:33
        A2      Se Dig Om                                       7:37
        A3      Droppar Pa Din Hud                              5:22
        A4      Stilla Vatten                                   2:55
        B1      Det Ordnar Sig Ska Du Se                        18:40

Enhet F”r Fri Musik is a folk unit originating from the Swedish underground, featuring
members of Sewer Election, ˇttestupa, Neutral, Makthaverskan and Blod, who continually
reinvent what music is about through free improvisation and lengthy folk meanderings.
Ed. of 150.

        01.     Do It All                                       8:24
        02.     Stagflation                                     1:59
        03.     The Ocean Moves Primitively                     10:45
        04.     Spanish Tale                                    7:07
        05.     Synthetic Variation                             11:40
        06.     Homeland Rhythm Cycles                          4:13

Reissue of this conscious avant-garde free jazz album featuring Roland P. Young,
originally released in 1975 on the eclectical 1750 Arch Records label.

A.      1.      Distant Voices                                  20:39
B.      2.      Flying Off                                      10:15
        3.      Midsummer Blues                                 07:18

High quality reissue of Steve Lacy's rare Japanese collaboration album 'Distant
Voices'. 180 gram vinyl and 4 page insert with liner notes by Julian Cowley. On
24th June 1975.
ZORN    52      TAJ MAHAL TRAVELLERS    AUGUST 1974                     2LP     05.2018

LP 1    1.      1                                               19:45
        2.      2                                               21:26

LP 2    3.      3                                               23:25
        4.      4                                               23:25

High quality reissue of the monumental work 'August 1974' by Japanese experimental
music ensemble Taj Mahal Travellers. Pressed on 180 gram vinyl with extensive liner
notes by Julian Cowley.

ZORN    054 LP  BLACK ARTIST GROUP      IN PARIS, ARIES 1973            LP      10.2018

        A1      Echos
        A2      Something To Play On
        B1      Re-Cre-A-Tion
        B2      OLCSJBFLBC Bag

° Extensive Liner Notes by Julian Cowley
° Remastered by Kris Delacourt
° Cover reconstruction by Jeroen Wille
° Edition of 500 copies

Outstanding free jazz session recorded in 1973 in Paris by Chicago outfit BAG.
It was Lester Bowie, trumpeter with the Art Ensemble of Chicago, who suggested that
the Black Artists Group (BAG) should head for Paris. In 1972 several members of BAG
took his advice and flew to France for an extended stay. The following year a concert
featuring saxophonist Oliver Lake, trumpeters Baikida Carroll and Floyd LeFlore,
drummer Charles Bobo Shaw and trombonist Joseph Bowie (Lester's younger brother) was
recorded and subsequently issued as 'In Paris, Aries 1973', a strictly lim.ed. LP on
the group's own label.
ZORN    055 LP  ANDREOLINA              AN ISLAND IN THE MOON           LP      09.2018

        1.      An Island In The Moon                           04:16
        2.      Market Of The Lost Illusions                    05:30
        3.      Madjound                                        04:04
        4.      The Watchmaker                                  04:30
        5.      Visions Of The Daughter Of Albion               03:50
        6.      The Voice Of An Ancient Bard                    10:39
        7.      Music In A Small Room                           04:25

An Island In The Moon is the perfectly-conceived minimal ambient project from Italian
composers Pier Luigi Andreoni (Doubling Riders, ATROX) and Silvio Linardi.
Ed. of 500.
ZORN    056 LP  SACRED TAPESTRY         SHADER COMPLETE                 2LP     11.2018
ZORN    056 CD  SACRED TAPESTRY         SHADER COMPLETE                 CD      11.2018

        01.     SKYFALL IV (STRIKE SUIT)
        02.     LDVHD TERMINUS
        03.     ROGO
        04.     TRANSMIGRATION
        05.     COSMORAMA
        06.     SPIRITED CHILD
        07.     HUSHEDCASKET
        08.     ?
        09.     MICROSLEEP 2012

Definitive version of the Shader album by vaporwave pioneer Ramona Vektroid, here
under the moniker Sacred Tapestry. Ramona is widely recognised as instigator of the
Vaporwave genre with her celebrated album Floral Shoppe.
Vektroid (Ramona Xavier) is an electronic musician and artist based in Portland.
ZORN    057 LP  NEW DREAMS LTD.         SLEEP                           2LP     11.2018
ZORN    057 CD  NEW DREAMS LTD.         SLEEP                           CD      11.2018

        01.     ALL DAY / MINDPRISON
        02.     NAKANO #18
        03.     MUKU GRID
        04.     THEATRE VIRTUA
        05.     AVALON REVERSE
        06.     AIR
        07.     BLUE EARTH
        08.     SURROUNDED
        09.     SLEEPLINE (SLEEPFEAR)
        10.     WALLED CITY
        11.     INTO THE LIGHT (NIGHT)
        12.     NIMBUS STAGE SELECT
        13.     RAPEFEAR
        14.     AFTERDAWN
        15.     NO STONE
        16.     SEED OF LIFE - NEW MEDIA
        17.     DIG DREAM
        18.     DISKLOADER
        19.     OCEANUS
        20.     CASINO VIRTUA

Crucial album by vaporwave pioneer Ramona Vektroid, here released under the moniker
New Dreams Ltd. Ramona is widely recognised as instigator of the Vaporwave genre with
her celebrated album Floral Shoppe.

                MUSIC : DREAM HOUSE  78'

First reissue. Edition of 1000. Licensed from FGL Productions. Remastered by Equus.
Lacquer cut by Rashad Becker. Preserves original artwork. Includes insert with new,
exclusive liner notes by Julian Cowley. Layout by Jeroen Wille. Includes download code.

SSH     003     CHARLEMAGNE PALESTINE : STRUMMING MUSIC                 LP      02.2017

Side B  02.     Strumming Music Part II
Side A  01.     Strumming Music Part I

Repressed. The classic minimal music album, available again on vinyl for the first
time since the '70s. Primed with a glass of cognac, Charlemagne Palestine sits at
the keyboard of a Bösendorfer Imperial grand piano.
SSH     004     TERRY RILEY             PERSIAN SURGERY DERVISHES       2LP     06.2017

        01.     TERRY RILEY             Performance One
        02.     TERRY RILEY             Performance One
        01.     TERRY RILEY             Performance Two
        02.     TERRY RILEY             Performance Two
                (Note : 2LP , 1000 copies)

The classic minimal music album is now available again on vinyl for the first time
since the '70s. During the 1970s, Californian composer Terry Riley concentrated on
solo keyboard performances, continuing to make music yet writing down almost nothing.
Terry Riley, 1976 Includes insert with liner notes by Julian Cowley; Lacquer cut by
Rashad Becker; Layout by Jeroen Wille; Remastered by Equusl; Licensed from FGL
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