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          US - Forced Exposure
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AL      014 LP  WOO YORK                CHASING THE DREAM               LP      05.2018

        01.     Inception
        02.     More Than A Feeling
        03.     Through Peaks And Valleys
        04.     Burning With You
        05.     Energy Pulse
        06.     Kadastre
        07.     Equilibrium
        01.     Walk Along The Rainbow
        02.     Second Breath
        03.     Chasing The Dream
        04.     There Is A Light
        05.     Rise
        06.     Chasing The Dream (Instrumental Mix)

Ukrainian duo Woo York have garnered worldwide acclaim for their ability to produce
a powerful, driving, dark-yet-sophisticated sound, with their Chasing The Dream double
LP, the first artist album on Afterlife Recordings. The 13-track production entwines
a wide-ranging palette of Andrew Vanzhula and Dennis Andriyanov's ominous tones, taking
the listener on a voyage through the various moods and rhythms of the Woo York odyssey.
AL      015     RECONDITE               RAINMAKER                       2x12"   08.2018

        01.     Valvate
        02.     Rainmaker
        03.     Saudade
        04.     Rufus
        05.     Step Back
        06.     Arcane

Recondite releases his first full-length record on the Afterlife label, following two
tracks on the Realm Of Consciousness compilations and many revered performances under
the iconic man. Rainmaker is a six-track, double-vinyl EP crafted from the delicate
-yet-powerful ingredients that are Recondite's signature. Free-falling from the tense
opener "Valvate" through various shades of his sound, you're at once enchanted by the
alluring melodies and moved to dance. "Rufus" provides euphoria, "Step Back" is trippy
and minimal, and "Arcane" is a haunting, atmospheric finish.
AL      020     ADRIATIQUE              NUDE                            2LP+DL  11.2018
AL      020     ADRIATIQUE              NUDE                            CD      11.2018

        01.     Adriatique              Dawning
        02.     Adriatique              Awakening Machines
        03.     Adriatique              Random Notes Orchestra
        04.     Adriatique              Nude
        05.     Adriatique              Panchromatic
        06.     Adriatique              Tachykardia (feat. Delhia de France)
        07.     Adriatique              Point Of No Return
        08.     Adriatique              Buchla's Dreaming
        09.     Adriatique              Studies in Dance Theory
        10.     Adriatique              Mystery (feat. Jono McCleery)
        11.     Adriatique              Ultraschall
        12.     Adriatique              Ray (Reincarnation)

Swiss duo Adriatique have developed into one of the most esteemed acts on the house
and techno circuit since their first release in 2011. CD comes With 8 p. booklet.