Distr.  : UK - Norman/
Style   : modern classical / experimental /

ADDMU   111     SPINDLE ENSEMBLE        BEA                             LP      02.2018

        1.      Moonbow
        2.      Bea
        3.      Panic Amongst The Dragonflies
        4.      Sleepcloud
        5.      In-Sen
        6.      Osier
        7.      Once A Squirrel
        8.      Kite
        9.      Salutations Plains Wanderer

Spindle Ensemble are an experimental instrumental quartet from Bristol’s music
collective ‘Bloom’. They perform original compositions by Daniel Inzani that hover
cinematically somewhere between jazz, folk and classical idioms, taking inspiration
from artists such as Moondog, Eric Satie and Mulatu Astatke.