Distr.  : UK - Boomkat/Norman/
Style   : industrial / wave / electro /

ACC     001     BASTION                 BASTION                         LP      03.2018

        1.      Hollywood                                       04:32
        2.      Deca Sunca                                      03:26
        3.      A Hot Day In Mexico                             04:38
        4.      Mesec U Šolji                                   05:06
        5.      Mister Kompleks                                 04:03
        6.      Lica U Ogledalu                                 04:22
        7.      Molitva                                         04:28
        8.      Boje                                            03:06

iller, super-rare Yugoslavian New Wave / Pop from 1984 - originals of this go for GBP
now thankfully reissued by this new, London-based label with connections to BEB / Low
Company,  offering a piquant batch of hot-stepping diamonds packing hooks like a
fishnet repair man at a Madonna concert, with funked up bassline grooves and drum
machine patter to match. DJs, expect to catch a lot of requests with this one.
Recorded in Skopje in 1983 and originally released on the state-owned PGP-RTB in 1984.
ACC     002     NOVOSTJ/DsorDNE         1983-1988                       LP      04.2019

Novostj and then DsorDNE were a Turin based duo who explored post-punk ideas through
the medium of electro in the 80s. Together they made incredibly striking music that
sounds equal parts Vangelis soundtrack and the Pop Group song. The songs collection
on 1983-1988 have a sense of collective urgency that makes them just as vital sounding
some decades later.
ACC     003     AJ PAIN                 U-HANDS                         LP      08.2019

        A1.     BS Prop
        A2.     Oxide Primer
        A3.     U-Heads
        B1.     Swivels
        B2.     Scolloped Plate
        B3.     Laced Acrows
        B4.     Headless

ACC Records is proud to announce its first adventure beyond the archive: “executive
information music” from London-based, Bulgarian-born artist AJ Pain (Stan Iordanov).